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Intensive farming not sustainable, EU investors warn

Intensive farming should not be classified as a sustainable activity in the European Commission’s EU taxonomy document, which is currently being finalised.

Cannabis tax could earn Germany R60 billion a year

A new survey commissioned by the German hemp association has found that legalising cannabis could earn that country’s government additional tax revenue of about €3,4 billion (around R61,7 billion) per year.

Pasta-makers fear shortages due to durum wheat supply pinch

An almost 50% smaller durum wheat harvest compared with that in 2020 in top exporting country Canada, has raised the alarm among Italian pasta-makers, fearing a substantial supply shortage in coming months.

COP26 zero-deforestation deal to affect animal feed trade

More funding, transparent monitoring and tough regulation of businesses and financing institutions with links to the destruction of forests are needed to ensure the success of a pledge made by world leaders to halt deforestation by 2030, environmentalists have warned.

China retaliates on ‘unfair farm subsidy’ allegations

As part of the Chinese government’s effort to effect reform of the World Trade Organization (WTO), that country is calling for the removal of “enormous” farm subsidies in some developed countries.

Consumers can expect high coffee prices for longer – experts

Global coffee prices are likely to remain higher for longer as the market struggles to rebalance supplies geographically.

Brexit brings an end to ‘cheap food’ for UK shoppers

The twin crises of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic are resulting in a tidal wave of soaring costs for the UK’s food industry, with supply chains coming under increasing pressure.

Backlash from consumers as beef prices surge in the US

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, beef prices in the US have increased by as much as 30%. Some analysts have attributed this to rising inflation, which has pushed up consumer goods’ prices across the board.

Reviving New Zealand’s flagging wool industry

The wool industry has long been an iconic part of New Zealand’s rural identity, supporting vibrant rural communities over many generations of farmers, and remains an important part of the country’s regional economy.

Extreme weather keeps Haiti’s farmers on a knife’s edge

A comprehensive national plan needs to be implemented in Haiti to address climate change, stem deforestation, and restore degraded land and watersheds in an effort to help the country’s vulnerable farmers, according to local environmentalists.

Concern over looming global coffee shortage next year

Coffee prices reached new highs in August on the back of concerns about future supplies and increasing freight costs.

Wheat buyers in Asia face potential shortages

Wheat farmers in Alberta, Canada are among those hard-hit by extreme heat, which has put pressure on global wheat supplies.

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