Farming Basics

Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest updates on farming basics in the agricultural industry.

Buying a good ram

Fertile, good-quality sheep are key to better production, healthy lambs and high-quality meat. Since one ram mates with up to 40 ewes in a season, and its genetics make up half of the lamb flock, a good ram is very important. Buy the best ram you can afford, from a reputable breeder that you trust.

Preparing a vegetable plot

Preparing a vegetable plot can be hard work, but it's rewarding when you harvest your first crop.

How chickens can fertilise your crops

Chicken manure can add many nutrients to your soil, and works better than most other manures.

Sowing & selling chillies

Considering a chili crop? Two of the biggest aspects to consider before buying your first chilli plants are sowing and selling.

Regulate nitrogen on beans with great care

There is very little room for error when applying nitrogen to beans. Too much or too little will reduce yields.

Eliminate risks and ensure a uniform stand

Much attention should be given to planting bean seed as carelessness at this stage can be very costly.

Handle bean seeds with care

Labour Legislation Has Forced many farmers, who used to plant by hand, to mechanise their planting and harvesting. However, mechanical planting can damage vulnerable bean seeds.

Give your seedling transplant TLC

From emergence to pulling, seedling growers spend five to eight weeks providing their seedlings with daily care. Farmers usually provide good care once the transplants are planted and irrigated, but there is a weak link - transplanting.

Clean out viruses before spring

If you remove virus-infected plants and insects at the start of the season, you can start off with a clean slate.

Dealing with cold snaps

Damaging cold snaps are inevitable, but damage can be reduced with some understanding and preparation.

Common element deficiencies in cauliflower

This subject has been covered to some extent in a previous article on cabbages, but as cauliflower is more prone to certain deficiencies, I will discuss these in greater detail.

Cauliflower is no longer out of season

Nowadays Plant breeding is so advanced that some winter crops can ­successfully be planted throughout the year. Issue date 8 June 2007

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