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Nampo: Networking, innovation, and growth!

It’s that time of the year again: Nampo Harvest Day is upon us! For those readers who are unfamiliar with the event, Nampo is the biggest agricultural show in the Southern Hemisphere, and attracts farmers, businesses and even ordinary civilians to Nampo Park in Bothaville.

Thaba Chweu Municipal property rates court case explained

Len Dekker, senior director at law firm Len Dekker Attorneys, breaks down the recent Supreme Court of Appeal judgment that may be of interest to farmers.

Farmer’s Weekly celebrates 113 years on the land

As Farmer's Weekly celebrates its 113th anniversary, we reflect on our enduring commitment to providing accurate and reliable agricultural news. Our dedication to serving the farming community with excellence and integrity remains unwavering.

Is organic farming the solution to fight food insecurity?

Consumers and legislators in the EU are pushing for food production methods that neutralise carbon emissions. What impact will this have on food availability, costs, exports and imports? Lindi Botha asked Michaël Wilde, director of Bionext in the Netherlands, a body that represents the organic food industry.

Power is in our hands to navigate and better manage energy crisis

Erence Manyako, researcher at the Agricultural Research Council’s Natural Resources and Engineering division, looks at available technologies to offset continuous load-shedding in South Africa.

New book explores the Karoo’s environmental history

Prof William Beinart shares insight into his fascinating book, 'The Rise of Conservation in South Africa, Settlers, Livestock, and the Environment 1770-1950', and the current state of the Karoo.

Community involvement in conservation and tourism

Local communities should be treated as valued stakeholders and sustainability partners in conservation and tourism, say Ian Gordon-Cumming and Prof Kevin Mearns of Unisa’s Department of Environmental Sciences.

Changeable decade ahead for agriculture

Agriculture is South Africa has faced unprecedented challenges over the past few years, yet, for the most part, has survived the storms. In the 2023 Baseline Outlook for the agriculture sector, compiled by the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy, the next decade is purported to hold the key to future success.

Why is the wheat price still relatively low?

Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, and while I was looking into the most recent developments on the Russia-Ukraine front, I read Newswise’s report on a new study, ‘Impacts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the global wheat market’, by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Texas Tech University, which focuses particularly on how the Russia-Ukraine war has impacted wheat trade.

Can further growth be uncovered from SA’s agriculture sector?

South Africa’s agriculture industry could be propelled by the implementation of technological innovation and diversification, says Nomqhele Dube, analyst at strategic research, advisory and investment services company Birguid.

Urbanisation and its effect on food trends

This report on the state of food security and nutrition in the world by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations notes how both urban and rural populations are moving towards pre-prepared food.

The 10-year review of the National Development Plan

The National Development Plan (NDP) was adopted as government strategy in 2013 and the National Planning Commission has just published its 10-year review.