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Young fancier’s dream to bring pigeon racing to townships

Lodumo Nkala is a young man with a plan: he wants to bring the sport of pigeon racing to South Africa’s rural townships. He shared his vision and strategy with Susan Marais.

Breeding a million-dollar bird

Pigeon breeding and racing remains a popular pursuit, with some fanciers aiming for the ultimate goal of turning their hobby into a career. Sabrina Dean visited brothers Daniel and Justin King of Kingslea Lofts in Bloemfontein to find out more about the demands, and thrills, of the sport.
The Gysie Britz story

The Gysie Britz story

With his passion and skill, Gysie Britz raised the bar in South African pigeon racing. Thomas Smit spoke to the champion fancier about his success.
Paul Pedro of Pedro & Van Heerden

TRPF pigeons off to a good start

It’s not unusual for Gauteng pigeon fanciers to experience a fast-paced start in the first six races of the season. With the races being from south to north, the prevailing south-westerly winds all but blow the birds home. This year has been no different.
Golden Prince: The R5 million racing pigeon

The R5 million racing pigeon

Golden Prince, currently the most expensive pigeon in the world, is owned by two South African fanciers.
Lincia, National Ace Pigeon

How to be successful at pigeon racing

To be successful at pigeon racing, you need to be fast, very fast, says Thomas Smit.
Pigeon club competitiveness

Pigeon club competitiveness

With careful management and good quality birds, any fancier with the right attitude can become a contender, says Thomas Smit.
Cape Town pigeon fanciers 1st and 2nd place

Cape Town pigeon fanciers 1st and 2nd place

Pigeon fanciers Albert Lingenfelder and André Mills have again made their mark, this time in the inaugural Western Cape Classic.

New pigeon race to boost wildlife conservation

With a ‘dream team’ at the helm and R10 million in prizes, the inaugural Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race is set to be a classic. Wildlife conservation will benefit too, says Thomas Smit.

SAPIR final results

A comprehensive training programme ensured that the pigeons were fit for the demands of the final race, says Thomas Smit.

Meet PE’s champion pigeon racer

Shane Gerber has been racing pigeons for 20 years and is passionate about Tom Locks. Thomas Smit spoke to him.

Eye theory in practice for racing pigeons

Eye theory, or 'eye-sign' theory is one of the most divisive issues amongst the racing pigeon fraternity. Some top fanciers maintain however, that the secret to selecting top racing pigeons lies in the eyes.