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Red spider mite

Know your crop pests: Red spider mite

The male of the red spider mite is 0,5mm in length, with the female being slightly larger.

Know your crop pests: Cutworm

As moths, both sexes of the cutworm have pale brown to greyish forewings with black lines and irregular markings.

Know your crop pests: White cabbage butterfly

The butterfly is large and strong-flying with a wingspan of 5,5cm. Both sexes are creamy-white, with a black head, thorax and abdomen.
Know your crop pests: African army worm

Know your crop pests: African army worm

Despite its common name, the African army worm is in fact the larva (caterpillar) of a moth.

Know your crop pests: Mediterranean fruit fly

Despite its name, the Mediterranean fruit fly is thought to have originated in sub-Saharan Africa. But it has now spread over the entire continent, as well as Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas.

Know your crop pests: African bollworm

Scientific name: Helicoverpa armigera Family: Noctuidae Distribution: Throughout Africa

Know your crop pests

In the coming months, entomologist Paul Donovan will explain how to identify crop pests and suggest various measures to control them.

Get the most from your irrigation system

Water is a big determinant of the success of a crop. But far more than just availability, how water is applied, when, and how much, is nothing short of a science. Irrigation experts talk about how an irrigation system should be approached for best results.

How compost from Mpumalanga farmer’s bioreactor is boosting no-till crops

No-till crop cultivation is hardly a novel movement, yet learning curves are still steep as farmers navigate the intricacies of what makes healthy soil. Lindi Botha speaks to Hendrik Odendaal about how a change in his compost regime is making all the difference.

The pitfalls and benefits of diversifying your farming operation

Diversification enables farmers to spread risk and add additional income streams, but within the opportunities lie some hazards. Lindi Botha spoke to farmers who have successfully integrated their current operations through multicropping and other methods about how to tackle this juggling act without dropping the ball.

The importance of timing in your farming operation

You may know all that’s necessary about growing a crop, but if your timing is off, your profits will suffer severely, says Bill Kerr.

Minor cucurbit pests

Bill Kerr looks at the leaf miner, cucurbit ladybird beetle and African bollworm, all of which, despite being minor pests, can cause damage.vd