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The production of trout remains a heated topic between conservationists and aquaculturists.
Many experts have the theoretical knowledge, but fail to put themselves in the shoes of the rural, small-scale fish farmer.
Green water culture provides a highly nutritious ‘soup’ of feed for fish stock, promoting faster growth. It also cuts out the high cost of artificial feed.
The Gysie Britz story

The Gysie Britz story

With his passion and skill, Gysie Britz raised the bar in South African pigeon racing. Thomas Smit spoke to the champion fancier about his success.
Top female entrepreneur’s passion for training new farmers

Top female entrepreneur’s passion for training new farmers

Piggery owner Zodwa Thwala, winner of the 2017 Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Best Female Entrepreneur Award, says that her love for teaching motivated her to add farmer...
Severing the umbilical cord

Severing the umbilical cord

As a rule, you should avoid tying off the umbilical cord after birth. However, if very heavy bleeding occurs, it’s time to act, advises Dr Mac.

Plough for more

Farmers are still counting the cost of wildfires that killed livestock, and destroyed more than 60 000ha of grazing and 4 500 bales of feed across the Free State in...
In a University of Cambridge report, scientists argue that swill feeding pigs could be a strategy to meet the demand for livestock products over the next half century.

Uganda in need of food aid

Uganda’s government recently announced that at least 10 million Ugandans were in need of food aid after the drought affected crop harvests, according to media reports.
Some small-scale farmers have little knowledge of market dynamics, therefore it is important for both producers and market agents to understand their mutually dependent relationship, says Agricultural Produce Agents Council...
Summer grain prices reached record levels as a result of the second consecutive year of drought as well as sharp currency depreciation.
Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) investment plans offer significant scope for attracting youth to suitable agricultural value chains, said Dr Tobias Takavarasha, representative of the UN's Food and Agricultural...
The natural beauty isn't the only reason why many agri-investors are eyeing Georgia. During a whirlwind tour as guest of the State Ministry on Diaspora Issues, Farmer's Weekly editor Alita...
The Toyota New Harvest of the Year finalist for 2015, Koena Jack Moradu, has a simple yet sensible vision: to leave a legacy that will allow his children and his...
You won’t find many South Africans stocking their fridges with rabbit meat just yet, but more and more consumers are willing to experiment with this delicacy, says John Falck, CEO...
A passion for pet alpacas lead to the start of an alpaca farm in Wellington.
Niklaas Slinger, the Agricultural Writers Emerging Farmer of the Year, never went to school. He was a farmworker for the Theron family for 20 years, and when Jan Theron died,...
Kiki Agri’s Philip Kilian explains to Peter Mashala how backyard broiler farming could help boost food security in poor households, thanks to a new easy-to-install system.
The powerful tastes of this Israeli classic make this dish a splendid midday meal. There’s just the right combination of flavours to get your taste buds giddy with delight.
Ann van Dyk started the cheetah centre on her parent’s chicken farm in North West in 1971. When the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa ran out of space to...
The thing about South-East Asian food is that you find it everywhere in that region, regardless of the country. This recipe, a good basic winter’s meal, lies between a soup...

Anchovy butter

You’ve grilled the perfect steak. How could you make it even better? Nothing, if you are a purist. Quite a lot, if you’re ready to venture into the unknown. To...
A pork chop – and may all my ancestors kindly look the other way – is a marvellous thing. And when simmered in white wine and a tangy Dijon mustard...
It is possible to design an eco-friendly cottage. Jonno shows us how.

Organically overboard

In 2003 Reuter Sorour and Andrew Tilsley, joined later by neighbour Alec Botha, began producing organic-in-conversion milk for Woolworths via their national organic centre for milk production near Bloemfontein, Homsek...
Contrary to common wisdom, blesbok grazing patches are productive and contribute significantly to their diet. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.
Kosie van Zyl hails from a long line of farm managers but 15 years ago he was given the opportunity to farm his own land.
This serious disorder can affect endurance horses after a long ride, says Dr Mac.
Fish farming is an attractive occupation that appeals to many young people. What should they do to get started?
The success and viability of the industry is largely government’s responsibility, because only it makes and implements legislation.

Growing broccoli

Many of the techniques described for cabbage and cauliflower apply to broccoli.
Recently, I wrote about the eight marketing options available to a fresh produce farmer and the need for these to give value for money.
Award-winning barley farmer Hermie van Zyl of the Western Cape has worked with his father and uncle over the years to fine-tune their production plan. Their success, he maintains, lies...
By embracing new technology to ensure a greater yield and utilising resources efficiently, South African apple producers can look forward to a bright future.

Proven Mango success

Rénald Radley runs 30ha of mango orchards on Radley Estate. Lindi van Rooyen spoke to him about producing quality mangos through careful pruning and inducing drought.
Peter Da Rocha farms cauliflower, broccoli and lettuce near Delmas in Mpumalanga. The operation's focus on cultivar selection for better production efficiency has had a significant impact on the business’s...

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