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Spanjaard Copper Compound shields nuts and bolts in extreme heat.
This local innovation turns nuisance kitchen waste into a valuable agricultural input.
This takes mere seconds to operate, yet it can prevent vehicle theft and help keep you safe.

Plough for more

South Africa’s family farms are part of a global network of 570 million family-owned farms and 56% of all agricultural production came from these businesses, said Harry Prinsloo, chairperson of...
Retail trade sales, measured in real terms increased by 1,9% year-on-year in April, compared to the 2,7% growth in March and 3,9% in February, Statistics South Africa reported.
South African maize farmers are expecting the biggest maize crop since 1981, according to the National Crop Estimates Committee (CEC).
It is vital for South African farmers to take ownership of transformation in agriculture, according to Prof Piet Croucamp, political analyst and columnist.
KZN compost company Farmyard Organics has grown a 60kg Atlantic Giant pumpkin.
Proposed mining by Sylvania Resources in the Nyl River flood plain has landowners up in arms over the possible destruction of the sensitive ecosystem.
A honey bee farming initiative started by Reginald and Irma Jacobus in Friemersheim has brought hope to this rural town by helping to stem the tide of unemployment and poverty....

Are you a criminal?

It seems people can come on your land and kill you with impunity these days, but woe betide the farmer who fiddles with a watercourse or indulges in a “listed...
Retired broker, Hennie Lamprecht, runs a profitable, free-range chicken farming operation.
South Africa’s agriculture sector may often feel isolated in terms of the challenges it faces. However, a recent survey by the German Agricultural Society reveals that farmers in Germany, Poland,...
Rural communities and farm workers can supplement their incomes by cashing in on South Africa’s honey shortage. With African Honey Bee’s business model, budding beekeepers can gain the skills to...
The closure of many agricultural colleges has left a skills shortage in rural communities. Nutritionist Perseverance Madoda started Thuto-ya-Sechaba training centre to fill the gap. Peter Mashala reports.
Tommy asks Jonno to help design a simple office with a thatch roof on his farm.
Jonno Smith assists Louis and Michele with renovations to their old farm house.
The invention of pasta is almost as important as the discovery of bread. And the genius of both is their ability to trigger so many different flavour combinations.
This delicious dish is melt-in-the-mouth, and is a superb way to mark any occasion.
Jonno helps a reader incorporate a rondavel with a living area at a different height.
I got a call from Makwati in Serowe, Botswana. He said that he regularly bought the Farmer’s Weekly to see Hillbilly Homes, but that it mostly featured large, expensive-to-build homes.

Bath time!

Bathing your horse is important. It can help desensitise a sceptical horse, making handling a lot easier. Kim Dyson shares a step-by-step routine to make bathing a positive experience.
Laser therapy is non-invasive and painless. Moreover, it speeds up recovery, says Kim Dyson.

Cutting feed bills

A few simple measures will help you save money without affecting your horse’s health, says Kim Dyson.
Using estimated breeding values has dramatically improved the stud genetics of Free State breeders Chris Nel Snr and Chris Nel Jnr of Eversar Sussex stud. Yet they continue to take...
Wireworms: Late continuous rainfall, especially in the summer rainfall areas, led to severe wireworm infestations in smallstock
Deep-bodied, fast-growing strains of red Mozambique tilapia are becoming the species of choice in regions where winter temperatures do not usually favour tilapia farming.
With an estimated R1 billion spent on expanding and building new soya bean processing facilities, the South African soya industry is poised to unlock value for farmers and processors.
Last week, I wrote about trust between the producer and the market agent, focusing particularly on the role of the producer.

Veggies galore!

'The Chinese eat an average 440kg of vegetables per capita a year against a world average of 200kg.'
Chard (Beta vulgaris) is also known as ‘Swiss chard’, ‘silver beet’, ‘mangold’ and other names. In South Africa it is usually referred to simply as ‘spinach’.
Records show that people have been harvesting onions for about 7 000 years. The Egyptians were cultivating them around 3500BC, and used onions to treat many medical conditions.
Some farmers think that seedlings should not be kept too long because they will not be as productive. They are partly right, but age matters less than physiological development.

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