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When agriculture sneezes, the whole economy catches a cold, the saying goes. We saw clear proof of this in 2018, when South Africa experienced a technical recession after the country’s...
Professor Cyril Nhlanhla Mbatha of Unisa’s Graduate School of Business Leadership outlines some key production and marketing strategies to help promote the economic sustainability of smallholder farmers, and therefore more...
According to Ed Treacy, vice-president of supply chain efficiencies for the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), blockchain technology holds great possibilities for improving efficiency and traceability in the fresh produce sector....
Celebrating 2019 World Pulses Day

Celebrating 2019 World Pulses Day

World Pulses Day, a global event aimed at raising awareness about the multiple benefits of pulses, is being celebrated today. READ Data sharing in the fresh...
Fall armyworm

‘Fall armyworm has Australia and Asia in its sights’

Researchers have warned that crops such as maize, rice, sugar cane, sorghum, beet, tomato, potato, cotton and pasture grasses worldwide are at serious risk from fall armyworm (FAW) infestation if...
France bans widely-used herbicide

France bans widely-used herbicide

The sale of Roundup Pro 360 was recently banned in Lyon, France after a court found that regulators failed to take safety concerns into account when clearing the herbicide.

Plough for more

Farmer's Weekly hosted a discussion forum on Facebook on Friday to talk about the upcoming agricultural tour to Brazil with tour convenor, Hendrik Jordaan.
A private agricultural college, the first of its kind in South Africa, has been announced for Bothaville in the Free State.
Brazil has expressed a desire to strengthen bilateral ties with Kenya by increasing exports and imports between the two countries, according to Standard Media report.

Ixopo farmer murdered

Farmer Anton Phillip Verwey (67) was stabbed to death in his farmhouse in the early hours of 7 March, in KwaZulu-Natal’s Ixopo area.
Rwanda has banned imports of meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruit from South Africa as a result of the recent outbreak of the foodborne disease, listeria, across the country.
Agri Wes Cape is concerned that a statement released by the Department of Labour (DoL) about recent inspections conducted on farms in the Paarl area might be a deliberate attempt...
Fresh produce markets are available to all producers. Yet using them optimally requires know-how.
Russia joined the World Trade Organisation in August 2012. As the largest country on the planet, it holds significant trading potential for South Africa, and the National Department of Agriculture,...
An informal trader is described in Western Cape government legislation as “any person who carries on a business as a street vendor or hawker, including an employee of such a...

Maize outlook 2012/2013

World maize consumption is expected to increase by 31,9 million tons this season. Loffie Brandt of Absa AgriBusiness reports on these and other trends both locally and globally.
Due to poor management, many agricultural co-ops across the country are struggling. Zivuseni Agricultural Co-operative outside Nigel in the East Rand is an exception. Thanks to good discipline, the business...
Sarah Allan decided to install renewable energy systems for her farm three years ago, but this turned out to be far more complex than first anticipated. She shares her hard-earned...

Animal rightists

Notice has been given that A a referendum will occur in a month's time. A growing number of elderly lions, leopards and hyenas have found it increasingly difficult to hunt...
It was almost midnight. The big crowned eagle was restless and her weight on my heavily gloved left arm was becoming a burden.
Sandstone Estates is a real gem in the Free State agritourism crown. The estate was established in 1995 on farmland in the eastern Free State, owned by the Wille Family...
FW reader Peter has found the perfect spot in the Karoo to build six cottages. He asks Jonno to assist with the design.
A beef short rib is a praise song to fat. Yesterday, fat was bad for you. Today, it’s sort of OK. Tomorrow, who knows? If you worry about fat, it’s...
This began as ‘nursery food’ designed to motivate picky eaters. Today, it is a non-age-specific staple in our family, giving new life to potatoes and their poor relations, sweet potatoes.
In her informal study, Jane Holliday investigates the differences between Holsteins and Jerseys.
Owners of broodmares should ensure that their animals’ feed is optimal and the timing is right, says Dr Mac.
Developing machine-shearing skills in the South African wool industry could arm shearers with the expertise to pursue potentially lucrative careers in countries such as Australia and New Zealand.
Beef farmers should take care to match the nutritional needs of a cow to her production cycle to ensure optimal fertility rates, expecially when forage quality is low. Dr Dietmar...
It is possible to pay less to feed your horse without compromising its health, says Kim Dyson.
Monthly report on livestock disease trends in South Africa.

Latest vegetable seeds

Peter Mashala highlights new vegetable cultivars now available.
Germination is influenced by various factors, starting with the temperature of the growing medium.
When spraying different pests at the same time, many farmers try to kill two birds with one stone by making elaborate mixtures.
Staking tomatoes involves a lot of work and expense, and many try to avoid this by planting determinate varieties.
Blackleg is a fungal disease that can be highly destructive. Fortunately, although there are no resistant varieties, it can be managed or prevented if you know how it spreads.
Of all soil organisms, earthworms can be by far the largest component by weight. Their benefits are generally insufficiently appreciated by farmers.

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