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Reducing water loss from soil

There are various ways to ensure that soil loses as little water as possible. These include plastic sheeting to cover the soil, the use of mulch, and loosening the soil.

Early planting: the key to soya bean success

Soya bean farmer Gerrie Schoeman uses careful planning to time his planting perfectly. In addition, he uses the best resources at hand, including experienced service providers and the latest technology, to optimise production for maximum yield.

Stable mango yields: timing is everything

Achieving yield stability over many years is the golden standard in mango farming. But this is easier said than done: success requires a keen understanding of the demands of mango trees and excellent management. Award-winning mango producer Johann du Preez spoke to Lindi Botha about the science of tree manipulation.

Managing irrigation of fruit when water is scarce

Water availability has become one of the greatest limiting factors in agricultural production in South Africa. Johan Kotzé, director of Dutoit Agri Eastern Cape, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about how the company is managing this problem and producing more fruit per litre of water used.

Cost-effective irrigation

Over-irrigating costs you money in terms of water and electricity, and may lower your crops’ potential. Under-irrigating is also detrimental. Learn to irrigate properly and at the optimal time, says Bill Kerr.

Macadamias: switching to machine harvesting

Harvesting macadamia nuts is highly labour-intensive, and Braam de Kock’s Lowveld farm is no exception. Tired of the stress of managing a large workforce, De Kock finally opted for mechanisation, and found the investment well worth it. Nonetheless, the process has had its challenges, he told Lindi Botha.

Improving nitrogen-use efficiency in wheat

With global fertiliser prices at a two- year high, nitrogen use came under the spotlight at the 2021 SKOG Pre-Plant Information Day. Speaking at the event, agronomist Jacques Smith highlighted the importance of a holistic approach to nitrogen fertiliser management in grain crops.

Putting crop rotation into perspective

When developing a crop rotation programme, one must take into consideration the various pests and diseases that may infect different crops in order to avoid disastrous results, says Bill Kerr.

Why an integrated approach is best

Farmers are finding more and more natural enemies to keep tomato leaf miners in check instead of resorting solely to chemicals, says Bill Kerr.

How to make a success of bananas

The humble banana is usually taken for granted by consumers, but growing this popular fruit can be tricky, expensive and involve considerable risk. Having top-performing banana plantations starts with the proper establishment of the crop. Brothers Riaan and WJ Heystek shared their experiences of setting up their banana enterprise with Lloyd Phillips.

Element deficiencies in a crop

Detecting an element deficiency in a crop can be quite difficult, but it is essential to know whether there are any shortages and treat the plants in good time. A deficiency can lead to a poor or failed crop, says Bill Kerr.

Tips for growing bigger garlic bulbs

Graceland Garlic Seeds offers sound advice on how and when to plant garlic for optimal returns.

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