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Farm Basics

New opportunities to generate a sustainable income are opening up in SA’s poultry industry.
Security advisor Henk Boshoff says that farmers should avoid becoming soft targets for potential farm attackers. He spoke to Gerhard Uys about making a farm and its surrounding communities safer.
Raising cattle properly requires money, land and skill. Do you have enough of each to enter this business? Equally importantly, do you have a genuine interest in cattle?

Plough for more

Mentorship must be based on sound financial principles and is not a free-for-all, said Martin Detering, Free State Agriculture (FSA) land reform chairperson at an FSA mentorship workshop in Senekal.
Farm attacks and murders in South Africa are on the increase, according to the latest statistics on violent crime on farms released by TAU SA.
The 38-year-old Ronnie Smith and his wife Elbie Smith (35), from the farm Zem-Zem in Bothaville were released on R6000 bail by the Bothaville magistrate's court after the being arrested...
Organisers of The Spring Show at the Tshwane Events Centre (previously the Pretoria show grounds) from 28 August to 1 September are confident that this year’s event will outperform last...
Re-opening the land restitution process is not the answer to deal with issues such as addressing the legacy of the dispossession of land from the Khoi and the San people,...

Beware of the angry poor

High unemployment and empty promises from government have created a volatile population prone to violent protests.
Instead of competing against each other, small-scale farmers should work together to earn more.
Your farming business is in a one-way financial cul de sac. What remedies do you have at your disposal to solve the problem? Johan Botha, an attorney specialising in insolvencies,...
Sheep and antelope production combine the best of two worlds for energetic farm manager, Emilize Vögel. She spoke to Roelof Bezuidenhout about her passion for this demanding job.
Niklaas Slinger, the Agricultural Writers Emerging Farmer of the Year, never went to school. He was a farmworker for the Theron family for 20 years, and when Jan Theron died,...
Lawrence and Simphiwe Mtswene’s farm near Nigel is due to benefit from the Recapitalisation and Development Programme, a boost after the couple’s long financial struggle. Peter Mashala reports.
South Africa’s agriculture sector may often feel isolated in terms of the challenges it faces. However, a recent survey by the German Agricultural Society reveals that farmers in Germany, Poland,...
Stephanus requested a home redesign that accommodates hunters during the hunting season. Find out what Jonno comes up with.

Sweet and spicy

This enticing combination of tastes and textures comes from North Africa. The mix of honey, saffron and nuts is common in cooking from Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, and will ensure...
Pan-fried calamari is an impressive addition to the new cook’s repertoire, and the tomato sauce is a tasty reinvention of a classic. Enjoy this dish with a cold beer, or...
FW reader Pat is moving to a farm and wants to build a cottage on the land. Jonno helps design a beautiful cottage at minimal cost.
Spring is the ideal time to pick vine leaves for this traditional Greek delicacy and Strandveld’s soft, young Pinot noir leaves proved to be the perfect ingredient for Suzán, winemaker...

An Asian inspiration

Jonno assists Peter with his plans to build a single storey house in Wakkerstroom.
Because of their scale, these systems have very limited yields. Choosing a complex, small system will not increase yield; it will only increase cost!

Adding value to game ranches

Aspiring and current game farmers must carefully consider the factors that influence a ranch’s value.

Is showing for you?

To show a horse at top level you need aptitude, dedication and hard work, explains Kim Dyson.

Foaling season

Horse owners need to try and minimise risks to both foal and mare during foaling season, says Dr Mac.
There is incontrovertible proof that aquaculture can flourish in Southern Africa. The secret to success lies in appropriate scale and top-class feed.
Large-framed breeds are generally the norm on cattle farms in northern Namibia, but the dual purpose Dexter is making its mark in the area. From his farm between Kamanjab and...
American farmer David Hula holds the current world record for maize grain yield. On a recent lecture tour of South Africa’s principal grain farming areas, he shared some of the...

Making monoculture work

To many farmers and home gardeners, crop rotation is a holy grail – they’ll never plant the same crop consecutively in the same ground.
Alan Sutton, chairperson of the Valley Macadamias Group and owner of Sutton Crest Farms has been crowned the Mpumalanga Farmer of the Year 2014 by the Agricultural Writers’ Association.
Even though sweet POTATOES are a generally low-care crop, some pests can cause a complete wipe-out. You need to do regular inspections and know what to look for.
In late December, to market its Cuties mandarins, Sun Pacific introduced a marketing campaign on Snapchat, the social media messaging and imaging app.
Adverse environmental conditions and disease are placing increasing pressure on maize crops in South Africa, says Dr Belinda Janse van Rensburg, researcher at the ARC-Grain Crops Institute.

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