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Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest animal farming news and updates from South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Study sheds light on global risk of heat stress to cattle

Research shows climate change may have a negative impact on cattle farming in some regions, says Jorisna Bonthuys. Farmers must do more to secure their herd’s welfare and their own bottom line.

Global warming and heat stress in horses

The maximum daily temperatures are climbing globally, and stable management approaches may have to be changed, says Dr Mac.
Tuli cattle, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Tuli cattle make financial sense and are easy to farm

The Tuli is an iconic beef breed of Zimbabwe that will make any breeder proud, according to Kerry Stewart, Tuli stud breeder and chairperson of the Zimbabwe Tuli Breeders’ Society. Annelie Coleman spoke to her and other breeders about the advantages of farming Tuli cattle.

Following the herd to help reduce emissions

Identifying and including a low-methane trait in livestock breeding programmes could be the answer to the methane problem faced by animal farmers globally. But how conclusive is the research and will it impact production traits? Lindi Botha reports.

Boost profit by using available genetic resources

Dr Japie van der Westhuizen, general manager of SA Stud Book, describes how to make use of animal genetic resources to select for sustainable profit in beef cattle from a stud and commercial perspective.

The ARC’s farm assessment toolkit

The Agricultural Research Council’s Farm Assessment Toolkit has been developed to allow for the evaluation of a farm in a scientific manner, using the natural resource base of the farm as a foundation.

Why this Durbanville dairy keeps on winning awards

Fair Cape Dairies won the ARC National Master Dairyman of the Year Award for the fourth time in 2022. Johannes Loubser spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the drivers of the dairy’s success.

White Savanna goats add meat to beef enterprise

Desmond Siteti, the Agricultural Research Council’s Eastern Cape emerging beef farmer for 2021, believes that his flock of white Savanna goats is the perfect complement to his beef operation near Makhanda in the Eastern Cape.

Blood tests: a quick, accurate guide to your horse’s health

Why do veterinarians take blood tests from a horse and what are they looking for? Dr Mac explains the basics of this crucial diagnostic tool.

Quality feathers give Oudtshoorn ostrich farmer the edge

Over the years, Laubscher Coetzee has established himself as a producer of top-quality ostrich feathers. He spoke to Glenneis Kriel about his production strategy.

How does a horse regulate its body temperature ?

Dr Mac explains how a horse uses thermoregulation to deal with changes in air temperature and to cope with vigorous exercise.

The riskiest periods for sheep producers

In this second part of our series on risk mitigation for sheep producers in South Africa, freelance strategist and writer PJ Mommsen looks at the riskiest periods that both mutton and wool farmers have to contend with.