Annelie Coleman

And so the rains came…

And so the rains have come… blessings in abundance! Genadewater, as we in the Free State like to call it.

Open letter to President Zuma

Dear Mr Zuma: This is Annelie from the Free State. I’m writing on behalf of myself and all the farmers I deal with. In this, your last election year, I want to ask you a few favours.

The good, the bad & the ugly

Boet, I’ve seen many things in my life, but the drought in the North West is the closest I’ve come to hell on earth.

Amazing Mauritius

Mauritius really is what it’s jacked up to be. I’m not a beach person and I hate being sat down under an umbrella, smothered with suntan lotion.

Nothing new under the sun

Boeta, with genetics and genomics being the buzzwords of the century, let me tell you the story of Robert Bakewell, the farmer from Leicestershire who transformed the quality of Britain's cattle, horses and sheep.

Yes, but where’s our money?

I’ve tried and tried and tried again to find something positive to blog about this week. I’ve watched the news like a hawk and read every newspaper I could lay my hands on, but, alas, the fact that our government made R100 million available for drought relief in Namibia stuck out like a sore thumb.

Askies baas Jannie & voracious appetites

I stand corrected! Grain SA’s Baas Jannie has pointed out that he never implied that Agri SA is jealous of Grain SA.

Grain SA vs Agri SA

Agh nee man! Why the remarks about Agri SA in the latest Grain SA newsletter? Baas Jannie, you might have had very good reasons for saying that Grain SA’s relationship with Agri SA is slipping, but how can you justify going public about it?

Farming is all about making money

Do you think it’s at all possible to take emotion out of the agriculture equation?

Spirit of renewal in commercial agriculture

Spring has arrived in more ways than one! After the recent Agri North West congress I feel as if commercial agriculture is moving into a spring time of its own, despite all the negatives farmers have to face on a daily basis. And that’s all because of the spirit of renewal I noticed among delegates, especially the younger ones.

Beware of wildewragtigs!

I call upon our farming community, commercial or otherwise, not to spend any sleepless nights on the Malemas of our country.

Heaven on earth….

I really hope heaven looks like the Kruger Park. I’ve been going to that magical place for nearly a zillion years and should by now be used to coming back to reality after a visit to God’s farm, as the little ones in my family call it. But, alas, I find it more difficult to leave every year.

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