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Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest poultry news and updates on how to poultry farm.

How to keep your chickens happy and healthy

Chickens are sensitive to temperature and may be prone to illness. For this reason, adequate housing and healthcare are essential for profitable production. Janine Ryan reports on some things to consider when keeping chickens to ensure their welfare, better growth rates, and humane handling techniques.

Limpopo hatchery goes to the next level

Although Clive Tigere obtained a university degree in statistics, he turned his back on an office job and returned to Louis Trichardt in Limpopo to start a hatchery. He explained to Susan Marais how his success is helping his clients’ businesses thrive.

First-aid basics for small-scale poultry farmers

Commercial poultry producers have their own vets on call, but it’s not always easy for small-scale farmers to reach a vet in an emergency. In the final segment in our series on livestock first aid, Prof Cheryl McCrindle looks at fundamental healthcare for chickens.

Using micro-organisms to improve profitability in poultry production

Increasing production, reducing mortality rates, and managing diseases and pests are the three pillars of success in chicken production. Studies show that a way of achieving this winning combination may lie in the use of effective micro-organisms, a unique mix of bacteria, fungi and yeast.
Female farmer Gladys ’Nana‘ Towbola of Peezel Farms in Gauteng

Gladys Towbola shares tips for small-scale poultry producers

Gladys ‘Nana’ Towbola of Peezel Farms not only farms broilers and layers, but is passionate about uplifting other small-scale growers through regular workshops. She spoke to Susan Marais about what it takes to start and run a small poultry farm.

Choosing the right feed for your chickens

The best-quality meat demands the best-quality feed, according to Dr Elsje Pieterse, senior lecturer in the Department of Animal Science at Stellenbosch University, and Brett Roosendaal, head nutritionist at Epol. They spoke to Marinda Louw-Coetzee about feeding requirements for producing chicken products.

Egg production: get it right from the start!

How does one start and run a successful egg production enterprise? Magda du Toit spoke to two egg producers, who shared valuable insights on how a beginner can maximise efficiency and profits.

Hard work brings free-range success for farmer

When Einstein Sibanda came to South Africa 15 years ago, it was with the intention of working in a restaurant. Today, however, he has a flourishing farming business in the Western Cape that supplies restaurants and delicatessens with free-range eggs, broilers and pork. He spoke to Glenneis Kriel about his journey. 

Broiler production: Cashing in on the huge demand for live birds

Poultry production has significant challenges, with high input costs and narrow margins being near the top of the list. However, Dale Shepherd, owner of Plaston Chicken Farms in Mpumalanga, has found that meticulous management and keeping a close eye on finances can bring business success.

Breeding chickens for the show ring

What started out as a hobby for Helene Roodt six years ago has since turned into a full-time and surprisingly intricate and successful show chicken breeding business. Annelie Coleman visited Roodt to find out more about her enterprise.

The not-so-easy business of making a profit from quail

While quail farming is an easy way to produce high-value meat with low start-up costs and in relatively little space, profiting from it is a totally different ball game. Arran Mckenzie, owner of Mckenzie Quail Farm, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about his experiences with producing these birds.

Getting started with egg production

From small beginnings and facing many challenges in poultry production, Kobedi Pilane, who farms near Parys in North West, has grown his egg farm into a 5 000-layer commercial operation. Pieter Dempsey spoke to him about his journey.