By Invitation

By Invitation

Creating a ‘virtuous circle’

Former state president FW de Klerk recently presented a lecture on the state of African governance at the University of Pretoria. De Klerk evaluated Africa's performance since the establishment of...

What’s happened to after-sales service?

Following a Farmer's Weekly article about trading in 'grey' tractor parts, Roelof Bezuidenhout writes that warnings about the risks associated with cheap imported engines could pale into insignificance against the...

SA’s petroleum industry calling the shots on biofuels

Fanie Brink, managing director of Biofuels Industry Development, said at a recent biofuels conference that the Draft Biofuels Industrial Strategy mainly caters for the requirements of the local petroleum industry...

What’s going down the tubes?

Agri Africa Trust has in the past been forced to sell grain at a 'take it or leave it' price due to some silo companies mixing grain grades and thereby...


Courts order municipalities to adhere to commonage rules

Courts order municipalities to adhere to commonage rules

Two recent court rulings on commonages have outlined the rights of those using the areas, as well as the responsibilities of official custodians.
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