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Biodiversity strips

Biodiversity: a valuable ally for the farmer

Caring for the indigenous vegetation on a farm not only helps protect plant species from extinction, but benefits the production of crops in several crucial ways. Glenneis Kriel spoke to...

Dealing with the data produced by precision farming

Erik de Vries, a director at precision farming consultancy Agri Technovation, says the number and diversity of data points generated by precision agriculture technologies require capable central platforms to allow...

Corteva Agriscience: Relentless innovation, bold leadership

In tackling the problems that affect the lives and the livelihoods of millions of people, there is no room for mediocrity and no time to be timid.

How to keep Africa growing in the face of climate change

No continent will be struck as severely by climate change as Africa. Due to the continent’s limited adaptive capacity, exacerbated by widespread poverty, climate change is a grave threat to...

Corteva: working with farmers

Agriculture has reached a critical point. Farmers are trying to meet the global challenge of providing nutritious food for a rapidly growing population constantly demanding healthier food.
cattle farming

Gene editing: a precise approach to crop and animal breeding

Recent breakthroughs in gene editing technology mean that advancements in the industry can be brought to the farm faster, cheaper and more accurately than before. The result is plants and...

Farming smarter can reduce methane emissions from livestock

The argument against beef production is gaining momentum, with the industry being accused, often inaccurately, of significantly increasing greenhouse gas emissions. However, climate-smart farming and improving productivity can reduce emissions.
canal system

Designing an irrigation system according to soil type

Dr Willem de Clercq, a researcher at the Water Institute at Stellenbosch University, says that all farmers, and especially those who practise conservation agriculture, need to approach irrigation in a...

New system shows benefits of deep root irrigation

A locally developed irrigation system designed to transport water directly to plants’ roots and thus eliminate evaporation has achieved outstanding success in trials.
a hreenhouse

Latest trends in greenhouse technology

The designs and purposes of greenhouses have come a long way. Lloyd Phillips speaks to Shaul Rabin about the greenhouse technologies currently available, and what the future holds.
Accessing Africa’s food markets

Accessing Africa’s food markets: Insights from three experts

Agriculture employs 70% of the workforce in Africa and constitutes 30% of total GDP. Yet the continent relies heavily on imports and food aid. Lindi Botha spoke to three leaders...
Field Research Unit

New fruit-sorting technology helps curb food waste

In 2018, Compac Sorting Equipment, part of TOMRA Food, launched its Field Research Unit, which can be deployed on lands to research the fresh produce industry’s most challenging issues. James...


The importance of research in agriculture

The eighth episode of Tech Terrain deliberates over the role research plays in agriculture and how it can increase productivity to meet the food demand of the world.
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