Farm Basics

New opportunities to generate a sustainable income are opening up in SA’s poultry industry.
Security advisor Henk Boshoff says that farmers should avoid becoming soft targets for potential farm attackers. He spoke to Gerhard Uys about making a farm and its surrounding communities safer.
Raising cattle properly requires money, land and skill. Do you have enough of each to enter this business? Equally importantly, do you have a genuine interest in cattle?

Plough for more

Agri Eastern Cape (Agri EC) president Douglas Stern has clarified his previous statements about government drought disaster aid for the province, which resulted in him coming in for criticism from...
The minimum wage of R20 per hour announced by vice-president Cyril Ramaphosa in parliament recently is not expected to have a marked effect on agriculture.
The overuse of antibiotics in animals produced for food could lead to the spread of antimicrobial or antibiotic resistance (AMR) in humans.
The Eastern Cape Red Meat Producers’ Organisation (EC RPO) believed that the legalising of dog racing will put the brakes on the increasing problem of vagrant dogs killing and maiming...
To date, fuel supplies across South Africa have been only marginally disrupted by striking petroleum industry workers.
All indications are that the illicit wildlife trade in South Africa is flourishing. This was according to the Coalition Against the Breeding and Keeping of Lions and other Big Cats...
The milling operation started out of necessity. Today a successful business, here are lessons from an expert on maize meal and animal feed milling.
Oyster farming offers several advantages: it’s sustainable, has low-impact, and produces naturally organic and healthy food.
Agrico has served the SA farming community for more than a hundred years. HEre's how they stay ahead of the game while retaining traditional values.
Craft gin has quickly become one of the most popular drinks in South Africa, and producers are struggling to keep up with local demand. Keri Harvey spoke to craft gin...
Starting literally overnight and through necessity 25 years ago, the family company Darling Creamery now produces over 300 separate high-quality product lines – and is proof that success comes from...
Sheep and antelope production combine the best of two worlds for energetic farm manager, Emilize Vögel. She spoke to Roelof Bezuidenhout about her passion for this demanding job.
Are those who are supposed to protect us the ones hurting us, asks Abré J Steyn.

Building a low-cost home

I’ve had a few calls from Farmer’s Weekly readers recently, asking for an easy-to-build, low-cost home design.


Chicken, the universal bird of Africa, lends itself to cooking over a fire. And this is the hot and sticky way I like it �Issue Date: 28 September 2007
There comes a time in the affairs of seasoned braaivleis mechanics when the palate cries out for something more adventurous than stywe pap or baked potatoes to accompany the steak,...
Deep inside the heart of every cook is the seldom expressed desire to invent something totally new.

Zulu resort upgrade

I got a call from Phangisile in Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal, a previous client of mine, for whom I’d designed a Zulu-themed resort.

Tilapia: Myths & legends

Misconceptions are holding back production of tilapia in South Africa. In the meantime, the rest of the world simply gets on with it.

World-class racing pigeons

There is no weak link in champion racer and renowned breeder Boet Troskie's racing pigeon stock. He recently sold all his superstar pigeons at three auctions. Thomas Smit reports on...
In this second part of our series on twinning in cattle, Chris Nel examines various gender combinations for farmers, and the advantages and disadvantages of these in a commercial and...
There are various treatments available for equine osteoarthritis. However, these are mainly palliative and do not promote healing, says Dr Mac.

A South African first

The Benoni Racing Pigeon Market was a big success, attended by pigeon fanciers from around the country

The amazing Gibbs brothers

Living legends in the pigeon racing fraternity, twins Bob and Eddie Gibbs have decided to retire from the sport at the age of 84. Thomas Smit reviews their remarkable careers.
The list that follows is by no means complete, but should serve as a guide to any producer who wants to check if they’re getting the best value for their...
JH Laubscher Broers has one of the largest potato-growing concerns in the Western Cape, with 300ha under irrigation all through the year.
I recently made my third visit to the relatively new Mooketsi Regional Market north-east of Polokwane in Limpopo, and came away almost in awe.
Agriculture has never been considered a ‘sexy’ career choice for young people. So full marks must go to the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) for its initiative, launched a few years...
High(er) prices might sound like good news for farmers, but it certainly won’t be for beleaguered consumers (who include all of us) as they struggle with increases on a wide...
I’ve met a few senior people in the fresh-produce sector who don’t know what plant breeders’ rights (PBRs) are.

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