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Kudos to Grain SA!

Well done Grain SA! Nampo 2012 was a resounding success. For the first time in years I experienced the geniality and warm-heartedness that so distinguished Nampo in the past.

Nkwinti’s men neither willing nor able

Having had quite enough of the constant stream of criticism from fed-up farmers about the various failures of land reform, minister of rural development...

Tina’s antics are unbecoming

Let’s make no mistake – we’ve probably got the most beautiful minister of agriculture in the world. But Tina Joemat-Pettersson’s increasingly unpredictable behaviour is worrying.

Grudging respect for the black- backed jackal.

Skêlm, cunning, clever... that is Canis mesomelas, better known as the black-backed jackal. I know I might be putting my foot in it, but I have a grudging respect for this wily creature.

Alzo sprach M’lords – mines’ big face slap

A provincial ordinance – yes, there are some of those left – dating back to 1985 is the chagrin of mining companies with exploration plans in the Western Cape.

Get involved in farm security

Why on God’s green earth would anybody want to hurl a petrol bomb into the cabin of 36-year-old Christo van Rensburg’s bakkie? What could have been the motive behind such an abhorrent action?

To add local capacity

A worrying trend is taking hold in South Africa – the importation of processed agricultural products.

The danger of flash trading

Heard of ‘flash trading’? No? Neither have I and the majority of grain producers in the country. Well, Boeta, this is mind-boggling technology that might very well affect you on your farm without you even knowing it.

Man among men

“He who sees the invisible will achieve the impossible,” said Helen Keller, and coming from that great man Brand Pretorius it’s not just another nice quotation one remembers for a while and then forgets about it.

Political verbosity as Mangaung nears

The weekend’s newspapers were littered with political stories dealing with the ruling party’s leadership battle.

Give credit where credit is due

Our commercial farmers must get credit for the good that they do in their local communities.

Speed up conservation

SA National Parks (SANParks), which is responsible for managing SA’s conservation treasures, came under criticism from organised agriculture recently.


Theft of beehives spikes as demand for pollinators increases

Beekeeping has offered a lifeline to many rural communities, as this essential service allowed them to generate an income during the COVID-19-related lockdown.

The good farmers do

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