From the land

Just another election promise?

A new government project pledges relief for rural farmers. Will this join the other failed initiatives?

More consumers, but lower profits

Smallholder farmers must be empowered to meet the challenges of rapid urbanisation.

So much more than braaivleis

Heritage Day should be an opportunity for South Africans to learn about, and embrace, other cultures.

Land solution?

Minister Nkwinti shares his department’s plans to reverse the effects of the 1913 Land Act.

Villagers in the North West left with broken promises

Large mining companies are raising, then dashing, the hopes of poor villagers in North West.

Feed the hungry

There’s a simple solution to SA’s food insecurity that doesn’t require international intervention.

Women’s month ends on high note

DAFF acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of South African female farmers.

Change agents

Development projects for emerging farmers remain contentious, with some entities taking advantage.

Needed: female pig farmers

A recent meeting of pork producers made me acutely aware of this sector’s lack of transformation.

A government partnership at last

Success in SA agriculture lies in the government helping those who can help developing farmers.

Luxury meets empowerment

The saga in which empowerment funds were used for a luxury boutique is stirring up emotions.

Government should talk less and show more action

Instead of talking about ‘youth development’ at meetings, government must help young farmers.


Brucellosis can bankrupt you. Don't let it!

How to manage brucellosis on your farm – tips from top vets

A widespread problem in sub-Saharan Africa, bovine brucellosis can cripple a cattle or dairy farming operation. As no cure is available, all infected animals are required by law to be...

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