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Wild Mussel Soup

Ever since the strandlopers strolled down KZN beaches thousands of years ago, collecting, cooking and eating the shellfish they gathered from the rocks, wild mussels have been an integral part of the earliest South African cuisine. These days you need a licence which limits you to 40 mussels a day. Here’s just one of the wonderful things you can do with them.

Red wine beef casserole

This is a great classic with as many variations as there are cooks to make it. This version keeps it simple so allowing even the beginner cook to achieve monumental success.

Italian chicken with herbs and mushrooms

The love affair with Italian cooking continues with plump and seductive thighs enhanced by herbs, mushrooms and olives. A real classic!

Quick Pasta

The copyright on this recipe is held by ten million Italian grandmothers. In other words, this is a classic, but for all that, a classic well within the reach of the new cook, determined to handle every single step of his personal carbo-loading...

Mushroom and pumpkin lasagne

An early morning visit to the Karkloof Farmers’ Market provided the freshly harvested oyster mushrooms that give this pasta dish its distinctive flavour and texture. For the beginner cook, this meal is a double success as it is delicious hot or cold

Home-made marmalade

On a hot, humid Durban Saturday, the last thing any normal person would want to do is spend a couple of sweaty hours in the kitchen, but when the purple grapefruit season arrives, that’s what you have to do.

Pickled Cucumber

Pickling is a great kitchen experience, producing crunchy, exquisitely sour snacks. I suspect that there’s nothing organic that can’t be pickled. For many diners, crunchy pickled cucumbers are a constant favourite. That said, here’s the basic kit to get you going ...

Easy-to-prepare Chinese chicken

This chicken dish will blast the culinary socks off your diners. For this dish, I have varied the seasoning and the method to produce stir-fry chicken with galangal (a type of ginger) and Sichuan peppers.

Chicken and coconut curry with pilau rice

To many, a curry is a good old Anglo-Saxon stew destroyed by some stale yellow powder out of a cardboard box. This opinion could not be more misinformed: Indian-influenced cuisine is an irresistible combination of subtle tastes and aromas. What we have here are two delicious recipes, with the pilau giving a loud, hearty wake up call to the rice.

More than just an English breakfast

Eggs Onassis: A breakfast for your inner millionaire.

Strawberry jam – in a microwave

Most cooks desperately keen for novel experiences take a shot at making jam. This they do once and never again, their kitchens awash with fruit pulp, the hobs sticky with boiled-over proto-jam, their carefully sterilised jars filled with runny slop that never sets and grows mildew you could harvest with a panga. Alternatively, you can do the previously unimaginable and make the stuff in the microwave. It’s beyond belief, I grant you, but it works!