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Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest horse farming news and updates from South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Boerperd breeder sets her sights ever higher

Liezelle Whitehead, award-winning SA Boerperd breeder from the eastern Free State, believes the Boerperd has a bright future as probably the most multi-purpose horse in the country. She describes the Boerperd as a genetic treasure trove in the equine world. Annelie Coleman reports.

The importance of routine in horse care

Fitting your riding times into a daily pattern with stable mates may help to establish an ordered way of life for your horse, writes Dr Mac.

Where have all the horse vets gone?

Faced with an emergency with one of her own horses, Dr Mac experienced South Africa’s shortage of equine veterinarians for herself.

Why horses and donkeys still have a place in agriculture

No fuel or batteries required! With the world seeking to go green in the face of climate change, equids such as horses, donkeys and mules might just be the next big thing in farming.

Length of hind hooves can influence soundness in horses

The contribution of the hind hooves to overall soundness, neglected until now, has been highlighted in a new study.

Removal of waste in stables

With its implications for health, waste removal is a key aspect of management. It requires proper planning and a well-designed system that allow the task to be done quickly and efficiently, says Dr Mac.

The pre-purchase veterinary examination

Before you buy a horse, ask your veterinarian to give it a thorough examination, advises Dr Mac.

Identifying and treating chronic lower-back pain in horses

It is important to be able to recognise the source of back pain in a horse in order to treat and manage it successfully, says Dr Mac.

A fear-reducing pheromone based on natural excretions

The calming effect of equine-appeasing pheromone offers benefits to horse, handler and rider, says Dr Mac.

‘Tying-up’ linked to genetics, training and feeding

Incorrect breed selection, training and feeding can lead to muscle pain and cramping in competition horses, says Dr Mac.

What you need to know about horse insurance

There are several types of horse insurance. It’s important to decide which best suits your horse and your situation, says Dr Mac.

How to create the ‘perfect’ racehorse

Horse racing is a very lucrative sport, and much research and money have been spent on breeding the ‘ideal’ racehorse. Janine Ryan reports on the aspects of conformation and breeding principles that Thoroughbred racehorse breeders and buyers consider before investing in the training of a yearling.