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Farmers in Cyprus protest about protection for halloumi cheese

Protesting about delays in the implementation of the protected designation of origin product (PDO) status for halloumi cheese, goat and sheep farmers in Cyprus recently burnt bales of hay and poured milk on the road outside the island’s presidential palace.

Fears about crop yields in France as drought persists

As the world grapples with supply chain disruptions due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the agriculture department in France has warned that the unusually low winter rainfall will negatively affect crop yields there.

High prices sway US farmers to use conservation land for crops

The US government’s goal of using conservation land to help slow global warming by sequestering carbon in plants and the soil is being complicated by farmers reintroducing crop production on such land.

Global edible oil markets in turmoil after shock Indonesia ban

The global edible oil market has reacted with shock to Indonesia’s unexpected ban on palm oil exports in the week of 25 April.

California mega-producer pins hope on legalisation of marijuana

Although a bill was passed by the US House of Representatives on 1 April to end that country’s federal ban on the recreational use of marijuana, it is not expected that the bill will be passed by the Senate.

Hunting game help farmers in Laos to fight rat plague

One of Southeast Asia’s poorest countries, Laos, has been battling a growing rat problem for more than a decade, with these rodents destroying rice crops, the country’s main cash crop and staple food.

France facing ‘worst-ever’ second-wave bird flu outbreak

With the number of cullings having reached more than 12 million birds in the first week of April, France is facing its worst outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) ever, fuelled by the highly contagious H5N1 virus.

Australian consumers’ demand for free-range eggs faltering

The reality of current reduced household budgets in Australia is being reflected in the demand for free-range eggs in that country. While daily egg consumption in Australia has reached 17 million, the preference for free-range eggs is no longer rising.

Rising demand for rice in animal feed puts pressure on supplies

The use of low-grade rice in animal feed rations across Asia has resulted in the price of this staple commodity rising rapidly.

High biofuel prices in Brazil could put pressure on sugar output

Sugar industry analysts in Brazil expect the sharp hike in local fuel prices to result in a substantial reduction in the volume of sugar exported from that country during the new crop season that starts in April.

Rally in grain prices could boost incomes for US farmers

Global wheat prices reached 14-year highs in the first week of March on the back of fears about serious disruptions in grain and oilseed exports from the Black Sea region due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

‘Plant biofuels no silver bullet for carbon sequestration’

Countries in Europe are increasingly relying on crop biofuels to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the region’s transport industry.

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