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Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest sheep and goat farming news and updates from South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Sheep production: Why healthy teeth mean healthy profits

In this third article on the mitigation of risk in the farming of sheep, PJ Mommsen, a freelance risk mitigation strategist, illustrates how the inclusion of risk mitigation strategies and innovative solutions, in combination with the traditional value analysis of a defined element of production, can work to add new perspectives to a farming operation.

Angora: good money from a great breed

Mohair production is a valuable farming option even outside the Karoo. This is being demonstrated at two studs in North West’s Wolmaransstad district, as Annelie Coleman found out on her visit to three brothers-in-law: Petrus Marx, Reco Pieterse and Stephan Erasmus.

Merino: why a bigger flock is better on the Mpumalanga Highveld

The Mpumalanga Highveld was once the wool capital of South Africa, but rampant stock theft over the years has largely decimated the industry here. However, while some farmers are moving away from sheep farming, Johan Steyn has plans to expand his flock. He spoke to Lindi Botha about his success with Merinos.

Capitalising on unused land with Boer Goats

The subtropical Lowveld is hardly prime goat country, but with good management, a farmer can add a valuable component to the crops cultivated in the area. Divan Maritz spoke to Lindi Botha about how he manages his goat stud of 300 animals for optimal farm profitability in this climate.

Meat, milk or wool: choose a sheep breed fit for purpose

There are about 20 breeds of sheep in South Africa, each of which is classified according to the role it plays on a farm. Janine Ryan looks at some of the country’s most popular meat, wool and dual-purpose sheep breeds.

Dormer: using line breeding to set record-high auction prices

Johanri Dormers stud near Lindley in the Free State is known for outstanding animals that achieve record prices. Owner Johan Barnard credits the success of his operation to the careful implementation of specific line-breeding principles, among other factors.

From mining to breeding award-winning White Dorper sheep

Faced with the grim reality of retrenchment, Larry Snyders refused to give in to despair. Instead, he poured all his energy into his sideline business, a small White Dorper stud. A few years later, he reached the pinnacle of his new career, becoming a champion breeder. He shared his story with Susan Marais.

Letelle sheep: profitable and resilient

The Letelle is a proudly South African dual-purpose sheep, but despite its exceptional qualities, it remains one of the most underestimated sheep breeds in the country. Theo Oosthuizen, who breeds Letelle on his Free State farm, spoke to Annelie Coleman about these remarkable animals.

Beware of these five parasites in sheep

Intestinal worms in sheep are a serious problem for farmers, particularly communal farmers, and the timeous detection and treatment thereof are crucial for reducing possible financial losses and/or mortalities. Janine Ryan looks at the most economically important internal parasites that infect sheep in South Africa.

Indigenous veld goats: the ideal option for extreme conditions

Changing weather conditions and Africa’s severe poverty demand tough, easy-to-care-for livestock. The answer, says breeder Deon Vlok, is indigenous veld goats.

SA’s oldest Angora stud: building on a foundation of excellence

The Martyrsford Angora Stud in the Eastern Cape was founded in 1871. Current owner Sean Hobson explained the standards and commitment that have long inspired the farm’s owners to Annelie Coleman.

Breeding top Angora goats in the Southern Cape

While most Angora producers in the Southern Cape have given up farming these animals, brothers Jasper and Leon van der Westhuizen have achieved exceptional results. They spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the local environmental conditions and their management techniques.