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Take great care to associate with ethical people and avoid those who are not. In turn, provide your colleagues with an impeccable example of integrity.
So often we hear managers say: ‘Our people are our most precious asset’. Here’s a poultry farmer who takes this approach to an entirely new level.
Have you forgotten your most basic job as a farmer – to work alongside nature and leave a farm behind that will provide for years to come?
Sustainable farming means taking care of the environment and making a profit. Farmers should be highly suspicious of advice that does not take this into account.
South Africa’s power utility, under enormous financial pressure, is desperately increasing tariffs to survive. This, in turn, is worsening its woes as more and more consumers switch off.
Farmers have little or no control over producer prices. They should therefore focus on production and marketing efficiencies.
If you structure your business creatively, you’ll be able to save many thousands of rands in tax. Here are some simple, practical ways to do this.
To limit tax/estate duty advantages, relevant legislature focuses on the method used to place assets into the trust, rather than on the trust itself.
In South African legal parlance, fixed property is made up of two elements: the outright ownership of the property, and the right of use or enjoyment of it.

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Why cutting horses are useful

Why cutting horses are useful

Certain horse breeds have an inborn ability to separate a cow from a herd, a trait that makes them a valuable partner on a farm, says Dr Mac.

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