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A hint of the US in RSA

Gershom contacted me with regard to an old dilapidated farm house that he had bought just outside the town of…

He had been reading my articles in Farmer’s Weekly, and required someone to design and oversee the structural renovations of this old home. As usual, it had been added onto over the years, without even conventional concrete foundations, but large dolerite rocks as footings.

We met on site to assess the best way forward – demolish, or repair and renovate; we decided to repair. Gershom showed me a picture of an American-type house, with its typically first floor roof dormer rooms. “I want my house to look like this,” he said. We contrived a complete new roof with four more bedrooms in it, and the outside walls to be clad over with sandstone faggots. The sketch shows what the converted home will look like. All new work is shown coloured in on the floor layouts.


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