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Spanjaard Copper Compound shields nuts and bolts in extreme heat.
This local innovation turns nuisance kitchen waste into a valuable agricultural input.
This takes mere seconds to operate, yet it can prevent vehicle theft and help keep you safe.

Plough for more

Brazilian meat-packing companies, Brazil Foods SA (BRF SA) and JBS SA, were recently raided by police after alleged bribery of health officials that could threaten US$12 billion (R152 billion) in...
Covering 6 653ha and hosting 122 massive wind turbines, the Khobab and Loeriesfontein Wind Farms in the Northern Cape will be the single largest expanse of wind turbines on the...
One of South Africa’s most threatened mammals – the critically endangered riverine rabbit – will again benefit from sales of the Lindt Gold Bunny.
A massive campaign has forced British milk processors to abandon this month’s planned farm-gate price cut that would have forced cash-strapped UK farmers further into debt.
Financial support from the Agri Securitas Trust Fund was invaluable for Agri SA’s provincial structures in the continued fight against rural crime.
The drought in the north and north-western parts of the Northern Cape has escalated to such an extent that Agri Northern Cape has lodged an application for government disaster relief...
A heated debate took place at the Indwe police station between police, Emalahleni municipal officials and farmers from Indwe and Dordrecht.
In 2013, Ceres Fruit Growers (CFG) installed solar panels on the roof of its controlled atmosphere rooms to reduce its load on the municipal grid. Rahim Hassan, manager of engineering...
Marius Herman from Kraaifontein started farming with pigs six years ago and in a short time has managed to establish a viable small business. Denene Erasmus visited him.
The expropriation orders served on Gauteng farmer OJ Botha and the ­Lutheran Church this month mark the start of ­applying the government's ­controversial policy of negotiating no longer than six...
As most farmers already have too much to deal with every day, a silage harvesting contractor can ease this burden and save the farmer money. Contractor Justin Nel tells Lloyd...
Berene Damons, the department of agriculture’s 2017 Female Entrepreneur of the Year in the agro-processing category, started work at the Hamilton Russell Vineyards 17 years ago. Promoted almost immediately to...
Overcome by the unexpected dinner-time arrival of the hungry multitudes demanding something warm to fill their bellies? Here’s what you do to provide a splendid combination of fish flavours and...

This should scare you

There are more environmentally pressing matters to be afraid of than being face-to-face with a mamba, writes Abré J Steyn.

When the sun goes down

When your vehicle gets stuck in a swamp at sunset in game-rich country full of nocturnal predators, you better pray your torch doesn't let you down. Abre' J Steyn discovers...

Stir-fried lamb

Not everything cooked in a wok is Chinese. Here’s a unique combination of splendid tastes that give the beginner cook a ready-made reputation for excellence.

Water over the bridge

Surviving a deluge and a flood isn’t a bad present for one who doesn’t like birthdays, writes Abré J Steyn.

A colourful tribute

Namaqualand in bloom is one of South Africa's magnificent natural wonders. Jo Hedges writes about a trip through this palette of colour.
A brief overview of the current state of fish farming in South Africa.

Feeding your horse

Now that your horse is home, the wonderful journey of discovery can begin.
It is important to take into account the weather conditions in your area when breeding, writes Thomas Smit
Equine chiropractic can help with the diagnosis and prevention of skeletal dysfunction, says Kim Dyson.
Unfortunately, the developmental disease osteochondritis dissecans is quite common and can cause your horse severe discomfort.
Malekaleke Maila farms with Pedi sheep on communal land in Limpopo. Unable to run his flock near his village, he is forced to spend each week away from home. Yet,...
The nature of the soil in the southern parts of the Western Cape has up to now limited the full implementation of no-till. However, Human Landboudienste recently tested a disk...

Cool tips for hot grapes

Situated along a 350km stretch of the Orange River, Orange River Cellars uses creative production techniques to deal with high temperatures in the harsh semi-desert climate.

Food for Africa!

Africa is the third fastest growing region in the world after Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim. Since 2000 some 90 million Africans have moved to cities, and the continent...
I was delighted to read Wilma den Hartigh’s interview with Deon van Zyl on tactics to achieve successful sales on markets.
Argentina’s commercial crop-farming sector is a world leader in no-till practices, ensuring that the country can be confident of a sustainable and productive agricultural future.
Many small-grain farmers in the Southern Cape have added brassicas in the form of canola to their crop rotation programmes. Jose de Kock talked to Glenneis Kriel about how he...

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