From the land

Criminals live among us

Help the police to help us all, and report crime, instead of complaining all the time.

Municipality money vanishes

How can a municipality lose R3 million of utility poles, plus the paperwork? It’s easy, if you know how.

Urban agriculture: key to food security

Migration from rural to urban areas is inevitable. So why not encourage people to grow food in the city?

JZ: you’re ignoring the real problems

The president’s letter to public servants glosses over the dysfunctional state of government departments

Why those germs are good for you

A grubby farm-type childhood boosts the immune system. Today’s bug-fearing parents worry needlessly.

Give female farmers a chance!

Women grow 80% of food in Africa, yet own 1% of arable land. This unfair practice affects food security.

Clean government? Ours is getting dirtier

Fewer government entities are receiving clean audits. Greed and nepotism are at the bottom of this.

Billions spent wisely, or wasted?

Government throws a fortune at small-scale farmer development – yet fails to monitor the results.

Decide in haste, repent at leisure

Bad short-term solutions can produce disastrous long-term results, hurting those you’re trying to help.

Generous budget, underspent funds

Will the billions of rands allocated to farmers all be allocated correctly? With our officials, don’t bet on it.

Youth push for change in agriculture

The number of youth at the recent Afasa conference is a good sign. Let’s hope it means positive changes.

How to destroy thousands of jobs

A 52% wage hike is a wonderful idea – for the few workers who are left to earn a wage.

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