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A fairyland castle with a ‘Peter Pan’ feel

Find what is a 'Peter Pan'-type house.

Dear Jonno
My father asked if I could send this to you. We are looking at putting up a flat/unit at the back of the house for him to live in. He has given lots of details; hopefully you can understand them. We are going for a “Peter Pan” feel. If you have any questions, please email me. Otherwise I hope that you will be able to help us. Any suggestions would be great.

Kind regards, Michelle

Dear Michelle
Here is my rendition in answer to your request for a ‘Peter Pan’-type house. This little cottage could be something plain and unattractive, but with some creative features, it becomes a fairyland castle. I’m actually not quite sure of the specific aesthetics and styling but think it embodies the period styling of mini-castles. The layout and windows fenestration are adapted to the external balanced appeal. The balcony and mock-stone corners add appeal to what might be a very ordinary cottage.

The measurements of the rooms are exclusive of the outer walls. This half-metre addition to width and length won’t necessarily break the camel’s back as far as costs are concerned. I think it’s cute and should have comical appeal to the kids – something to remember Grandpa by! The oval openings in the turrets are for owls or other birds to roost in.

Best wishes and kind regards,

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