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Major global food demand-and-supply trends, identified and monitored by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, were already visible before the onset of COVID-19. The pandemic, and governments’...
So says management legend Peter Drucker. He is right; delegation (done properly) gets the job done, saves time and gets the best out of employees! Peter Hughes explains.
A family business can offer good employment opportunities in a pleasant working environment, but it can come with unique challenges. Understand them and you’ll never regret being a family outsider,...
Extracting bad news from referees can be good news if it saves you from employing an unsuitable candidate.
Never before has it been so tempting to wallow in negativity and pessimism. Beware! It’s an attitude that holds dangers for your business, career, marriage and friendships, says Peter Hughes.
It is easy to become dispirited, risk-averse or moribund after failure. The real winners in life, whether they are individuals, teams or businesses, are those that choose to press on...
Tackle your annual budget from scratch, and you’ll discover many things about the finances of your business that you have never noticed before.
A lazy ‘last-year-plus’ budget is an exercise in futility and bad management, but worse is to enter the new financial year with no budget at all.
Learn how to use digital media to your advantage, and avoid the debilitating pitfalls of addiction.
The profits from imitation food products are higher than from the real thing, encouraging processors to increase their offerings of these items. The agriculture sector, especially the dairy industry, needs...
The varying effect of the coronavirus pandemic in each country has depended entirely on the way in which its leaders have managed the process. Take note.
To achieve high productivity and ensure all-round business excellence, you need buy-in from your employees. Here’s how to build a committed, enthusiastic workforce.
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