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Smallholder farmers need to be part of the solution for the future of SA agriculture. “We should transform the challenges of smallholder farmers into solutions.
The Crop Estimates Committee (CEC) released its sixth production forecast for summer crops, with commercial maize set at 14,017 million tons.
Parmalat received Dairy Product of the Year and four other prestigious Qualité awards at a recent gala event held at the Grand West Casino in Cape Town.
The rain that occurred over South Africa’s summer grain region has improved production conditions vastly compared with December 2016.
The Institute of Market Agents of South Africa (IMASA) has reported that it has not received complaints from market agents regarding poorer quality fresh produce resulting from the current drought.
WeChat and Agri SA have partnered to create a mobile donation channel to help people in drought-stricken areas.
SA’s biggest macadamia processor, Green Farms Nut Company, has entered into a joint venture with its Australian counterparts to become the world’s largest macadamia marketing company.
The Donald Woods Foundation (DWF) is working closely with subsistence and small- scale farmers in the former Transkei to boost animal health and overall food security. Grant Hollins visited the...
The use of trademarks, patents and plant breeders’ rights can make an agricultural business more competitive locally and internationally. Gerhard Uys spoke to David Cochrane and Madelein Kleyn about the...
'KwaMandlangampisi' might be a bit of a mouthful, but it's a name to savour because it's the country's first Protected Environment, and it bars an important catchment area from mining....
As most farmers already have too much to deal with every day, a silage harvesting contractor can ease this burden and save the farmer money. Contractor Justin Nel tells Lloyd...
Grown on dry, unirrigated land, Darling Wines of Origin produce wines with intense flavour and have proven to be as popular locally as abroad.

Plan your roof space

Daleen & Hennie from Lydenburg wrote in response to a house design in Farmer’s Weekly on 21 September 2012.

Ideas for a new home

I received an email from Farmer’s Weekly readers, Mel and Greig, requesting me to travel to Mooi River, 30km from where I stay, to discuss their new home. After exchanging...

Kruger’s Jungle

When you're a child you dream a lot. You live in a world of your own. Much of my own dream time was spent with Tarzan in the jungle. It...
Cantonese egg drop soup has long been a favourite. And then along came Italian egg drop soup with delicious Mediterranean accents heightened by lemon zest and nutmeg.
You requested that you would like to build nine separate units on your property in honour of the departed, and want these to be traditional rondavels.

Gazpacho soup served cold

This, fellow kitchen mechanics, is a gazpacho. It is not simply a soup; it is a new way to combine the freshest vegetables and herbs to produce a memorably delicious...
Australian researchers believe a move towards clean, green and ethical sheep and wool production could improve productivity, profitability and promote a more modern image of the industry.
South Africa’s stud game industry is making great strides in breeding genetically superior stock, but are the high prices being paid at auctions healthy – or the start of a...

Body condition scoring

Scoring body condition (BCS) in dairy cows is an economically important management tool to check the body reserves and energy status of cattle.
We’ve written a good deal about the world’s best One-Day Loft racer, but very little has been said about its breeding mates, notes Thomas Smit.
South Africa is a favourite destination for US trophy hunters, but the authorities underestimate their contribution to the local economy and don't try and lure them here.
This unsightly skin infection is not dangerous, but it should always be attended to. If ignored, it can give rise to a secondary infection that will complicate treatment. Kim Dyson...
Rossouw Cillié, Agri Writers’ SA Farmer of the Year, has a diversified enterprise with several production branches and a value-adding component. He told Denene Erasmus about his latest project –...
Moving from pigs to earthworms is not a typical business move – but that’s what Umhlali farmer Barry Milstead did. It’s part of his efforts to farm his subtropical orchards...
Diversification and a focus on soil health have earned Danie Slabbert the title of Free State Agriculture’s Young Farmer of the Year 2013. Lindi van Rooyen spoke to him.
'Sunlight is the ultimate limiting factor. Water and nutrients will only optimise the limits set by day length.'

Nematodes: not all bad

It may surprise many farmers that not all nematodes (eelworms) are harmful to crops.
The winner of the Berg River Table Grape Competition for 2008 Johann Britz of the farm Tweespruit near Paarl, chose a pitted grape cultivar because he believed it was best-suited...

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