Know your cattle: Drakensberger

The hardy and indigenous Drakensberger is a true profit breed, known for its placid nature.

Know your cattle: Drakensberger
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The Drakensberger Cattle Breeders’ Society says this top indigenous breed, which originates in part from Voortrekker “Vaderland” cattle, was bred to perform on harsh sour veld. However, they do even better on sweet veld.

The breed is known for the following characteristics:

  • Strong tick resistance and excellent general disease resistance.
  • Tender and succulent meat.
  • Hindquarters that offer the highest percentage of expensive cuts.
  • A placid nature and easy to handle.
  • Cows calve easily and produce a lot of milk.

Contact the Drakensberger Cattle Breeders’ Society on (051) 410 0974, or visit the SA Studbook website for breed information at

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