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Fire has no mercy

Ouboet – I find it exceedingly difficult to wrap my head around the fact that veld fires have destroyed more than 400 000ha in the Free State so far this year.

Conference shenanigans

Thank goodness we’ve eventually come to the end of the 2014 congress season.

Agriculture is responsible for its own destiny

Boet, you know how much I dread the annual congress season! But so far this year I’ve been very impressed by the standard of the agricultural congresses.

Grim legacy

My heart aches for every person in South Africa who has lost a child, a spouse or a loved one to farm violence.

Farmers are tough enough

A farmer is a farmer is a farmer, irrespective of where you farm and what you farm with.

Welcome to winter

O glorious day! Winter has finally come. This is my favourite time of the year. I adore a cold winter.

Zokwana and Cele – the mind boggles!

You don’t need the Rosetta Stone to decode the message behind President Zuma’s appointment of NUM stalwart Senzeni Zokwana as the new minister of agriculture.

Creating false hopes

Can you imagine burning your grain lands and killing your livestock and then buying your food at vastly inflated prices from your neighbour?

SA’s bright young farmers

Boeta, how I wish you could have attended this year’s Free State Young Farmer conference with me.

SA beef cattle ranchers up there with the world’s best

Jong, Ouboet, I’m telling you South Africa’s commercial cattle farmers really are world-class.

Are you a snollygoster?

Snollygoster. What a delightful new word I’ve learnt! A ‘snollygoster’ is someone, especially a politician, who is guided by a desire for personal advantage rather than by consistent, respectable principles, according to the dictionary. And that is what the DA’s Peter van Dalen called Minister Tina Joemat Pettersson in parliament.

Disdain and contempt

Jong Boet, some or other clever guy in history once said the people in a democracy deserve the government they get because they voted for it. What balderdash!! Let me tell you – nobody deserves a government that treats them with disdain and contempt.

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