Greg Miles – Digital farmer

The Wireless Rumen Bolus (WRB) tracker

Detect livestock illnesses up to 36 hours before the outward signs appear,

Keep track of your cattle at all times

Save money and keep your cows healthy with this electronic monitoring system.

Test your water – instantly

This sensor will detect bacteria species in a sample in real time.

30 years of easy record-keeping

Numerous free Excel templates are available for farmers to download, says Greg Miles.

The must-have mobile scanner

This great app allows you to scan documents on the go with your phone, says Greg Miles.

Manage your irrigation by app

Try HSTI and Probe Schedule for more accurate water use.

Protecting a precious resource

CropX, PowPow and mOasis each offer ways to get the most out of your water, says Greg Miles.

Helping to put farmers first

The ‘Farmers Business Network’ enables members to share valuable information, says Greg Miles.

Tracking your produce

Better traceability secures more customers for food producers, says Greg Miles.

Automation in the dairy industry

This system allows you to feed and milk your cows at the touch of a button.

Breaking down the communication barrier

A new app from Skype enables real-time translation of foreign languages.

Dust, spray and eradicate

First it was drones. Now unmanned helicopters could become the next big thing.


Agriculture sheds 66 000 jobs in the second quarter

The positive growth trend in agricultural GDP so far this year, has failed to translate into an increase in employment in the sector.

Growing Chinese cabbage

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