By Invitation

By Invitation

Agriculture: not just feeding the nation

'It's time for agriculture to make a concerted effort at unity,' said Prof Mohammed Karaan, dean of the Agri-Sciences faculty at Stellenbosch University, at Kwanalu's 12th Annual Congress in Pietermaritzburg.

Is big business stealing Africa?

A new colonialism is on the rise, as governments and private companies grab land across Africa to feed and fuel demand in their own countries. They say their projects will...

The truth about labour

It's a tall order, but why not take the politics out of farm labour and concentrate on what will actually work, asks journalist and farmer Roelof Bezuidenhout.

Are farmers supporting illegal trade?

Recently there’s been a lot of buzz about the illegal practices of “off-market fresh produce agents”. But they can only function with farmers’ support, and it’s up to farmers to...

The good, the bad & the ugly of agriculture

As an ally of the commercial farming sector, Prof Mohammed Karaan’s election to President Zuma’s National Planning Committee gave renewed hope to commercial agriculture in South Africa. Addressing the inaugural...

Plant less, buy more

Wonderful opportunities are often disguised as insurmountable problems. Take the low maize prices and the fact that many producers are facing bankruptcy. There's an elegant and simple way out of...

Why biodiversity is everyone’s business

This year is the International Year of Biodiversity and it is time that we remind ourselves of the major impact that biodiversity has on our businesses says Dr Bob Scholes,...

Agriculture can only do so much

Threats of nationalisation and expropriation will eventually stop the farming clock, writes Roelof Bezuidenhout.

State to sieze SA’s land?

Though Government has assured farmers and other stakeholders that it doesn’t plan to nationalise farmland, its written policy implies otherwise. The consequences would be disastrous, writes Frans Cronje, deputy CEO...

Which way will the 2009 elections go?

Harald Pakendorf, seasoned political analyst and journalist, predicts that the ANC will lose its two-thirds majority in the coming election. Addressing some 500 delegates at the annual VinPro information day,...

Vulture massacre – mutimen attack

SA's vultures are facing extinction due to a roaring, yet unsustainable, vulture trade, with the birds being harvested quicker than they can breed. At this rate, species such as the...

Caution! GMO ahead

Director Leslie Liddel of Biowatch SA, a non-profit civil organisation, presents its case for the stricter regulation of GM crops and the labelling and separation of these from other products.


pumpkin fly maggot damage

Watch out for these common vegetable pests

Pests are an ongoing threat to vegetables, and need to be controlled effectively and timeously to prevent damage to the crop.

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