Farming app: TractorPal

Keeping track of your farm equipment has just become much easier,

TractorPal is a convenient new cellphone app that keeps an inventory and maintenance record of all your agricultural machines.“Bet your grandpa kept a notebook in the shop or in his shirt pocket with all the tractors he had, and notes on when he last changed the oil on them. I know mine did,” says Keith King, one of the app’s creators. “Well, now the notebook has been replaced with the TractorPal app. Built by farmers, for farmers!”

Despite its name, the app is not limited to tractors. Any machinery that requires maintenance can be added, together with the relevant part numbers. The app costs $9,99 (R114) and is available for download at

Reminder of next service
TractorPal allows you to include a photograph of each piece of equipment once you have entered the required information.
A great feature is the service reminder, which simplifies your record-keeping process. TractorPal lets you record each item’s maintenance history – such as oil changes – and reminds you when the next oil change is required. You can set the service reminder intervals yourself.

An obvious advantage of TractorPal is its supreme convenience. When you phone your dealership to order parts, for example, there’s no need to go and fetch your service book – all the information you need is just a click away on your cellphone.

Instant document
The app also allows you to create a PDF document on a vehicle, which can then be shared with others. This is particularly useful when you want to sell a machine – all its up-to-date details plus the picture are instantly available. The Android version of the app has a cloud back-up feature, so if your cellphone has been lost you can download a copy of all the data.

Not perfected
Inevitably, TractorPal has a few small glitches. Some users have complained that the app is a ‘battery hog’ and does not allow you to add certain specialised details. But I’ll give its designers full marks for service. I had a problem trying to email a file, so I emailed the website – and Keith responded immediately.

All in all, TractorPal is a great app and worth trying.

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