A GPS tracking device that ensures peace of mind

The GT300 is a live web-based personal GPS tracking device that is ICASA-approved and can be purchased and used without a contract.

It is only 73mm long, 45mm wide and 16mm high, and can be recharged using a USB cable. It boasts a 5,5-hour call-time and a 98-hour standby time and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 80°C in humidity ranging from 5% to 95%

The GT300 can be purchased online for R599 (incl. VAT) from www.electromannsa.com. You will also need to buy a SIM card (remember, an ID document and proof of residence is required for RICA purposes).

Using the GT300 is free for the first year; thereafter, you pay an annual fee of R175 (R14,50/month). Data can be purchased monthly to track the device – R12/month will give you approximately 30MB of data, which should be ample.

The device has many potential applications: keeping track of loved ones, elderly family members, employees such as farmworkers minding stock far away, and farm vehicles and equipment. The GT300 supports two-way communication with pre-set phone numbers. This makes it easy for you to communicate with anyone carrying it.

Easy monitoring
The device can be monitored from a dedicated platform (see www.protrack365.com). When going onto the platform for the first time, click on the ‘Demo’ link and you can try out the system.

Tracking is live, provided there is a cellphone signal and you can download data from each tracked object for the past three months. I am currently using it to monitor and record the training of my endurance horses. The rider keeps the device in his pocket and the data is stored online.


The unit has to be charged every four days. It therefore makes sense to buy two and rotate them, thus ensuring 24-hour tracking.

In case of an emergency, you can send an sms to the device, which will immediately phone you; you can then hear what is happening at the other end.

You can also request the tracker’s coordinates at any stage.

For more information, visit electromannsa.com.

Greg Miles is a livestock farmer and internet marketer