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Be on the lookout for piroplasmosis!

Transmitted mainly by red-legged ticks, this disease is endemic in horses, donkeys, moles and zebra, says Dr Mac.

African Horse Sickness: the great vaccine debate

African horse sickness is endemic to Southern Africa, and the disease is often fatal. As it is caused by a virus, there is no treatment, and horse owners have to...

Twin foals are not a good idea!

About 80% of twin foals are aborted by the eighth month of pregnancy, sometimes with negative consequences for the mare, says Dr Mac.

Strict selection criteria are vital to Boerperd breeding

This popular indigenous breed is a hardy and muscular all-rounder that excels in many equestrian sports, says Dr Mac.

The rules of etiquette in the warm-up arena at a show

To avoid collisions in the warm-up area, riders are expected to follow a set of internationally accepted regulations. Dr Mac takes a closer look at these.

Glanders: what you should know

While glanders is no longer present in South Africa, it is still found in other regions and can be brought back into the country through the importation of equines, says...
Rapidly growing foals are susceptible to epiphysitis.

How to treat epiphysitis

This joint disease is common in rapidly growing, large-breed foals, and is linked to diet, says Dr Mac. Treatment includes exercise restriction and stable rest.
Pelham bit

Understanding curb bits

Curb bits are used in Western and English riding disciplines, but the action of the curb bit is very different to the action of the commonly used snaffle, says Dr...
aflatoxins poisoning

Preventing aflatoxin poisoning

Aflatoxins can cause severe liver damage and may result in death, says Dr Mac. As such, proper feed storage is crucial.
Bridles: ensuring the right fit

How to properly fit a bridle on your horse and donkey

Horses are much used in South Africa. Equestrian disciplines are popular, and both horses and donkeys are still utilised as working animals on farms and in townships. Despite this, many...
sever swelling on horse's knee

Don’t take chances: call your vet!

If your horse has any physical injury, get your veterinarian to come out and examine it. Diagnosing an injury is not always as straightforward as it may seem, cautions Dr...
Horse stung by a wasp

Watch out for wasps in the stable

These aggressive insects can cause painful stings in humans and horses. Dr Mac provides some useful tips on treating your horse if it gets stung.


South Africa’s tobacco value chain hits back at cigarette ban

Fightback from major role players in South Africa’s tobacco value chain, together with some civil rights organisations, against government’s ongoing ban on the legal trade in tobacco products is rapidly...
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