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Developments such as cage culture of tilapia and small, privately owned pond systems signal a positive trend.
A number of indigenous Southern African fish species would be ideal for aquaculture operations. It’s time for serious research into their potential.
Private fish farms and government are working together to breed tilapia and grow aquaculture production in Zambia.
The Gysie Britz story

The Gysie Britz story

With his passion and skill, Gysie Britz raised the bar in South African pigeon racing. Thomas Smit spoke to the champion fancier about his success.
Top female entrepreneur’s passion for training new farmers

Top female entrepreneur’s passion for training new farmers

Piggery owner Zodwa Thwala, winner of the 2017 Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Best Female Entrepreneur Award, says that her love for teaching motivated her to add farmer...
A Camargue horse

White horses and black bulls

Camargue horses are used to manage the feral black cattle herds in the salty marshes of the Rhône River Delta as it enters the Mediterranean Sea, says Dr Mac.

Plough for more

Another KZN farmer murdered

The KwaZulu-Natal farming community is reeling from the murder of yet another of their own this year. Mohamed Engar (67), a grain farmer and miller in the Winterton area, became...
When SA’s fuel prices are increased on 4 October for the third consecutive month, they will likely reach their highest level in three years.
Colour variant game animals – currently in high demand – will soon be in oversupply, pushing prices down. This is according to leaders in the industry who attended the recent...
SA is in the grip of strike season, but the Western Cape agricultural sector, the scene of violent strikes late last year and early this year, has not reported any...

Ladies of labour

In South Africa the most food garden projects in rural and poorer areas are run by women, like the food garden at Langalibalele Dube Primary School in Orange Farm, south...
Kanonkop winemaker Abrie Beeslaar was voted the international winemaker of the year at the International Wine and Spirits Competition’s (IWSC) gala award ceremony in London.
Why has a wealthy Indian businessman become enamoured of SA’s wine industry? Analjit Singh told Denene Erasmus of his love affair with Franschhoek and his decision to invest in wineries...
'Farming is not for sissies', says emerging ­commercial farmer André Thops of Olyfkloof farm in the Hex River Valley. He sites the lack of cash flow and access to funds...
Despite having limited farmland, Chris Venter is a top pepper supplier to a Gauteng supermarket chain. By contracting six other farmers to share the production, he has spread his risk...

Swazi pots of gold

Eswatini Kitchen Honey is re-invigorating Swaziland’s honey industry through the promotion of bee-keeping as an income stream for poor communities. Robyn Joubert reports.
A business plan will differ according to the size and technical complexity of the business.
Wensleydale Farms in Centurion, Gauteng, is well established as an organic grower. New owner Magapa Phaweni plans to use her business skills to build on the farm’s success and expand...
This could just as easily be grilled pork or even the next unexpected culinary event at the family braai. Whatever the cooking method, the outcome will thrill your diners and...

From Kenya with love

Jennifer and Jeffrey contacted me from Kenya. After more than 30 pages of back and forth emailing of conceptualisation of their home, this sketch was the final outcome.
It’s no secret: lemon and chicken in combination appear in a wide variety of international cuisines. Here’s an Italian- influenced classic to add to your repertoire of fine home cooking.

Mussels in beer

Raw mussels, straight off the rocks, were a staple of the strandlopers, indigenous South Africans from long ago. For those of us far from the strand, the nation’s supermarkets provide...
Are those who are supposed to protect us the ones hurting us, asks Abré J Steyn.
Pasta is a gift to the beginner cook. In a short time, you can cook a meal that works for a weeknight dinner or a family celebration.
Dr Fambies van Biljon, veterinarian at Sovereign Foods, talks to Glenneis Kriel about the crucial need to establish a well-run biosecurity programme at a poultry production facility.
It’s no longer possible to be competitive in South African pigeon racing without world-class quality pigeon stock, but there are ways of acquiring this without breaking the bank, says Thomas...
When stocking game in the Little Karoo, farmers must be aware of the fragility of this veld. Careful monitoring of veld, starting with the right species, as well as the...
Locally bred Letelle sheep are known to be economically balanced, hardy animals that are well adapted to South Africa's sometimes harsh environment.
Keeping chickens in and around a stable has its pros and cons, but with a little care and planning, fowls can help to keep pest numbers down, says Dr Mac.
SA has the potential to become a successful producer of Nile tilapia, yet government’s latest efforts aimed at supporting commercial aquaculture are counterproductive.
Apart from reducing cyst eelworm, planting trap crops has other advantages.
Morapedi Mutloane left his job in the corporate world in 2012 to get back into agriculture.

Keep the customer happy

In our imperfect social and business environment we frequently find that companies say one thing and make ambitious promises – especially when it comes to good service – but seldom,...

Carrot root diseases

Your carrot crop is looking good. You can almost hear the money cascading into your bank account. Then you harvest it – and all that profit vanishes.

About agents

We spoke about the fiduciary relationship between producer and market agent in the previous issue and focused on the producer. This week we turn the spotlight on the market agent.

More about nitrogen

The inability of soil microbes to convert ammonium to nitrate at a soil temperature below 10°C has caused reduced yields in winter without farmers understanding what the problem is.

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