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Meat-free pie

To assist in the annual struggle against cold weather, make and serve this hearty, warming, comforting and fine-tasting meat-free pie.

Using land for recreation

Recreation in natural areas is an excellent way of reconnecting people with the environment. Besides the educational function, it is also a possible income stream for farmers.

Birdwatching: a novel income opportunity for farms

Avitourism, or birdwatching, has the potential to provide farmers with an additional source of revenue, write Dr Adam Viljoen and Christelle van Zyl, researchers at North-West University’s Tourism Research in Economic Environs and Society.

Rosemary koeksisters with cinnamon syrup

This recipe is slightly different to the classical recipe, as it contains rosemary, cinnamon, lemon and cloves. These ingredients not only give the koeksisters a wonderful aroma, but also skyrocket their taste!
gluten-free seeded bread

How to make gluten-free seeded bread

This seed bread is healthy and delicious. Use it to make your lunch sandwiches, or spread your favourite jam on it for a real treat. You can also eat the bread on its own, as it isn’t at all dry.
Slowcooked, ultra-spicy shredded beef

Slow-cooked, ultra-spicy shredded beef

This slow-cooked shredded beef is the perfect stuffer for a roti, flatbread or sandwich. It’s even a delight on a bed of white rice!
Pasta with asparagus and gorgonzola

Pasta with asparagus and gorgonzola

This classic recipe can best be described astagliatelle Alfredo’s rich uncle. It is a joyous salute to excess, a luxurious combination of ingredients,flavours, textures and aromas.
Focaccia with garlic, rosemary and artichoke

Focaccia with garlic, rosemary and artichoke

When making this bread, you can use a variety of toppings. What’s more, the dough can be formed in whichever way you like, from a pizza base to a bread stick. The end result is just as delicious!
Quick pork & asparagus stir-fry

Quick pork & asparagus stir-fry

There’s real joy to be experienced in the production of this meal. It is quick and simple enough for the out right beginner, yet the unexpected presence of asparagus will convince your guests that your cooking is in the five-star league.
Pasta Fagioli a warming Winter soup from Italy

Pasta Fagioli a warming Winter soup from Italy

This classic comes in a thousand variations, and is just waiting for your imagination to make it 1 001! Here beans, chicken stock, pasta, pancetta and wine come together to banish the gloom of winter.
Blue-cheese cheesecake with sweet-wine jelly

Blue-cheese cheesecake with sweet-wine jelly

If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but still long for something creamy and delicious, try this savoury, baked, blue-cheese cheesecake with dessert-wine jelly garnish topped with herbs. It works equally well as a cheese course to finish off a fine meal, or as a decadent treat on its own.
Baba ghanoush recipe

Baba ghanoush: a Middle Eastern delight

Whatever you choose to call it – brinjal, aubergine or eggplant – there is nothing as magical as converting three of these wondrous things into a sesame influenced, za’atar-enhanced, smoky spread.


Food Security Webinar

Millions of people are going hungry in South Africa each day. Who is to blame?
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