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Luxury meets empowerment

The saga in which empowerment funds were used for a luxury boutique is stirring up emotions.

Government should talk less and show more action

Instead of talking about ‘youth development’ at meetings, government must help young farmers.

Land reform – govt must be fair

The North West title deeds project is a step in the right direction, but it should also include farmers.

Private sector lessons for govt

Competition-driven companies could teach government entities a lot about customer service.

Government – Too many plans, not enough action

Many government projects are excellent ideas. But officials seem incapable of carrying them out.

How do we attract the youth?

It is as important to draw young people into farming as it is to retain those who are already on the land.

Piglet donation causes stink

Electioneering for next year has started in earnest and politicians are using every means at their disposal.

Milking the system for all it’s worth

The state, it seems, has now helped certain connected families become instant dairy farmers. And this while smallholders cannot get title deeds.

Joining forces to boost food production

Farmers are under pressure to increase food production. Joining forces may be the only answer.

These markets are closed to farmers

Much has changed since 1994, but there has been no breakthrough in improving access to markets.

Eating insects

With the planet’s population steadily increasing, insects could provide a viable option when it comes to feeding livestock – and humans.

Unions: healthy competition?

Spurred by the formation of Afasa, Nafu is at last getting its act together.

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