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Farm Basics

Growing cucumbers

Cucumbers make an excellent and refreshing addition to salads, especially during summer months. So why not grow your own?

The importance of breeding seasons and good male genetics

Two factors are crucial to successful livestock production: choosing the right rams or bulls, and planning breeding so that offspring are born at the optimal time of the year.

Health and safety do’s and don’ts for farmers

Navigating your way through the numerous rules and regulations of workplace health and safety can seem a daunting prospect, but labour consultants are there to guide you. Jeandré van der Walt spoke to a number of experts in the occupational health and safety industry about the key aspects of farmworker safety.

Soil management basics

Erosion is a symptom of poor soil management and a cue to assess and modify your grazing practices.

Livestock marketing tips

Informal sales may be a convenient way to improve cash flow in the short term, but they make it difficult to budget, and you won’t be able to take advantage of high prices on the market.

Game handling basics

Providing feed and water for game animals can be challenging, as some methods may cause injury. Here are some helpful tips for setting up feed and water troughs, as well as building a crush.

The building blocks of irrigation scheduling

Having a top-quality irrigation system is all very well, but without accurate irrigation scheduling you will never achieve optimal results, says irrigation expert and agronomist Robbie Childs.

Soil health: farming with nature, guided by science

Changing to a healthier production system may pose new challenges, but is worthwhile in the long run. Glenneis Kriel spoke to a number of influencers and pioneers about making the switch.

The Meatmaster: locally developed for low input costs

This composite breed, with its predominantly Damara genetics, is hardy and highly functional.

How to keep the family business in business

Very few family farming operations transition effortlessly from one generation to another. The process requires careful planning, hard work and a lot of patience. Annelie Coleman spoke to several experts about the factors that drive success, and found that timeous succession planning, a family constitution, and a willingness to allow new entrants topped the list.

Budgeting basics: Every successful farm has one

A comprehensive and all-inclusive budget is critical to the success of any production operation, according to Anche Suurd, an agricultural economist at NWK. Without this basic financial tool, it is extremely difficult to obtain a clear idea of the actual performance of the business, or sustainably create and build wealth.

Using allelopathy in a weed management strategy

Cover crop residue leaches allelochemicals, which help control weeds. But to achieve good, prolonged results, you will still need to implement effective weed control.

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