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Strawberry jam – in a microwave

Most cooks desperately keen for novel experiences take a shot at making jam. This they do once and never again, their kitchens awash with fruit pulp, the hobs sticky with boiled-over proto-jam, their carefully sterilised jars filled with runny slop that never sets and grows mildew you could harvest with a panga. Alternatively, you can do the previously unimaginable and make the stuff in the microwave. It’s beyond belief, I grant you, but it works!

Frittata wedges

A classic - with a delicious mushroomy twist.
Classic Durban chicken breyani

Classic Durban chicken breyani

Out of all the extraordinary and enticing Indian-accented foods available, breyani is one of the all-time greats. Breyani, no matter how you spell it, is not a single dish but an entire menu all on its own. For beginner cooks struggling to break away from braais, this recipe is the way to go.

A veld braai for one

While there is only one human activity more social than eating together, solo meals are part and parcel of the veld experience. Whether camping, hunting or fishing a person needs the pleasure of a good meal, easy to cook and a joy to eat.


Chicken, the universal bird of Africa, lends itself to cooking over a fire. And this is the hot and sticky way I like it �
Issue Date: 28 September 2007

How to cure obsessive coffee disorder (OCD)

This is a story about love, loss and a magnificent obsession. It is not for the faint-hearted, nor those easily moved to tears. If you can handle it, read on: a couple of weeks ago my five-star, super-duper, hyper-magnificent Gaggia espresso machine blew its last fuse, melted its last gasket and went to its final resting place in the rubbish bin.
Issue Date: 30 March 2007

Korean yang-nyeom chicken

Kids! Don�t try this at home! Paging through glossy cook books, double-page spreads in larney magazines and watching slick food shows on television, you would never guess that the gourmands who cooked the stuff ever made mistakes. Just to set the record straight, the tale that follows is one of total, self-annihilating failure.
Issue Date 16 March 2007

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