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Dairy cows milking parlour

All you need to know about three-day stiff sickness

While the mortality rate of three-day stiff sickness is usually less than 1%, morbidity is high, with most animals never reaching the same level of production after recovery.

Biosecurity protocols to combat livestock diseases

Communal farmers need to work together to devise biosecurity protocols and make sure they apply to everyone. This is the only way to keep the communal herd free of diseases, says Shane Brody.
drakensberger cows

The fascinating history of the Drakensberger

The Drakensberger has a centuries-old history, and was initially bred for pulling wagons and ploughs. However, it has since evolved into an efficient meat-producing animal.

Providing high-quality feed for your animals

Good-quality feed is not cheap. Yet farmers should think twice before buying a substandard product and possibly compromising the productivity of their animals, say Dr Naudé Rossouw, director at Rossgro Feeds in Eloff, Mpumalanga, and De Wet Boshoff, executive director at the Animal Feed Manufacturers’ Association. They spoke to Magda du Toit.

Treating seedy mohair

Seed contamination can result in a lower selling price for your mohair, even though mohair sells relatively well, says Roelof Bezuidenhout.

Working together to control parasites in livestock

Communal farmers in an area should work as a team to implement parasite control protocols for their animals. This will help to prevent the spread of disease and, potentially, huge losses, says Shane Brody.

Brafords: the best of two breeds

The Braford was developed with improved efficiency and meat quality in mind. Today, the breed thrives on the veld and in feedlots. It is also renowned for its early maturity.

Farming tips for winter

Many communal farmer households run cattle and have fruit trees to provide fresh produce for the family or as a business initiative. In winter, you need to pay special attention to both animals and plants, says Shane Brody.

Exploring the traits of the Angus

While the Aberdeen-Angus may have its roots in Scotland, it is thriving in South Africa due to its meat quality and maternal abilities, amongst other traits, according to the Angus Society of South Africa.
bonsmara cow and calf

Protect your animals against foot-and-mouth disease

Communal farming groups need to institute quarantine and other biosecurity protocols, especially when it comes to new livestock entering their areas, says Shane Brody.

A basic checklist to keep sheep healthy and productive

The price of replacement livestock has increased dramatically in recent years, so it’s important to obtain the highest-possible lamb weaning rate. Shane Brody explains how to achieve this.

The proper fencing to keep sheep and goats safe

Sheep and goats present a unique challenge to many farmers. Like the rest of your animals, they need to be kept safe and penned in on your property, but their small size and mischievous nature make them difficult to keep in one place, says Dain Rakestraw, director of marketing and client services at Red Brand.