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Global farming - Dr Koos Coetzee

Biological farming: a great idea, but can you afford it?

Sustainable farming means taking care of the environment and making a profit. Farmers should be highly suspicious of advice that does not take this into account.
Peter O’Halloran - Tax advice

Why should your business pay more tax than necessary?

If you structure your business creatively, you’ll be able to save many thousands of rands in tax. Here are some simple, practical ways to do this.
Hippo Mills turn 90!

Hippo Mills turn 90!

The Hippo hammer mill was launched at the 1928 Pietermaritzburg Royal Show. Joe Spencer takes a closer look at the company.
Community's dedication helps

Community’s dedication helps turtles thrive

In the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve in southern Mozambique, the local community are included in conservation efforts: they closely monitor turtles and fish catches, and ensure that poaching...
Carrots: get your numbers right!

Carrots: get your numbers right!

Hot weather is unfavourable for carrot germination. Depending on the soil’s condition and structure, it also promotes the growth of soil fungus diseases, especially when heavy rain falls, as is...
Preparing to plant carrots: seeds and soil

Preparing to plant carrots: seeds and soil

Carrots have a very deep root system and a mass of fine feeder roots.
Profiting from indigenous livestock

Profiting from indigenous livestock

John Schenk and Fiona Lees are focused on the timber industry near Hogsback, but started a part-time agricultural venture near Elliot in 2004. Despite committing to Nguni cattle, their willingness...
Managing resistance of African stem borer to BT-maize

Managing resistance of African stem borer to BT-maize

Andri Visser, a doctoral student at the Unit for Environmental Sciences and Management at North-West University, explores how assumptions about the behaviour of the African stem borer affect the resistance...
Managing for profit by Peter Hughes

Danger time for trust, integrity and ethics

Take great care to associate with ethical people and avoid those who are not. In turn, provide your colleagues with an impeccable example of integrity.
Building a farm manager's home in phases

Building a farm manager’s home in phases

In this instalment of HillbillyHomes, a client requests a design for an affordable, three-bedroom home that is small but comfortable.
Time to exit the commodity game

Time to exit the commodity game

For some farmers, this might be easier said than done, but to make a living from farming in the future you will either have to go big or be unique.
Green water fish systems

Green water fish culture: the perfect alternative

Green water culture provides a highly nutritious ‘soup’ of feed for fish stock, promoting faster growth. It also cuts out the high cost of artificial feed.


US farmers brace themselves for further crop damage

Farmers in the US have expressed concern about the hot, dry conditions currently being experienced, which comes shortly after the heavy rain and flooding that caused severe damage and delays...

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