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Spanjaard Copper Compound shields nuts and bolts in extreme heat.
This local innovation turns nuisance kitchen waste into a valuable agricultural input.
This takes mere seconds to operate, yet it can prevent vehicle theft and help keep you safe.

Plough for more

In the first quarter of 2015, South Africa’s agriculture sector made significant headway towards meeting the target of creating one million additional jobs set for it by the National Development...
The Food and Drink Technology Africa (FDT Africa) trade fair and conference started on Tuesday, 18 March, in Johannesburg and focuses on all aspects of the food and drink processing...
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Senzeni Zokwana promised much support to smallholder farmers in his budget vote address.

Can we see some results?

Billions are spent on agricultural support programmes, but now MPs are asking why so little seems to have been accomplished. Denene Erasmus reports.
New Holland planned to traverse 3 000km in a tractor to raise funds to build a rhino orphanage.
During the past six months government has been pushing forward with a number of new laws that comprehensively contradict the goals of the National Development Plan (NDP), said Anthea Jeffery,...
The journey of Themba Trees Tree Farm near Grabouw started in her backyard, says Caroline de Villiers, the Western Cape department of agriculture’s Top Commercial Female Entrepreneur for 2016. Today,...
Clean renewable energy or an imperfect solution? Are wind turbines the magic bullet for energy problems? Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.
Newly elected president of the World Farmers’ Organisation, Dr Theo de Jager, is no novice when it comes to advocating on behalf of farmers at international level. He spoke to...
A honey bee farming initiative started by Reginald and Irma Jacobus in Friemersheim has brought hope to this rural town by helping to stem the tide of unemployment and poverty....
Robyn Joubert reports on how the government and commodity organisations are working to provide South Africa with more farmers, semi-skilled workers, specialists and artisans.
Although Zambia has a thriving agricultural sector, much of the industry still lags in the implementation of modern practices and technologies for improved productivity and profitability. One operation, however, is...

Steak tartare

Cooking is an act of transformation greater than anything politicians can dish up. But sometimes raw food has its own special magic. Sushi, salads, even mayonnaise is eaten raw. Well,...

A retirement farm home

In this issue Jonno designs a single storey retirement home for FW reader Makabongwe.
Dear Jonno, I would like your help building a house in Underberg.

Farm shed to wedding chapel

Old farm sheds are converted to a wedding venue for Kerry and Leslie.

Cosy staff cottage

Patrick wants to build a simple dwelling for two of his labourers on his farm. He asks Jonno for help.

Styles and trends

I’ve had a few calls lately from Farmer’s Weekly readers asking whether I can produce any contemporary modern-type homes.
Similar to the human ankle, the hock joint is easily sprained, warns Dr Mac.
The socio-economic dynamics of an ever-growing and increasingly globalised human population are placing increasing demands on the world’s livestock producers. German Agricultural Society president, Carl-Albrecht Bartmer, explored these issues at...
Here are two tried-and-tested alternative permanent marking techniques that are suitable for both large and small livestock. Each has its distinctive advantages and disadvantages.
Many frustrated fanciers get rid of their under-performing pigeons. But is culling the best option? There are certain factors to consider before deciding to cull a weak pigeon, writes Thomas...
Techniques to produce all-male fingerlings are now an established part of tilapia culture and the use of mixed-sex groups is a backward step doomed to failure in any undertaking.
Once racing is over serious fanciers have more time available to attend to the little things about pigeon racing that make all the difference between winning and losing.
In days gone by, it was common practice for a youngster to work alongside his father or uncle in a market agency and learn the trade in that way.
Something quite significant has happened on the Durban market. I recently contributed to a week's training session there for prospective salespeople. The significance is that this was a joint venture...

Choosing a tomato variety

We have about 200 tomato varieties in South Africa. This fact alone makes the value of the variety list highly questionable.
American farmer David Hula holds the current world record for maize grain yield. On a recent lecture tour of South Africa’s principal grain farming areas, he shared some of the...

Consistency of supply

I rate consistency as one of the ‘Big Five’ in fresh produce marketing, along with supply, demand, quality and communication.
This practice combines natural and chemical means to control pests. In SA, brassica farmers tend to stick to a set chemical pest control programme.Issue date:23 March 2007

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