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Farmer’s Weekly Argentina Tour 2018

(Bookings are closed) Farmer’s Weekly on tour to Argentina (22 June to 1 July), to visit grain and beef producers and take a look inside its main agricultural trade headquarters.
The Phieldtek PCN210 from Keith Mount Liming.

Top innovators at LAMMA 2018

There were more than 80 entries for the ‘Awards for Innovation’ at the annual LAMMA Show in the UK in January. Joe Spencer takes a look at the winners.
Stock theft threatens growth in SA’s goat value chain

Stock theft threatens growth in SA’s goat value chain

While common across South Africa, goats remain a largely untapped resource for poverty alleviation and rural development. But efforts to remedy the situation are being undermined by the widespread theft...
New start for land reform department?

New start for land reform department?

As the saying goes: be careful what you wish for. After the appointment of Cyril Ramaphosa as president of the ANC in December last year, and his subsequent election as...
Opening a gate from horseback 17 NOVEMBER

Opening a gate from horseback

It’s convenient to be able to open farm gates without dismounting. Here’s how to teach your horse the trick. Be prepared, though, to invest a bit of time and patience,...
‘Quality drives demand’ – SA potato farmer of the year

‘Quality drives demand’ – SA potato farmer of the year

Syngenta Potato Farmer of the Year 2017, Nico Wagner of Wilnick Boerdery, employs various efficiency measures to ensure profitability, and the quality of his produce ensures a stable demand from...
Sustainability in pasture- based dairy farming

Sustainability in pasture-based dairy farming

One of the questions modern farmers face is whether they can farm in an environmentally sustainable, yet profitable, way. Craig Galloway provided the answer in his PhD thesis on the...
Waste management fundamentals

Waste management fundamentals

By law, you are required to store or dispose of waste responsibly. Failure to do so may result in a fine. More seriously, it harms the environment.

A 5-star country accommodation

I was recently called out to a tourist development site in the Cradle of Humankind in North West. The proposed development offers comfort, convenience, and the aesthetics of living in...
Small-scale pig farmer Augusta Thomas

Small-scale piggery success in the Western Cape

With her tiny 10-sow piggery, Western Cape pig producer Augusta Thomas lacks economy of scale. But despite this, she is making a reasonable living. She spoke to Glenneis Kriel about...
Will technology end hunger?

Will technology end hunger?

South Africa is one of those countries in which you rarely have to travel far to witness first-hand the kind of disparity that exists in the supply of food.
Obsession drives traditional bow crafter

International success for SA bow maker

Based in the Eastern Cape, Warrick Harvey has rapidly built an international reputation as a crafter of exceptional bows. Mike Burgess spoke to him about his life-long love of archery.


Agribusinesses respond to impact of cancelled shows

A number of the largest agricultural events in South Africa have been cancelled or postponed this year due to restrictions that have been placed on local and international travel and...
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