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The great Droughtmaster debate

I blame the past few difficult weeks in my life on Johan van der Nest and his passion for the Droughtmaster breed... Oops! I’m not allowed to say that. Sorry, I’ll start again...

Time for some ‘strategic positioning’

Oh boy, the cat was really let loose among the pigeons at this year’s Nampo Harvest Day with political commentator Max du Preez claiming that the time has come for farmers to re-evaluate deputy minister of agriculture Dr Pieter Mulder’s ‘relevance’ in commercial agriculture.

Grain SA 2013 congress: suave and sophisticated

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – South Africa’s grain producers run a world class business! This is underscored by the very professional and, dare I say, elegant 2013 Grain SA congress.

Inky pinky ponky, SA’s been fed a donkey!

Oh boy, how I love the South African sense of humour! Even in the worst of situations it pops up and makes us laugh at ourselves. And the current scandal regarding all kinds of unimaginable meats in South African meat products has produced a number of jokes.

Agriculture leaders must ‘uithaal en wys’

Mr Organised Agriculture Chairman: complacency is a dangerous thing. Don’t underestimate the value of your support base. Do not lose contact with your membership on a local level.

Cellphones and the Internet are great, but…

The world really has become a village. I’ve been on a virtual trip through southern Africa the past few months that’s been mind-boggling.

Will sanity prevail this year?

I don’t have any new resolutions for 2013, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t dream about a South Africa filled with love, light and laughter.

Friersdale’s prize-winning library

Friersdale in the Northern Cape is a small hamlet on the banks of the Orange River, roughly between Keimoes and Kakamas.

A Free State Christmas braai

How I wish I could have invited all of you to the real Vrystaat Christmas braai we’ve just had. Especially after the rains, it was a particularly festive occasion for all the members of the community.

Hoping against hope

Let me tell you what true helplessness is. It’s not merely an emotion or a feeling – it’s something palpable, something you can see and smell, and hear.

Agri-labour unrest – enough fighting talking!

Cheap politicking is a terrible thing. Cheap politicking coupled with ineptitude is even worse.

Seek out SA’s good news

The other day, one of my friends challenged me about the negative tone of my blog, saying my complaints have become so predictable.

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