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Espresso chocolate brownies

These delicious brownies can be enjoyed on their own, or with cream and ice cream. Make sure you make a double batch; your guests will be coming back for seconds, says Lorraine Steyl.

Easy vanilla panna cotta with white chocolate

While this panna cotta may look daunting, it is actually a very easy recipe that will impress friends and family, says Lorraine Steyl.

Lamb shank parcels

These lamb shank parcels are perfect for a Christmas dinner. They are not only delicious but they look the part too, says Lorraine Steyl.

Butter chicken with peaches

The star of this dish is the creamy and spicy sauce, says Lorraine Steyl.

Slow-roasted, juicy pork belly

Step aside, ham! This pork belly may very well earn its place at your future Christmas feasts, says Lorraine Steyl.

Marinated chicken wings

Tangy marinated chicken wings to cook in the oven or on the coals.

Pork koftas with apricot and ginger

These patties are bursting with flavour, and the Asian spice mix complements the pork superbly.

Roast chicken on the coals

This recipe is the perfect addition to any braai!

Bone marrow bruschetta with parsley salsa

A great way to start a meal: decadent, rich marrow bone on crispy bruschetta served with a refreshing parsley salsa.

Lemon and herb marinated lamb chops

This recipe offers a classic combination of fresh herbs, lemon and succulent lamb chops.

Jambon salad

This easy-to-make salad is perfect for any occasion and will surely be a hit with family and friends alike.

Beef espetada with creamy peppercorn sauce & herbed potato wedges

This recipe provides a satisfying combination of flavours.