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Legislative control of the aquaculture industry in South Africa is so restrictive that it impedes any development.
Cool, high-altitude regions with soil unsuitable for crop production can be turned into lucrative fish farms.
In South Africa, it’s easy to become depressed, but the progress made in other African countries shows that, with the right attitude, fish farming can flourish.
Paul Pedro of Pedro & Van Heerden

TRPF pigeons off to a good start

It’s not unusual for Gauteng pigeon fanciers to experience a fast-paced start in the first six races of the season. With the races being from south to north, the prevailing...
Investing in animal welfare pays off for German piggery

Investing in animal welfare pays off for German piggery

With the welfare of farm animals under close scrutiny in Europe, farmers there are increasingly utilising technologies and systems that balance animals’ well-being with profitability. Lloyd Phillips recently toured a...
Dealing with hock problems

Dealing with hock problems

Unfortunately, bony changes of the lower hock joint are irreversible, but it is possible to manage the problem, says Kim Dyson.

Plough for more

Two more horses have died from African horse sickness (AHS) in the Western Cape since a young stallion had died of the dreaded sickness last month.
The Indian government has banned the sale of cattle for slaughter at livestock markets
A boerperd and two appaloosas were stolen on 27 June from the Pletts family and two other owners in Howick.
The Department of Water and Environmental Affairs has given interested and affected parties 30 days to comment on sections of the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act 10 of 2004.
Speaking at the launch of the Animal Breeding and Reproductive Technology Platform (ABRTP), Dr Maneshree Jugmohan-Naidu, of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) said one of the key objectives...
The potato industry is bracing for severe production disruptions as Eskom warned of power disruptions scheduled for the week of 9 March. This was according to Potatoes South Africa (PSA)...
Edmund Oettle, South Africa’s only organic brandy producer, explains that his farming approach is a life choice. He speaks to Jay Ferreira about his business operation near Wellington in the...
Fresh produce markets are available to all producers. Yet using them optimally requires know-how.
Cois Harman’s assistance to developing farmer GK Gasekoma is a case study in mentoring. His procedure should be compulsory in any project involving taxpayers’ money.
Go big or get out is the current trend as farmers chase economies of scale. But any system which relies on shedding jobs and increasing monopolisation in order to reduce...
In an area suffering from poverty and unemployment, Aredirisaneng Agricultural Co-operative in Randfontein is a shining light. This 10-women co-operative, established with funding from First Uranium Ezulwini Mine and receiving...
The Jagpan Vernootskap Boerdery is a mentorship programme that's successfully partnered four emerging farmers in a Dorper sheep enterprise that's won many awards. But Jagpan's farming future isn't secure, because...

Take it up a notch

Jonno, My husband and I will be retiring from public service in five years, but we want to start building our dream home now.
No matter what you’re hunting, make sure you use the right weapon before you pull the trigger – or the results could be unpleasant, especially for bystanders, as Leon von...

Steak & kidney pie

This is a classic, an absolute must for your personal cooking repertoire. Widely known as a delicious and heart-warming meal, there are many recipes available. Here’s one that never fails.
The study of a moving projectile and knowledge of its design for maximum performance is essential information for every hunter, writes Jurie Nel.

Asian inspiration

Here’s another venture in skottel or wok cooking. A stir-fry is always a welcome addition to the family menu. All you need is high heat and an ability to estimate...

Turkey for Christmas lunch

A large Christmas lunch takes time to prepare. Here, we use standard industrial time and motion methods to speed up production while maintaining quality.

Paint, pinto or piebald?

The old English terms for a white horse with black patches and a white horse with chestnut or bay patches are, respectively, ‘piebald’ and ‘skewbald’.
Market volatility and climatic risks have resulted in an increasing number of grain producers in the Swartland incorporating livestock into their farming systems. Glenneis Kriel talks to Stephen and Peter...
The Suffolk is an outstanding mutton sheep breed that can add real value to sheep farming in the country, according to award-winning Suffolk breeders Abraham and Carel Greyling.
Communal and emerging wool farmers produce 12% of the national clip. One of these is Nophumzile Sithole in Naledi, between Sterkspruit and Lady Grey. She is a regular contributor to...

Dealing with PSSM

This genetic condition occurs in several draught breeds, Quarter Horses and warmbloods, as well as Appaloosas, says Dr Mac.
Studies indicate that gentler livestock handling practices will result in less stress for the animals and fewer stress-related diseases, says Leon Kruger of the smallstock unit at the Agricultural Research...
An alternative to the traditional seedbed method for transplants is to use seedling trays. One advantage of this is that you can place the trays in a warmer environment if...
Aphids are a problem in two ways. Firstly, they cause physical damage when feeding on the crop.
Viewing the current drought in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal within its historical context allows us to understand it better – and forecast more accurately what is to come. This...
South Africa’s fresh produce commission markets have a number of unique features that set them apart from other markets around the world.
Saying “I told you so” is not always the right way to go about winning friends and influencing people. However, in the case of market agents, the rebuke is justified.
The eastern Free State’s apple orchards are doing well with a small edge in marketing time over the more established orchards of the Western Cape. Lloyd Phillips talks to Charles...

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