Farm Basics

New opportunities to generate a sustainable income are opening up in SA’s poultry industry.
Security advisor Henk Boshoff says that farmers should avoid becoming soft targets for potential farm attackers. He spoke to Gerhard Uys about making a farm and its surrounding communities safer.
Raising cattle properly requires money, land and skill. Do you have enough of each to enter this business? Equally importantly, do you have a genuine interest in cattle?

Plough for more

Monsanto celebrated the 100 year existence of Dekalb maize with a blanket collection project that will keep the needy warm this winter.
Radical economic transformation was the main focus of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s 2017 Budget Speech.
An unresolved land dispute might be what led to the recent alleged poisoning of 91 beef cattle belonging to a Mpumalanga farmer.
Disruptions in vaccine production at Onderstepoort Biological Products (OBP) seem to be coming to an end with the summer vaccines for blue tongue (BT), African horse sickness (AHS), lumpy skin,...
Mpumalanga farmer Try Nxumalo spotted a strange plant in his yard two years ago, but never knew it would soon turn into a business for him.
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Senzeni Zokwana will present the department’s annual strategic plans to parliament on Wednesday, 16 July.
Ivan Cloete started farming with pigs in Blackheath near Cape Town seven years ago.
The cost of transportation has become an ever-greater burden for SA farmers. There are several reasons, for this. Transport consultant Alistair Christison and Prof Jan Havenga, director of the Supply...
SA’s biggest macadamia processor, Green Farms Nut Company, has entered into a joint venture with its Australian counterparts to become the world’s largest macadamia marketing company.
South Africa’s municipal fresh produce markets connect those who grow our food with those who eat it, says Dr Justy Range, business development manager, Freshmark Systems. But there’s room for...
Mkululi Pakade, director of East Cape Macadamia, has devised a business model that positions the Eastern Cape’s local communities firmly within the macadamia industry.

Bringing up broilers

Robyn Joubert visited Hanbury Chickens, a family-run broiler business in KwaZulu- Natal. Modest and efficient, the Hanburys use modern methods to get the most out of their birds - guaranteeing...

Camouflaged cottage

Maaike and Stefaan look to Jonno to help them design a holiday cottage in the Eastern Cape.

The scaly wings

Moths are not as popular or admired for their beauty as their cousins the butterflies. However, they have an essential ecological role as pollinators and are essential to life on...
Clint wants to build a double-storey family home in Mazabuka in Zambia. See what design Jonno has come up with.
Record-breaking rains. A dearth of insects where there are usually swarms. Fewer birds than normal. Are these signs of climate change? asks Abré J Steyn.
Steak can be cooked and served in a variety of ways, but this Asian-inspired marinade can turn even the tastiest steak into something far more special and appetising.
A stylish, yet contemporary home, built in three stages. Here's phase 1...
Monthly report on livestock disease trends.
One of the highlights of the 2007 Nampo livestock section was the ­Romagnola, an Italian beef cattle breed, which made its debut at this prestigious agricultural show.
A record number of vetinarary practices (50) reported this month, as well as three veterinary laboratories.

Feeding rules – Part 1

After buying a horse, it's very important to know what to feed your new equine friend. Kim Dyson gives some useful feeding tips.
The theory of ‘eye-sign’ is a subject of much controversy in the pigeon racing fraternity.

All about aquaponics

Aquaponics is a mutually beneficial system. It is a great way of farming fish and growing plants organically – hence its increasing popularity in SA.
This week, we take a look at the most important Capsicum species. Some of these vary a great deal from each other, while a number share similar characteristics.
Readers frequently ask me for specific fertiliser programmes for their crops. I would happily oblige if all crops were the same!

Blackleg fungus in cabbages

Blackleg is a fungal disease that affects cruciferous crops and can do a lot of damage. Look out for it and take precautions so you won't get caught out.

Counter-seasonal imports

Walking through my local supermarket the other day, I noticed nectarines selling for R60/kg. The sign did not say where they came from, but my guess was Spain.
TechnoServe South Africa is providing small-scale fruit and vegetable growers, who often have difficulty in finding established markets, with a ready market for their produce. The organisation’s operations director, Mandla...
Extensive diversification, including vegetable production, livestock sales and a farm stall, has helped Philippi farmer, Leon Rix, to significantly reduce his business risk. He spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the...

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