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Off-road tyre

Choosing the best tyres for your bakkie

Tar road, dirt road, off-road. Mud, sand and rocks. Wet and dry. No single tyre copes well under all conditions. So how do you choose a tyre for your bakkie...
VW Transporter

A look at VW and its bakkies

Volkswagen’s success is legendary. Beginning in 1937 with its remarkable Beetle, the company has grown to become a global giant.
Counterfeit automotive parts

Counterfeit automotive parts

The motoring industry is awash with dodgy spare parts. Don’t become a victim, says Jake Venter.
The X-Rider Black Isuzu

Isuzu in the spotlight

General Motors has pulled out of South Africa, but Isuzu, with its legendary KB bakkies, is here to stay.
Kingspan diesel storage solutions

Kingspan diesel storage solutions: now available in SA

The long awaited Kingspan TruckMaster range of portable diesel storage and dispensing solutions has arrived in South Africa.
Firestone Farm Hard

Farm hard with Firestone

Farming isn’t just about beautiful mealie fields and incredible sunsets over your herd. It’s about long days, sweat on foreheads and many dusty kilometres before the day is done.
How to service your bike

How to service your bike

A bike’s tyre pressure and condition are even more important than on a car. Jake Venter explains the different chain types and how to maintain them.
The R500 000 all-electric Leaf.

The electric car: not squeaky clean

An electric car is environmentally expensive to manufacture, and its ‘fuel’ is only as clean as the nearest power station.
Honda VTEC System

The need for variable valve timing

Air has inertia, which creates breathing problems in an engine with traditional fixed valve timing. Many of today’s engines employ variable valve timing to solve this difficulty, explains Jake Venter.
Wheel alignment: straight answers

Wheel alignment: straight answers

There’s more to wheel rotation than a rubber-clad disc spinning around an axle. Jake Venter unravels the mysteries of camber, toe and caster
Buying a good second-hand bakkie

Tips for buying a good second-hand bakkie

After months of searching for a second-hand bakkie, you suddenly find yourself in someone’s yard looking at a potential buy. It’s gleaming in the sun, the price is tempting, and...
Myth conceptions about travelling on a dirt road

Myth conceptions about travelling on a dirt road

Travelling on a dirt road can be a bumpy and, more often than not, dirty experience. But as much as these roads can be frustrating to drive on, they can...


SA potato industry to have greater access to Mondial variety

SA potato industry to have greater access to Mondial variety

South Africa’s potato production industry is set to gain from a settlement agreement approved recently by the Competition Tribunal (CompTrib).

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