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Following the spoor: What to look for

Following the spoor: What to look for

You hear the shot of the rifle and feel the recoil, but the animal runs. What should you do now? To learn about tracking, Gerhard Uys spoke to Willem van...
Grey Rhebok - phantom of the veld

Grey Rhebok – phantom of the veld

With its cryptic colouring, quiet habits and powerful senses, the grey rhebok is a worthy adversary. Renowned hunter, Peter Flack, describes why he believes it is Southern Africa’s top game...
The M’Bogo herd

Commercial buffalo breeding: ‘It’s not just for the rich’

Father-and-son team Francoais Schutte Sr and Jr breed buffalo on their farm near Theunissen in the Free State. They are passionate about the species and say that commercial buffalo breeding...
The many rewards of game farming in the Karoo

The many rewards of game farming in the Karoo

Game animals have brought a new dimension to farm life in the arid Karoo. Roelof Bezuidenhout spoke to Neil Dodds and Rob Hobson, two farmers from Jansenville, who have combined...
How to reduce tortoise electrocution mortalities

How to reduce tortoise electrocution mortalities

Thousands of tortoises are inadvertently killed by electric fences in South Africa each year. Yet there are simple, practical steps that farmers can take to stop this. Dr Luke Arnot...
Is rhino breeding a potential gold mine for cattle farmers?

Is rhino breeding a potential gold mine for cattle farmers?

The socio-economic dynamics of an ever-growing and increasingly globalised human population are placing increasing demands on the world’s livestock producers. German Agricultural Society president, Carl-Albrecht Bartmer, explored these issues at...
Dr dave cooper

Dr Dave Cooper at the frontline of rhino poaching

In a candid and sometimes emotional interview, Dr Dave Cooper, an award-winning wildlife veterinarian with Ezemvelo KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife, reveals the toll that the rhino poaching scourge is taking on him...

Adding value to game ranches

Aspiring and current game farmers must carefully consider the factors that influence a ranch’s value.

How to manage your consultant

Your consultant might not be your employee, but if you’re expecting excellent results, you need to apply sound management skills to the relationship.

If you’re serious about safety, get NOSA

The NOSA Five Star Safety System goes beyond safety issues. It offers a proven way of ensuring excellence in your operation and increasing profits.

Unlocking the Western Cape’s game farming potential

Game farms may be uncommon in the Western Cape, but Fernando Rueda, a rare-game breeder on Arc-en-ciel, near Wellington, is convinced that the province has great potential for aspiring game...
Hunting and the law

Hunting & the law

Landowners and trophy and biltong hunters should ensure they are up to date with the legal requirements for carrying ammunition and transporting meat as well as the environmental conservation ordinances.


managing for profit peter-hughes

Dealing with hidden biases as a manager

Of the two types of bias, unconscious or hidden bias is the most pernicious and damaging. Recognise it, talk about it, and kill it. You can’t afford to have it...

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