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Developing an agritourism operation may present a viable way to increase your farming income, while still maintaining normal farming activities, but it may not be suitable for every farm or...
Agritourism can offer farmers an ideal avenue for diversifying their agricultural enterprises while earning additional income. In a four-part series, Julinda Schroeder examines the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a tourism...

To catch a carp

SA fishing tackle suppliers have capitalised on the popularity of carp angling and the many ways to catch this voracious fish.

Plough for more

China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) and Syngenta announced that they had received clearance on their proposed transaction from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).
Farmer’s Weekly asked agricultural and other experts what they expected and hoped to hear in Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s budget speech.
The sentiment for white wine production and white wine prices over the short and long term remains positive, according to the PwC South African wine industry insights survey 2014, released...
National tractor sales continued to decline, with total tractor sales for August at 460 units. This was 22% down on the 589 units sold in August last year.
Dry conditions in early summer across the central and western regions of South Africa contributed to the 27,3% year-on-year decline in national tractor sales during November 2018.
New prospecting licenses issued for shale gas exploration using the controversial hydraulic fracturing method, commonly known as fracking, as well as other mining activities remains a serious threat to South...
The use of trademarks, patents and plant breeders’ rights can make an agricultural business more competitive locally and internationally. Gerhard Uys spoke to David Cochrane and Madelein Kleyn about the...
As most farmers already have too much to deal with every day, a silage harvesting contractor can ease this burden and save the farmer money. Contractor Justin Nel tells Lloyd...
Applying lean agriculture could help SA's farmers improve operational efficiency
Today’s high cost of living sometimes means that a single income source just doesn’t cut it. Sigrid Lemmer turned to part-time meat rabbit production. She talks to Lloyd Phillips.
American missionaries Ronnie and Janet Vehorn travelled to South Africa to preach to the Xhosa. Now they've fulfilled their dream of establishing the Eastern Cape's first wine estate along the...
While large farming operations appear to be growing bigger, smaller-scale farmers are becoming more diversified and are targeting niche markets. Their high-quality produce is becoming increasingly sought-after by both local...

Lamb curry

Curries are an old Indian delicacy filled with a mix of herbs and spices and tantalising aroma. Find out how you can cook up a mouthwatering lamb curry.
Clint wants to build a double-storey family home in Mazabuka in Zambia. See what design Jonno has come up with.
Jonno designs a holiday cabin with a rustic look.

Plan your roof space

Daleen & Hennie from Lydenburg wrote in response to a house design in Farmer’s Weekly on 21 September 2012.
I recently received a call from Grant, who requested my help with renovations to an old farmhouse on his recently purchased game farm in the Camperdown area of KwaZulu-Natal.
Mark and Estelle bought a private development in Port Edward, and with the help of Jonno, require a three-bedroom home facing the ocean.

Calming a spooky horse

Horses that shy easily can be desensitised to ‘scary’ objects. It just takes a bit of retraining and patience, says Dr Mac.

Allflight results

After a series of pre-final training flights and five Hot Spots, the final event of the Allflight One-Day Loft summer series was held on 12 August, from Noupoort. Thomas Smit...
Prospective aquaculture entrepreneurs are cautioned to evaluate a system’s yield potential before investing in unrealistic, small-scale projects that fail to provide adequate returns.
The affordable Allflight is popular, thanks to its cash prizes. Thomas Smit announces this year's winter winners.
Pigeons are judged on the quality and consistency of their races, writes Thomas Smit.
Monthly report on livestock disease trends.
With citrus orchards that extend for more than 60km along the Eastern Cape’s Sundays River Valley, Sitrusrand is one of the largest producers in the area, and exports to many...
Willie Nel, recipient of Rooibos Limited’s Producer of the Year Award, says sustainable rooibos production depends on a rotation cycle that will ensure consistently good quality yields. Denene Erasmus reports.

More sporadic cabbage pests

Before we start on cabbage diseases, there are still a few sporadic pests that we should look at. One is the cabbage webworm (Hellula undalis).
There’s nothing worse than not having success with your first crop, so choose one that is cheap and easy to grow. In other words, choose cabbage.
All the production processes in the Uys family’s mixed farming enterprise, from grazing management to cash crops and cover crop production, occur in rotation to benefit one another as well...
Growing mushrooms on a small scale for home use or commercial sale can be lucrative. However, Lloyd Phillips discovers why a good-quality mushroom crop can only come from spawn produced...

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