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How to safeguard your fish against the cold

A severe drop in water temperature can kill tilapia fish stock in an aquaculture system, and a proper heating system is the only solution.

West Coast abalone farm doubles in size, thanks to demand

Today, there are about a dozen abalone farms along the coastline between Port Nolloth and East London. One of the first to be established was Jacobsbaai Sea Products in the...
The fry-rearing ponds at Lake Harvest, Kariba.

A tilapia model that SA should be emulating

Land ownership of the supply chain has enabled a number of countries to produce thousands of tons of tilapia annually. There is little reason why this cannot take place in...
The Mozambique tilapia

How to distinguish similar-looking juvenile cichlids

Approximately 15 cichlid species occur in South Africa. To the untrained eye, several appear confusingly alike, especially as juveniles. So make sure you get the right tilapia species for your...

Fish production: simplicity or sophistication?

A recirculating system and a pond farm are at opposite ends of the aquaculture spectrum. The sweet spot is somewhere in between.
Cut-down domestic water tanks

Aquaponics: get it right, or grow veggies on their own!

Many aquaponics operations focus only on plant yield and ignore fish production. These are merely hydroponic systems that use expensive means to fertilise their plants.

Debate about humane killing of fish rages on

Compared with most other agricultural industries in South Africa, the farmed fish industry is in its infancy. With no legal framework yet in place, fish farmers and animal welfare organisations...
Shortcomings of modern water pumps

Shortcomings of modern water pumps

Choose the best pump you can afford for your system. A cheap purchase will end up costing you money.
The desert: hot, dry, and perfect for fish production

The desert: hot, dry, and perfect for fish production

Groundwater extracted from arid areas is often unsuitable for irrigation, but it would be ideal for aquaculture.
Which fish should be farmed in SA, and where?

Which fish should be farmed in SA, and where?

Our climate varies dramatically from season to season, limiting the fish species that can be used in aquaculture, and the locations where it can take place.
Beware the peddlers of fake news in aquaculture!

Beware the peddlers of fake news in aquaculture!

It’s time to expose the urban legend that South Africa is too cold for tilapia farming, even in outdoor ponds.
Redfin minnow

Farmers can help save endangered fish species

The populations of many indigenous fish are in decline. Here’s an easy and practical solution to boost their numbers.


Ostrich farmers in distress due to drought and COVID-19

Ostrich producers in the Klein Karoo are expecting a challenging production year due to the prolonged drought in the region, as well as the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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