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Grass-fed beef: the trend that favours communal farmers

Grass-fed beef: the trend that favours communal farmers

Joseph Kau, an agricultural economist at the Agricultural Research Council, spoke to Annelie Coleman about the grass-fed beef movement in South Africa and the opportunities it presents for communal farmers,...
Napoleon Holborn

Beef farming as part of a broader business

Napoleon Holborn of Komga is the 2018 Agricultural Research Council’s Emerging Beef Farmer for the Eastern Cape. Mike Burgess visited him to learn about his beef operation and how he...
The benefits of feeding dairy calves milk only once a day

The benefits of feeding dairy calves milk only once a day

The myth that calves are better off receiving milk twice daily was recently dispelled in a study by Animal Sciences master’s student Bertus Myburgh.
Frontier Bonsmaras’ strategy for sold-out auctions

Frontier Bonsmaras’ strategy for sold-out auctions

Due to its insistence on uncompromising quality, Frontier Bonsmaras in the Eastern Cape has sold every one of the bulls on offer at its annual sale over the past 12...
Mixed farming: key to livestock success for Free State farmer

Mixed farming: key to livestock success for Free State farmer

Nelius Ferreira, the Free State’s Top Young Farmer for 2018, focuses on quality production in a global marketplace. Sabrina Dean visited him on his farm near Harrismith to learn more.
Brahman cattle

Finding value in cattle shows in an era of modern breeding

The showing of cattle is often used by stud breeders to market their animals. However, as genetic values become more prominent as a tool to improve the performance of herds,...
Bonsmara cattle

Bonsmaras bring success for small-scale farming couple

The Barui-Driehoek Co-op was the ARC’s 2017 National Small-Scale Commercial Livestock Producer of the Year. Annelie Coleman visited the owners, husband-and-wife team Kabelo and Matshidiso Mooketsi, to learn more about...
Rye grass and chicory

Pasture-based dairy: lower cost and more lactations

In an area where feeding total mixed rations is the norm for dairy production, Jurie and John Hartley milk 1 200 cows off pasture – with impressive results.
Holstein calf

Want a more profitable dairy? Take care of your calves!

Three key factors can reduce calf mortalities and boost milk yield: correct hygienic practice in calf cages, control of Cryptosporidium parvum, and implementing a colostrum programme. Specialist veterinarian Dr Chris...
Afrigus cattle

Afrigus: Breeding the ideal beef cattle for a drier future

Free State stud breeder Martiens le Roux believes the Afrigus breed is a promising new contestant in the South African beef cattle arena. Annelie Coleman called on him on his...

Selecting Beefmasters for functional efficiency

Selecting breeding stock using economically important criteria over many years has enabled Tony Spolidoro to build up a stud herd of hardy, productive, no-nonsense Beefmaster cattle second to none. Chris...
Sussex cow

Top Sussex breeder’s extreme measures to beat stock theft

Linden Hewson owns the 2017 Farmer’s Weekly/ARC National Best Elite Sussex cow. This achievement is significant, as the Grey Maclean Stud near East London has been kraaled every night since...


Anthia beetle

Dealing with Anthia beetles in your paddocks

The Anthia beetle squirts a highly irritant fluid into the eyes of animals. This substance can cause redness, inflammation and swelling. Dr Mac explains how to manage these insects on...

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