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Spanjaard Copper Compound shields nuts and bolts in extreme heat.
This local innovation turns nuisance kitchen waste into a valuable agricultural input.
This takes mere seconds to operate, yet it can prevent vehicle theft and help keep you safe.
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The Bonsmara breed is the ideal breed for the African continent. This was according to Bonsmara breeder Arthur de Villiers.
Indications were that an El Niño event could be still be expected during the coming spring and summer seasons in SA.
The two murderers of a KwaZulu-Natal timber contract harvester have been sentenced to life imprisonment, according to a statement by the province’s MEC for Transport, Community Safety and Liaison, Willies...
President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation Address (SONA) should “generally be welcomed”, especially the adoption of the National Development Plan (NDP) “as a framework for economic development and to...
The latest Agribusiness Confidence Index for the fourth quarter of 2016 shows that agribusinesses still hold a relatively optimistic view about business conditions in South Africa.
An Eskom tariff increase of 9,4% has been approved by Nersa, and could add millions to production costs for stone fruit farmers.
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Lawrence and Simphiwe Mtswene’s farm near Nigel is due to benefit from the Recapitalisation and Development Programme, a boost after the couple’s long financial struggle. Peter Mashala reports.

Surviving tough times

Award-winning farmer Steve Botha has managed to remain successful in the niche market he created through innovation, extending his product range, maintaining a close relationship with his clients and growing...
It is an unfortunate reality that unemployment and poverty are rife in South Africa’s traditional authority areas. A pilot research project to develop commercial peach production and processing in parts...
In order to boost sales, it’s important to know your customers and what they expect.
In a world dominated by size and scale, Bruce and Alison Gilson have found ways to make their small Western Cape farm economically viable. Glenneis Kriel visited them.
Ponki Makanita has recently been crowned as Breedplan Emerging Farmer of the Year in Bloemfontein. Wayne Southwood reports on his remarkable journey from gardener and lorry driver to successful top...
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Dear Jonno Could you please help us with ideas on an ideal beach house that is affordable and easy to maintain? Our plot is 600m2 and has two residential houses on...
Christmas is full of tradition, and people everywhere recognise the end of the year as a festival. We put together a delicious buttered turkey and roast vegetables recipe to try...
Stephen, for whom I had previously done design work, recently approached me with a further request for cost-effective tourist accommodation in a rural, farm-style design.

Thai-style steak and salad

Eat more plants, we’re told. An excellent idea, especially with the wide choice of delicious greens available these days. But we love our meat too, don’t we? So here’s a...

From milk to magnificent

Jonno converts an old milking shed into a beautiful cottage.

Laeveld icecream

Only very good friends share their recipes. This one comes from my very good friend Immie Mostert, who got it from her grandmother, Suzanne le Grange. Now it’s yours –...
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Drought: It’s been very dry in SA’s western and central areas, and reports of severe protein and energy deficiencies were received. Heavy mortalities, downer cows, cows too weak to calf,...
While government proclaims its commitment to a sustainable aquaculture industry, it simultaneously chokes the growth of the industry through a lengthy and complex legislation process.

Preventing colic

Colic can be caused by various things, but the good news is that by reducing risk factors you’ll dramatically reduce the chances of your horse suffering from this condition, says...
GJT Lofts had an incredible season in 2011 thanks, in part, to a solid foundation of ‘super pigeons’. Thomas Smit reports.
The Dormer, one of the most popular mutton sheep breeds in SA today, has an interesting history.
The new Bioboost feeding system makes it possible to produce the equivalent of up to 30ha grazing under irrigation in a small 'container'. This means a farmer can increase productivity...
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I was delighted to read Wilma den Hartigh’s interview with Deon van Zyl on tactics to achieve successful sales on markets.
Kwasizabantu Mission is venturing into exotic fruit production, with a focus on the bright pink dragon fruit, to sustain its missionary work. .
Bacterial wilt can be a devastating disease in tomatoes. I’ve seen whole crops destroyed, and if you’re farming in a warm area where the disease is prevalent, it’s worth knowing...
Research conducted in Hopefield, Western Cape, aim to show that with an understanding of protea nutrition farmers could improve their protea yields while supporting biodiversity. Issue date: 23 February 2007

Choose your markets

Younger farmers might find it hard to believe that their fathers had essentially one marketing option for fresh produce – the markets.
Farmers exterminate weeds without understanding their role in soil ecology, says Nutritech Solutions CEO Graeme Sait. An expert on high-production sustainable agriculture, he spoke to Sonja Burger about the potential...

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