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Your gateway to Europe

Farmers looking at international diversification of their farming operations should look to Switzerland as a platform from which to trade.
Why both parties need expert legal advice in drawing up a leasehold agreement.

Privatise it!

A radical idea that could lead to safer roads, wealthier municipalities – and tax savings.

Protecting your heirs

When it comes to important ‘personal’ documents, such as wills and antenuptial contracts, be sure you agree with all the clauses before signing.

Who is fooling who?

Who will foot the bill for government’s extravagance when SA’s taxpayers leave to pay tax in countries that appreciate their efforts? It’s something Gordhan and his sidekicks need to bear...
This is a big step to take, but the rules involved are fairly easy to understand.
Someone can change their last will and testament right up to the date of their death and disputing a will’s validity can be an extremely tough task.

Putting on a brave face

Finance minister Pravin Gordhan’s budget speech was upbeat in tone, despite the uncertain economic outlook. Below are some of the aspects that are relevant to farmers.
What’s the difference between a successful company and one that battles? I searched my files to find enterprises that fall into both categories.
Partnerships are highly risky, or so we're told. But two horses pulling together can produce more pulling power than one horse.

Better safe than sorry

Every farmer has to be vigilant and watch out for changes that could adversely affect their farming operation.

Stealing land

The Green Paper on Land Reform has been widely criticised in the media. However, quite apart from the mainstream� arguments that focus on the substantive issues it raises, my objection...


Managing for profit by Peter Hughes

Yield and quality determine profits, nothing else!

Costs under your control such as yield and product quality are what determine farming success. Don’t waste time on costs you cannot influence or control.

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