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Managing for profit by Peter Hughes
If your employees are not providing the creative input you expect from them, look in the mirror. It’s likely that you are the person at fault.
Stephen Covey selected seven essential ‘habits’ for great managers. Which of these are on your list?
Pessimists see no further than the next piece of bad news, and sow despair and unhappiness all around them. If you’re a pessimist, snap out of it!
Build your health in these three crucial areas and you will have a launch pad to success.
Global farming - Dr Koos Coetzee
In many countries, farmers are supported in various ways by government. South Africa’s real competition lies not in these largely inefficient farming systems, but in other unsubsidised countries such as...
Higher income leads to increased demand for agricultural products. But in South Africa, demand growth is currently limited by the sharp increase in non-food prices due to lower supply.
The future will probably be one where farmers, individually and through their organisations, will have to fend for themselves.
Large supermarket chains hold more than 70% of the market share nationally. They thus have the buying power to control pricing and trading conditions, yet they’re ignored by the Competition...
Peter o’Halloran
Libertarians have some interesting theories about taxation, and it all starts with the non-aggression principle.
Years ago, tax benefits were good reasons to purchase life insurance. Is this still true?

The erosion of tax rights

A recent ruling opened the door for SARS to enforce amendments to the Income Tax Act retrospectively.
An expansion of this country’s industrial development zones might be an effective way of stimulating our struggling economy.


DNA testing ‘an essential tool for wildlife industry’

Genetics was a tool that should be used by the South African wildlife industry in the same way it was used in the livestock industry, according to Dr Munro Marx,...

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