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Spanjaard Copper Compound shields nuts and bolts in extreme heat.
This local innovation turns nuisance kitchen waste into a valuable agricultural input.
This takes mere seconds to operate, yet it can prevent vehicle theft and help keep you safe.

Plough for more

The African Farmer’s Association of South Africa (Afasa) in the Free State has resolved to continue fostering partnerships that will enable emerging farmers to go forward as commercial farmers.
Farmers in KwaZulu-Natal are in desperate need of rain before the end of October.
Fuel prices decreased by about 89c/l for 93-octane petrol and 62,5c/l for 0,05% sulphur diesel at the start of July‚ as announced by the Department of Energy.
Any hopes that South African farmers may have had for a reprieve in the relentless rise in national diesel prices have officially been dashed.
British scientists have developed a genetically modified potato that is resistant to blight, according to the BBC.
The effect of the drought on agriculture is intensifying on an almost daily basis. It’s already caused production to decline by more than 42%, according to an analysis done by...
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) should announce how it intends determining whether a farming business is characterised as large, medium or small for the purposes of AgriBEE by...

Farm saves money

By switching off its computer-controlled irrigation pumps during peak hours, when tariffs are high, Senekal Boerdery of Mkuze in northern KwaZulu-Natal saved R250 000 in 2005 in energy costs.
Multi-national financial services provider, Rabobank, says the value of the so-called fifth quarter has increased significantly in recent years, making meat processors more competitive. Albert Vernooij, of Rabobank’s Food &...
Elize van Greunen supplies quails and pickled quail eggs to a niche market.
The Mozambique government has committed itself to unlocking the enormous agricultural potential of the Beira corridor, but progress has been slow – and costly.
In the semi-arid region of the Kahalari, under the desert sun, the Berekisanang farming project is bustling with activity. Jaco Visser reports on this citrus and table grape farm.
I live in Tanzania in quite a remote location. The house site is in a rural setting on a piece of undeveloped land so I don’t have any municipal roads...
Dear Jonno I am a Farmer’s Weekly magazine subscriber and I normally see your beautiful plans in it. I do not know if you could assist me. I want a...
Jonno converts an old milking shed into a beautiful cottage.
We all know how to roast a chicken, just like we all know how to make toast. But here’s the next giant step: creating a Mexican-influenced salsa to spice up...
Heiko has a farm in Namibia and is looking to build a farmhouse on the land. Read on to see what Jonno has come up with.
Jennifer and Jeffrey contacted me from Kenya. After more than 30 pages of back and forth emailing of conceptualisation of their home, this sketch was the final outcome.
This showing class proves the Arabian is not necessarily jittery, just a high-spirited breed, says Dr Mac.
Whether you are a champion or a novice fancier, participating in the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race will bring you valuable experience, says Thomas Smit.
Afrisim cattle consultant Lynton Vermaak explains to Annelie Coleman that no breeder can afford animals that need unnecessary attention in the economic reality of sustainable and profitable red meat production...
A decade of intense research and development in New Zealand, involving geneticists, food technologists and more than 50 farmers, has led to a new breed of lamb that is claimed...
Summer brings flies and diseases to your stables. Kim Dyson gives some advice on how to protect your horse against the other critters and ailments the warm weather brings.
If not treated in time, this kind of swelling can ruin a show horse’s career, warns Kim Dyson.
As struggling farmers, Vito Rugani and Vincent Sequeira had the courage to jettison many of the attitudes that bedevil SA farming. Today, Greenway Farms is the continent’s largest producer of...

SADC markets?

A few years ago, there was a flurry of interest from Namibia, Mozambique and Botswana, among others, to establish fresh produce markets.
As maize is a summer crop that requires sufficient water and nutrients, most farmers won’t plant it in a winter rainfall area. But John Walker, a Western Cape farmer with...
The trend nowadays is to feed the soil and not the crop.
In the last issue, the importance of spacing Cucurbitaceae was discussed. Aspects other than climate will influence the spacing.
Sweet potato consumption has not grown in the way it should have. When travelling in the Mpumulanga Lowveld 35 years ago, I recall that in season there would be piles...

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