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Alert issued for Rift Valley fever

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF) has advised farmers to vaccinate their livestock against Rift Valley fever.

The danger of policy uncertainty

Policy certainty formed the root of successful land reform. This was according to Simba Makoni, who had been the minister of finance and economic development in former President Robert Mugabe...

Extension of comments on land expropriation welcomed

Major organised agricultural bodies in South Africa have welcomed recent news that the window period for written submissions on the National Assembly’s proposal to amend Section 25 of the Constitution...

Use these routes to travel to Nampo

Organisers of Nampo are recommending that motorists avoid certain routes when heading to Nampo Park from 15 to 18 May due to construction work taking place on many roads in...
Rainfall predictions for Western Cape still bleak

Rainfall predictions for Western Cape still bleak

Although there are a few cold fronts predicted for the Western Cape this winter, there should be no high hopes that it will be enough to break the continuing drought.
Official farm attack statistics welcomed

Official farm attack statistics welcomed

The leader of the Freedom Front +, Dr Pieter Groenewald, has welcomed the recent release of official statistics on farm attacks and murders saying it would ensure a better understanding...
XTractor Expedition edges closer to 6 000km goal

XTractor Expedition close to 6 000km goal

The ambitious 2018 XTractor Expedition aims to drive four McCormick X7 and X8 series tractors, on 16 BKT tyres, over 6 000km across South Africa.
Arson suspected in citrus pack-house fire

Arson suspected in citrus packhouse fire

Arson is suspected of being the cause of a raging inferno that gutted an Eastern Cape citrus packhouse on Monday, 7 May.
Meat Price Index an insight into global meat prices

Meat Price Index an insight into global meat prices

A study comparing the cost of meat in more than 50 countries and the number of hours at minimum wage to be worked to afford various cuts in each location,...
Food Lover's Market takes up fight against hunger

Food Lover’s Market takes up fight against hunger in May

In an effort to address the problem of hunger and malnutrition faced by many, Food Lover's Market has launched a month-long in-store campaign through which they want to provide one...
Get ready for Nampo 2018

Nampo Park abuzz ahead of largest agri sector showcase

The organisers of Nampo, one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in South Africa, say the premises near Bothaville in the Free State are already a hive of activity as exhibitors...

TISA concerned about ‘extreme tobacco legislation’

The South African government should first tackle the illicit trade in tobacco products before considering implementing legislation intended to severely restrict the marketing and use of legitimate tobacco products in...


Tips on how to grow aloe

Tips on how to grow aloe

This plant yields juice and gel which are used for processing in the cosmetics industry.

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