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A bittersweet childhood memory turned into seven years of an inspiring and challenging journey.

Lack of land

Human settlement and lack of accountability threaten the availability of land in Kgabalatsane.
It took three deaths before a North West municipality prioritised an ongoing issue. It was solved in a day.

Plough for more

Rhino Oil & Gas Exploration South Africa (ROGESA) recently announced that it would be using non-invasive techniques in an initial survey of fossil energy reserves on approximately 850 000ha in...
Members of the community in KwaZulu-Natal have reached out to communities in drought-stricken Eastern Cape, donating thousands of bales of fodder, including sugar cane residue.
This year’s World Food Day, to be celebrated on 16 October, marks the 74th anniversary of the founding of the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).
The KwaZulu-Natal Agricultural Union has blamed provincial land departments’ lack of decisive action and clear communication on land issues as a significant reason for increasing land dispute-related clashes in the...
Mandela Day on 18 July has become synonymous with the expression of humanity through charitable acts.
As the Australian grape export season nears an end, it is estimated that volumes amounting to half a billion Australian dollars (about R4,9 billion) have already been shipped.
Agricultural co-operative Buffalo City Organic Producers (BCOP) has gone from producing organic vegetables in back gardens to harvesting 10t tomatoes per month hydroponically. This has won them a provincial award....
In 2012, the South African fruit industry launched an initiative to develop a set of environmental and ethical standards in line with international norms. As part of this, a programme...
Former extension officer, Sithembele Malgas, started farming in the Idutywa area of the former Transkei in 1990. Today, he produces cabbages, spinach and butternut in rotation on 3,5ha under irrigation...
According to government’s National Development Plan, agriculture is to play a vital role in job creation and economic development. The NDP’s deadline is 2030, so it’s vital that government and...
Extension officers are slowly gaining ground in the fight for food security in rural areas, but many challenges remain. John Mthembi explains to Gerhard Uys why he has targeted schools.
After venturing into the organic fresh market, the owners of Sandveld Organics on the West Coast created a niche for themselves in the organic seed market. Susi Engelbrecht spoke to...

From Kenya with love

Jennifer and Jeffrey contacted me from Kenya. After more than 30 pages of back and forth emailing of conceptualisation of their home, this sketch was the final outcome.

Octagonal farmhouse design

Chris and Madelein from Botswana want to build an Octagonal farmhouse on their 17ha farm. They ask Jonno for assistance.

A Greek-styled house in stages

Dear Jonno I plan to build my first home, a bachelorette pad, in three phases and would appreciate your help with its design. Phase 1 A ground floor consisting of...

A farmhouse on an estate

Dear Jonno My wife and I want to build a retirement home on a 810m2 plot we bought recently in an estate in the Midlands. It must be a ‘Natal...

Au naturel or not?

Inspired by the sunbirds in her garden, Jo Hedges ponders the impact of indigenous vegetation and which plants are the best for the garden
Landing the biggest ever specimen of this exciting angling fish all those years ago was a memorable event, recalls Eugene Kruger.
Data from species and environmental monitoring is often hard to translate into real-world management solutions. Conservationists Dr Pieter Olivier, Andrew Purdon and Michael Mole are solving this challenge with practical...

Weaning your foal

This can be a stressful and dangerous period for foals, cautions Dr Mac.

SAPIR 2014 roundup

Conditions were difficult. The birds had to endure heat and a strong headwind in the final, reports Thomas Smit.

Sprouts for sheep

A livestock farmer, plagued by stock theft, turned to feeding sprouting grain in a feedlot to protect his sheep. And his trial has yielded some impressive results. Robyn Joubert reports.
Woodrose Red Poll Stud owner Anzabeth Nieuwoudt says the Red Poll has evolved into a true South African dual-purpose breed. Annelie Coleman visited her on the farm Biesieslaagte in Schweizer-Reneke...

Drought-proof Ngunis

You have to confront sentiment about your livestock head-on when faced with drought, says Trenly Spence, a Nguni stud breeder and holistic cattleman who has weathered 25 months of drought...
To weather the impact of market fluctuations and extreme climatic conditions, producers have to think strategically about farming. Pieter de Jager spoke to Glenneis Kriel about his strategy.
When a farmer says he has 20 years’ experience, it could mean that he has simply been doing the same thing for 20 years without ever trying anything new!
To ensure successful fertilisation, you need to do more than simply carry out a soil analysis to determine the crop’s basic requirements. You also have to consider the needs of...
As I write, the markets are awash with produce. Prices have tumbled in many cases. Our mild winter has resulted in extended production periods for some crops, which has meant...
The inventor of Organic Medium Enclosed Trough farming claims that his method has higher yields than hydroponics, and is simpler. Jay Ferreira visits Helmuth Rohrer to find out more.

Common pepper species

This week, we take a look at the most important Capsicum species. Some of these vary a great deal from each other, while a number share similar characteristics.

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