Brandwater Brahman Sale

Highest (bull): R575 000

The highest-priced bull (HOT 08 732), which was sold by Linde du Plessis and sons of Brandwater Brahman to Jose Maciel of Secunda for R575 000.
Photo: SHM Auctioneers

Fouriesburg – Linde du Plessis and sons’ Brandwater Brahman Sale was held at Bloemhoek on 21 July. The highest-priced
bull (HOT 08 732) was sold for R575 000 – a new South African record – to Jose Maciel of Secunda. The highest-priced cow (HOT 07 618) was sold to Gordon Howard of Ladysmith for R65 000, while Maciel also bought the highest-priced cow and calf (HOT 08 717 and HOT 14 340) for R44 000. The sale was conducted by SHM Auctioneers, with Andrew Miller as the auctioneer.