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The World Aquaculture Society held its first-ever conference in Africa, in Cape Town from 27 June to 30 June, along with the biannual conference of the Aquaculture Association of Southern...
Legislative control of the aquaculture industry in South Africa is so restrictive that it impedes any development.
Cool, high-altitude regions with soil unsuitable for crop production can be turned into lucrative fish farms.
Paul Pedro of Pedro & Van Heerden

TRPF pigeons off to a good start

It’s not unusual for Gauteng pigeon fanciers to experience a fast-paced start in the first six races of the season. With the races being from south to north, the prevailing...
Investing in animal welfare pays off for German piggery

Investing in animal welfare pays off for German piggery

With the welfare of farm animals under close scrutiny in Europe, farmers there are increasingly utilising technologies and systems that balance animals’ well-being with profitability. Lloyd Phillips recently toured a...
Helping a horse recover from injury

Helping a horse recover from injury

A good deal of supportive treatment is required to treat a physical injury, such as a tendon strain and soft tissue damage. Kim Dyson explains how to go about this...

Plough for more

Hendrik Reyneke, a labour broker accused of various charges related to human trafficking and child labour was denied bail by the Wesselsbron Magistrate’s Court today.
Significant progress has been made thus far by the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) partners in reaching an agreement on a national minimum wage.
The Gauteng Stock Theft Forum believes that a syndicate is targeting stud animals on the perimeters of the province.
The playing field of the agricultural industry in South Africa has changed.
Chicken farmers in the US state of Oklahoma sued poultry companies for allegedly sharing payment data with one another , in order to keep producer pay below competitive levels, news...
Duties on imported chicken have been raised to help the ‘distressed’ local industry and halt job losses, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies said at a press conference in Pretoria.
Linda Zwane, a livestock farmer in Mpumalanga, made it his business to introduce 120 young, black women to livestock husbandry on his farm, as well as mentor those that requested...
Cois Harman’s assistance to developing farmer GK Gasekoma is a case study in mentoring. His procedure should be compulsory in any project involving taxpayers’ money.
Your Future Dairy Training offers aspiring farmers hands-on and practical training.
With local demand for tree nuts increasing, De Wet van Rooyen and Hannes Jansen of Montagu Dried Fruit and Nuts – one of the largest suppliers of nuts in South...
Careful financial planning is required before moving off the grid. Prof Alan Brent from the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies shared some crucial cost calculations with Glenneis Kriel.
The Johannesburg Stock Exchange offers the futures contract and the put option. Either can provide small-scale maize farmers with peace of mind. The JSE’s Raphael Karuaihe explains.
This magnificent invention can also be called curry without rice. A splendid combination of traditional Cape and KZN cooking, it provides both cook and diners with a powerful set of...
The Dyer Island Conservation Trust is a fine example of how an agritourism venture can thrive.
FW reader Pat is moving to a farm and wants to build a cottage on the land. Jonno helps design a beautiful cottage at minimal cost.
Brian Munjodzi lives on a small farm in Zimbabwe. His request to Jonno is to improve his farmhouse.
Jonno assists a reader with a starter home design.
Nowhere does it say that you have to have spaghetti with bolognaise sauce. And to prove it, here’s a combination of great flavours, textures and aromas all designed to transform...
Winter is setting in and in many areas the nutritional value of grazing is poor. Animals are losing condition and immune levels are dropping.
Misconceptions about the treatment of snakebites can endanger the victim, warns Johan Marais.

All about fenugreek

Horses that compete in sports where big, strong muscles are needed will benefit from having this herb in their feed regularly, says Kim Dyson.
Lyme disease is rare in horses in SA and can often be mistaken for other conditions, says Kim Dyson.
Magnesium sulphate has a wide range of medicinal uses for humans, from easing inflammation to acting as a laxative. And it’s no less useful on horses, says Kim Dyson.
This is the 100th aquaculture column to appear in Farmer’s Weekly, and to mark this milestone, I’d like to explore how far the industry has come since my first article...
Alan Sutton, chairperson of the Valley Macadamias Group and owner of Sutton Crest Farms has been crowned the Mpumalanga Farmer of the Year 2014 by the Agricultural Writers’ Association.
Golden kiwifruit is in high demand in Europe and Asia. New Zealand is currently the largest producer and exporter of the fruit in the southern hemisphere, but South Africa is...
One pest has caused severe damage on almost every lettuce farm at some time or other: the African bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera).
Seedlings need to be hardened to enable the plants to survive in the new environment where they are planted. But, as you will see, hardening has another advantage.
As I write this, the new draft Agricultural Produce Marketing Agencies Bill (APMA) is under public review. The department of agriculture, which is ‘driving’ the bill, has met with many...

APAC: Protecting your money

The Agricultural Produce Agents Council (APAC) was established in 1992 in terms of the Agricultural Produce Agents Act.

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