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Climate change and energy prices driving UK food inflation – report

Since 2021, household food bills in the UK have risen by an estimated average of £605 (about R14 419). A new report by an NGO in UK, the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), has ascribed this increase to extreme weather and escalating energy prices.

Dry weather puts serious strain on global sugar reserves

El Niño-induced dry weather conditions in India and Thailand, the second- and third-largest sugar exporters worldwide, are resulting in the highest prices for the commodity since 2011, with global sugar reserves hitting a 14-year low.

Exports of Irish beef to China suspended after confirmed BSE case

The recent suspension of Irish beef exports to China has been described as a blow to the industry. Ireland’s national public service media organisation, RTÉ, reported that beef exports from Ireland to China had been suspended after a case of atypical bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) was detected in a cow.

US wheat exports reach 52-year low in November

The latest export inspection data in the US indicates that wheat shipments from that country reached a 52-year low in the first week of November.

Low producer prices put pressure on the UK’s milk supplies

There are indications of a notable reduction in milk production on UK farms, with low farm-gate prices putting pressure on margins at a time of the year when production normally increases.

Young, small EU farmers continue their struggle to access financing

Farmers in the EU continue to struggle to secure financing, with small farming operations and young farmers being most affected by a lack of loans and financial investment.

Lumpy skin disease vaccines to safeguard Australian cattle exports

The Australian government has announced that, in its fight to reduce the risk of lumpy skin disease (LSD) entering the country, it will continue to work closely with regional neighbours, national industries, and all state and territory governments.

Can technology help curtail large harvest losses in India?

Farmers in India experience great difficulty delivering the produce they harvest to markets in good condition. According to recent figures released by the Indian government, between 6% and 15% of all fruit, between 5% and 12% of vegetables, and between 4% and 6% of grains were lost in that country during 2022.

Mexico-US GM maize stand-off heads for mediation

The US is seeking an intermediary to resolve a dispute with Mexico, after the latter country banned imports of genetically modified (GM) maize for human consumption from the US.

Italy overtaken by France as largest wine producer

The wine lobby groups UIV and Assoenologi in Italy said earlier this week that the country’s wine production was expected to decline by 12% to less than 44 million hectolitres this year.

New Zealand livestock numbers fall as forestry conversions rise

A new study by Beef and Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) has shown that changes in land usage, including the conversion of farmland to forestry plantations, is continuing to have an impact on livestock numbers in New Zealand.

India’s rice export ban could deepen global food shortages

Further restrictions on rice exports recently announced by India, including a 20% duty on exports of parboiled rice, have triggered fears that it will further exacerbate global food inflation.