Farm Basics

Using allelopathy in a weed management strategy

Cover crop residue leaches allelochemicals, which help control weeds. But to achieve good, prolonged results, you will still need to implement effective weed control.

All about the Namaqua Afrikaner

This long-legged breed has a smooth, white hair coat with a black or red head.

Breeding seasons in summer rainfall areas

The following guidelines and recommendations for cattle breeding seasons are applicable to a summer rainfall region and should be adapted accordingly for a winter rainfall region.

The basics of wheat

Wheat is an important grain crop in South Africa, ranking second after maize in terms of area planted and production. This article explores the structure and growth of the wheat plant.

Look after those earthworms!

Earthworms play a crucial role in improving soil quality, and every farmer should try to maintain a healthy population of these remarkable creatures.

Planning for precision irrigation

Precision irrigation requires a system designed with all your resources and production goals in mind, with the aim of ensuring optimal production.

Stress in cattle

As part of an animal’s stress response, its body releases cortisol, a hormone that provides energy to help the animal escape the stressor. If the stress persists, however, the animal’s health will suffer.

Are top-priced genetics really worth it?

Logic seems to dictate that some livestock producers must suffer buyer’s remorse after purchasing an animal for an eye-watering price. Glenneis Kriel asked a few farmers whether their record-breaking acquisitions have paid off, and found the answer to be unanimous.

Dealing with soya rust

Soya rust is spread by windblown spores and results in significant crop losses in many soya bean-growing regions of the world, including South Africa.

Beat the heat! How to care for livestock in extreme weather

South Africa’s increasingly common heatwave conditions pose a major threat to the country’s farmed cattle, sheep and goats, which often feed and live outdoors. Lloyd Phillips spoke to a number of experts in the field about the negative effects of extremely high temperatures on livestock, and practical methods a farmer can use to mitigate these.

Irrigation systems for undercover cropping

Maximising water-use efficiency in South African undercover crop farming operations has become both a financial and moral imperative. But selecting the most appropriate undercover irrigation technologies can be a challenge in itself. Three local experts shared their advice on this increasingly complex topic with Lloyd Phillips.

The importance of having a breeding season

Optimal reproductive performance is crucial to the success of a beef cattle enterprise. A defined breeding season can help to achieve this.

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