Annelie Coleman

Get involved in farm security

Why on God’s green earth would anybody want to hurl a petrol bomb into the cabin of 36-year-old Christo van Rensburg’s bakkie? What could have been the motive behind such an abhorrent action?

The danger of flash trading

Heard of ‘flash trading’? No? Neither have I and the majority of grain producers in the country. Well, Boeta, this is mind-boggling technology that might very well affect you on your farm without you even knowing it.

Man among men

“He who sees the invisible will achieve the impossible,” said Helen Keller, and coming from that great man Brand Pretorius it’s not just another nice quotation one remembers for a while and then forgets about it.

Give credit where credit is due

Our commercial farmers must get credit for the good that they do in their local communities.

An apology to Ian Player

My heart bleeds for Ian Player, that grand old man of nature conservation in South Africa. Oom Ian, I’m so sorry for what they’re doing to the rhinos you and your band of brave men worked so hard for.

New energy at the 2012 Grain SA congress

Hats off to Jannie de Villiers and the Grain SA team for an exciting new approach to the organisation’s 2012 congress!


Forget about the international economic meltdown, the inequalities of the past and or the beautiful pie in the sky dreams of the politicians --- the one thing that is holding South Africa back now is a lack of common sense.

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