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Spanjaard Copper Compound shields nuts and bolts in extreme heat.
This local innovation turns nuisance kitchen waste into a valuable agricultural input.
This takes mere seconds to operate, yet it can prevent vehicle theft and help keep you safe.

Plough for more

The allocation from National Treasury to the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) will decrease from just under R11 billion in 2019/2020 to R10,67 billion in the 2020/21...
Although it seems as if a truce has been reached in the ongoing trade tensions between the US and China, soya prices and pork production in South Africa may still...
The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) has called on government for more funding in order to continue delivering scientific solutions to farmers, said ARC president and chief executive Dr Shadrack Moephuli.
Communities are urged to plant trees as part of celebrations for international Earth Day on 22 April.
Mohair growers were shocked when mohair prices were recently adjusted.
Millions of rand worth of damage was caused when a burglary at the BKB shop and goods receiving store at Paterson near Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape went wrong...
Andy Tladi was 53 when he swapped the life of a business executive for full-time farming – on the land he once ploughed as a small boy. Today, eight years...
Young black farmers are tech-savvy and willing to learn, but is the government taking them seriously? Gerhard Uys spoke to Dimakatso Nono Sekhoto, AFASA Youth chairperson and MD of apple...
Young South Africans appear to be in high demand in the United States, especially as seasonal farmworkers.
At the recent mohair producers' conference held in Port Elizabeth in early June, the buying houses, for once, were not the hot topic of debate. Gordon Wright was there and...
South Africa is seeing renewed interest in crocodile farming, with skins fetching attractive prices. There is a growing international demand for the product, and SA may be at an advantage.
A passion for pet alpacas lead to the start of an alpaca farm in Wellington.

When the sun goes down

When your vehicle gets stuck in a swamp at sunset in game-rich country full of nocturnal predators, you better pray your torch doesn't let you down. Abre' J Steyn discovers...

Ginger Biscuit

Call it a ginger slice or a hard biscuit. The singular ginger flavour of this delicious item from the world’s great line-up of baked treats brings a whole new skill...
Unless you have the entire Mafia Womens’ League on your unpaid payroll, this Italian-American pasta and meatballs classic is a great moment to display your skills as a solo cook.

One layout – many options

Dirk and Edith applied for a 10-unit development on a portion of their farm in the upper Van Reenen's Pass area of KZN.

Spreading it all out

Jonno designs a single storey house for FW reader Alan.
Dear Jonno Here is an outline of the requirements for my new home: It must be a double storey house that features a combination of a modern and classic style....
OAD milking is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand, but can it work in SA?
Training for the first year of the South African Prestige Invitational Race is in full swing. Thomas Smit takes a look at this event.
A Sussex stud herd near Viljoenskroon has imported polled genetics from the UK to capitalise on the advantages offered by the polled gene and to develop its own world-class polled...
"We think the Appaloosa is the best multi-purpose horse around," says Rick Johnson of Sans Souci Farm in KwaZulu-Natal's Kamberg Valley.
For emerging poultry farmers, the key to success with day-old chicks is to buy rather than breed them.

Rearing pigs on acorns

Acorn-fed pigs is a Spanish and Portuguese tradition. Oak Valley Estate in the Elgin Valley is one of just a few commercial, free-range, acorn-fed pig farms in South Africa.

Banana wars?

Shortly after the Second World War, a ‘Banana War’ erupted between the small producer countries in the Caribbean and the supermarkets, which were starting to flex their buying muscle.

Making a point

Recently, I wrote about the necessity of ensuring vegetable transplants have enough nitrogen in the plug or in the plant to stimulate root growth and ensure an early start as...
White blister (Albugo candida) is also sometimes referred to as white rust.
Ben Krog, MD of fertiliser company Profert, understands there’s more to soil health than piling on chemicals. He told Annelie Coleman about the vital role played by soil microorganisms, especially...
if a farmer willing to wait seven years for a return on investment will find that money does indeed grow on trees.

Transformation status

I recently attended a workshop on the transformation – or lack thereof – that’s taken place in market agencies since government launched its BBBEE requirements.

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