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The top reasons for tractor breakdowns

A new report has identified the five most likely reasons for tractor breakdowns, and also suggests ways to keep farming machinery in prime condition.

Agrico’s brand-new website offers an exciting online experience!

Agrico’s new website makes it easier for customers to get into connect with Agrico’s experts. A colourful journey through irrigation projects in Africa, an interactive experience with Agrico centre pivots and multimedia encounters with robust implements, are just a few of the features that customers can enjoy on Agrico's brand-new website.

Beware! The locusts are swarming this summer

South Africa looks to be heading for another large-scale brown locust outbreak this season, according to Dr Gerhard Vedoorn of CropLife South Africa and Dr Roger Price of the Agricultural Research Council. They spoke to Glenneis Kriel about the most effective means of combating these swarms.

Tractor shopping: tips for first-time buyers

Just as you wouldn’t use a spoon to dig a ditch, you wouldn’t use a 13kW tractor to pull a 16-row planter. It is crucial to understand your farming needs, both present and future, so that you can choose the right type of tractor and make sure your hard-earned money is spent wisely.

The CM-CT6 compost turner: Making good-quality compost

Efficient drum design makes the CM-CT6 compost turner highly productive, resulting in farmers being able to produce high-quality compost more rapidly.

Preventing and fighting veld fires

Fire protection associations play an integral part in managing fire risk during the dry winter season. Pieter Dempsey spoke to Johann Breytenbach, general manager of the Free State Umbrella Fire Protection Association, about the importance of these organisations and how they can grow their capacity and capability.

New-generation crop-spraying drones

To Tim Wise, whose sugar cane-growing family had always battled with the quality of crop spraying delivered by aeroplane, drones seemed to be a workable alternative. This led to research into drone technology in 2016, and the subsequent creation of Precision Agricultural Systems. The company has since been the driving force in having crop-spraying drones approved for commercial use in South Africa.

Make the most of Engen’s exciting rewards programme!

To thank its agricultural customers, Engen has launched an exciting rewards programme. Simply purchase Engen- and PETRONAS-branded lubricants and claim your reward!

Smart, connected agriculture

New Holland’s award-winning NutriSense system is now integrated into the brand’s MyPLM Connect portal, enabling farmers to visualise crop nutrient data collected by their machines in the MyPLM Connect Farm application.

New combination cultivators for seedbed preparation

According to Amazone, its new Ceus 3000-TX and 4000-TX disc and tine combination cultivators offer shallow, intensive lifting and crumbling, as well as deep loosening and mixing.

Nissan Navara: Made for your journey

The new Nissan Navara has been specially designed to tackle any terrain or activity with power, style and grace.

Breathing new life into old machinery

Not all no-till planters are compatible with, or suited to, after-market technology. However, in those cases where this is an option, the results from trials prove it is worth the investment, writes Stehan Cloete.

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