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Accommodation for adventurers

I received a call from a KZN midlands farmer, to come and see some outbuildings that he would like to…

I received a call from a KZN midlands farmer, to come and see some outbuildings that he would like to convert into accommodation for prospective adventurers.

In the sketch I’ve taken into consideration your existing building with the double-pitched roof over bedroom four only. I’ve extended the same pitch to cover bedrooms two and three as well. As you can see, with some further modification to the roof (the dormer windows) a whole sleeper section of nine beds or more has been created. This arrangement should especially serve your son’s mountain biking fraternity well.

I expect that braaing will be the order of the day – weather permitting, otherwise each section includes a small indoor kitchenette. The living room/bed-sitter section would also serve as a more private area for day visitors.

Give me your thoughts on this.


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