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Spanjaard Copper Compound shields nuts and bolts in extreme heat.
This local innovation turns nuisance kitchen waste into a valuable agricultural input.
This takes mere seconds to operate, yet it can prevent vehicle theft and help keep you safe.

Plough for more

According to Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB Inbev), the world largest brewer, its takeover of SABMiller will create a truly global brewery business in which Africa will play a vital role.
The increasing closure of meat processing plants in the US and Canada amidst the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, will have a marked impact on the agricultural economies in those countries.
SA runs the risk of losing its duty-free benefits for goods exported to the US as part of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).
Should a decision be taken to dehorn rhinos it would send a negative message to the rest of the world that South Africa is losing the battle against poaching, Dr...
Plans for the first stage of the most comprehensive census ever conducted of South African agriculture were announced in Gauteng on Monday.
The issue of funding for emerging farmers was a bone of contention with speakers at the recent South African Poultry Association’s AVI Africa 2015 conference, saying smallholders were subjected to...

GM & the new labelling laws

South Africa’s food label laws have been modified several times in recent years. Now, further far-reaching changes to food labelling legislation could be implemented by the end of the year...
The South African dairy industry is currently in turmoil, with milk producers complaining of poor milk prices, milk buying companies being charged with anti-competitive activities, and retailers being accused of...
Diversity in the workplace at top agricultural companies such as Corteva Agriscience brings more ideas, skills and creativity to the table.
Boplaas Family Vineyards shows that farm size does not really matter if you want to makeit in the wine industry. Owner Carel Nel spoke to Glenneis Kriel about how he...
Why produce pecan nuts when you wait many years to break even, and even longer to make a decent profit?
The Boer goat can help to make emerging farmers successful, and they also have a large local and foreign stud market.

Egg drop soup, Italian style

Cantonese egg drop soup has long been a favourite. And then along came Italian egg drop soup with delicious Mediterranean accents heightened by lemon zest and nutmeg.

Building with wood

Jonno designs a wooden ranch house for a farm family.

Pork chops with white wine

A pork chop – and may all my ancestors kindly look the other way – is a marvellous thing. And when simmered in white wine and a tangy Dijon mustard...
South African palates are fine-tuned to enjoy Chinese- influenced cooking. Given the popularity of skottel cooking, this pseudo-wok is all you need for a high drama, high heat dining event...
A bowl of soup is soothing, satisfying, full of flavour… who could ask for more?
Dear Jonno I am a Farmer’s Weekly magazine subscriber and I normally see your beautiful plans in it. I do not know if you could assist me. I want a...
Pond aquaculture systems may be the answer to producing bulk quantities of tilapia simply and affordably.

The Antwerp connection

To secure the performance link in a family tree of racing pigeons, stay with the fruit and make progress from there, urges Thomas Smit.
Newborn piglets can die from crushing, bleeding from the navel, anaemia, starvation or disease. At the root of these causes, however, is poor management. Here are some tips to ensure...

Feeding rules – Part 2

Last issue Kim Dyson covered the basics of feeding your horse. This week, she looks at how much to feed your equine sidekick.
For four generations, the Jordaan family has been dedicated to advancing the Boer goat breed.

Understanding bit issues

Before you run out and buy an expensive new bit, it’s essential that you understand why your horse is resisting, says Kim Dyson.
Argentina’s commercial crop-farming sector is a world leader in no-till practices, ensuring that the country can be confident of a sustainable and productive agricultural future.
Of the pests that damage beans, perhaps the best known is the bollworm.

Marketing is key

A young farmer recently asked me about marketing. His two basic questions were, “How do I go about supplying the markets?” and “What about selling locally?” I suggested he visit...
When Farmer's Weekly last reported on Hannes Otto (19 October 2007), he was about to adopt no-till on a quarter of his farm's arable land, after trials conducted the season...
Although farm labour is still relatively cheap in South Africa compared with some other countries, worker output is much lower. As a result, many farmers struggle to absorb the impact...

Growing baby carrots

Almost everything that applies to growing ‘normal’ carrots falls away when you plant for the baby carrot market.
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