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Eastern Cape tractor business celebrates 20 years of growth

Elliot Tractor Works, a repair and maintenance centre for all makes of tractors, was launched in 2004 on the outskirts of Elliot in the Eastern Cape by Craig Davidson and his father, Francis. Two decades later it has diversified to include a sales and manufacturing division despite numerous challenges.

Fire season: How prepared are you to battle the blaze?

Climatic changes triggered by global warming are becoming more extreme every season. Coupled with our own internal challenges of negligence, illegal rubbish-dumping, and burning, this winter is shaping up to be a somewhat fearful prospect.

Agrico’s HSD630 12,5m highspeed disc is its largest model yet

Agrico’s advanced new disc provides an exceptional soil preparation experience. It offers swift field preparation, resulting in larger coverage and reduced costs.

How to determine if you can afford a John Deere tractor

Investing in agricultural equipment like a John Deere tractor can be a significant decision for any farmer or landowner. It's not just about finding the right model for your needs; it's also about ensuring that the investment aligns with your financial capabilities.

MTN leverages digital technology to enhance precision farming

The digitisation of agriculture is a game-changer for overcoming traditional challenges and achieving sustainable practices. By leveraging data and digital tools, farmers gain real-time insights into their livestock, allowing for optimised resource use.

Good and bad effects of climate change on agricultural production

Natashia Qwabe, a research assistant at the Agricultural Research Council, writes about the shifting patterns of agricultural production due to climate change.

Paving the way for heavy-duty synthetics

In 2023, Delo announced significant changes to the Chevron Delo line of heavy-duty engine oil products to focus on ‘synblend’ oils.

Astron Energy provides cutting edge solutions

New Astron Energy Quartech fuel offers petrol and diesel formulated with the premium additives Quartech and Quatech D.

Case IH focuses on technology at Nampo

Nampo Harvest Day is around the corner. This massive agricultural show takes place from 14 to 17 May just outside Bothaville in the Free State.

Six safety tips for operating your generator

As load-shedding causes widespread power outages in South Africa, generators have become a popular choice for maintaining power continuity.

Why indigenous teff is being heralded as a wonder food

Patrick Rakau, a junior researcher at the Agricultural Research Council’s Animal Production Institute: Range and Forage Sciences, explains the importance of breeding new climate-smart and improved teff varieties for both human food and animal feed in South Africa.

Get the most from your irrigation system

Water is a big determinant of the success of a crop. But far more than just availability, how water is applied, when, and how much, is nothing short of a science. Irrigation experts talk about how an irrigation system should be approached for best results.