Tax Advice

This discussion document recently issued by the government doesn't make for pleasant reading, especially if you're a farmer

Know your property rights

With the ANC Youth League eyeing your property, knowing what they believe and knowing your rights is crucial if we're to fight this wave of insanity

Tax and trips

Going abroad to buy a stud bull and treat your family to a holiday? With a bit of planning, you can enjoy tax deductions that weren't available in the past
Investing is an art, with a view to the timing of various flows of taxable income, dividend streams, capital gains and expenditures on finance and maintenance. This means you need...

Be aware of VAT

With the right advice, you can put yourself in a position to claim back most of the VAT your business pays. But if you slip up, it will cost you.

The carrot and the stick

The finance ministry has just announced a new voluntary disclosure programme, which it also claims can track down international tax offenders. But is this really the case? And just how...
The first step is proving you're a genuine game farmer - and allowing the occasional hunter onto your land doesn't count.

Let the seller beware!

The new Consumer Protection Act has shifted the onus from the buyer to the seller in the world of commerce. Farmers should read the Act to protect themselves, and see...
The Botswana Innovation Hub has numerous advantages for the research and development sectors of the Southern African commercial scene.

Keeping it simple

The current economic situation remains unstable, but by applying a few common-sense measures we can better weather whatever storms lie ahead.

Spotlight on swiss bankers

Just a short plane trip away from most major southern African cities is the financial paradise that is Botswana, where discretion is valued.
Government proposes to interfere in property sales, but the South African constitution makes no legal provision for it to override landowners' rights. In fact, it forbids it.


Brucellosis can bankrupt you. Don't let it!

How to manage brucellosis on your farm – tips from top vets

A widespread problem in sub-Saharan Africa, bovine brucellosis can cripple a cattle or dairy farming operation. As no cure is available, all infected animals are required by law to be...

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