From the land

How to consult your way to wealth

Millions are wasted on consultants to perform the work that government officials are paid to do.

On your own? You’re at risk

Small-scale farmers who belong to organised structures are at a distinct advantage.

Limpopo: disaster was not inevitable

If government and farmers had planned ahead, the recent drought would not have killed so many cattle.

Well done – but now let’s get real

The improved matric pass rate masks some unpleasant facts about the state of education.

For the sheer love of farming

Despite the enormous challenges they face, most farmers remain passionate about what they do.

A year of self-serving politics

Instead of focusing on the country’s social and economic needs, government has turned inward.

Looking after number one

Caught snuffling in the trough, our leaders plead ignorance. And they want us to believe them!

Nkandla: a national disgrace

Untold millions are being spent on President Jacob Zuma’s homestead amidst grinding rural poverty.

Title deeds: when will govt relent?

Excellent farmers are being punished because of inept policies which failed years ago.

Stop stealing, and start serving

SA’s leaders would do well to emulate Uruguay’s president, who is as humble as he is effective.

Why security of tenure is vital

Laziness in communities and incompetence in government are driving farmers off the land.

Land tenure: govt needs to act now

Government has been dragging its feet on land tenure reform for two years.

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