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New JAC Motors double-cab series on its way

From electric to diesel, these big, beefy vehicles will come in several versions, each showing that, when it comes to bakkies at least, size really does matter to customers.

Hyundai Venue Cargo impresses with space and features

Hyundai’s Venue Cargo features a secure cargo hold, has a payload of 500kg, and promises to be a popular small commercial vehicle.

Next-Gen Ford Wildtrak – a stunning blend of capability and luxury

The Wildtrak will appeal as much to first-generation buyers as to the Ranger faithful, says Ellis Mnyandu, who took it on a 1 200km test drive.

Diesel vs petrol. Which one is right for you?

Which car you should invest in is a difficult choice, as there are so many options on the market. First to consider, however, says Janine Ryan, is whether you should invest in petrol or diesel.

How to reduce automotive pollution

Fuel combustion produces several hazardous by-products. The modern catalytic converter neutralises most of these effectively. Jake Venter discusses the pollutant problem.

Ford Raptor: tough as nails, smooth as silk

Ford expects its Ranger Raptor to set the benchmark in the 4x4 pickup sector. Sabrina Dean travelled to Goerapan, Northern Cape, for the vehicle’s launch in South Africa.
changing brake pads

The basics of bakkie maintenance

A surprising number of farmers do not take the trouble to learn more about their vehicles. You can save time and money by getting to know the basics or even tackling the job yourself. Jake Venter explains the essentials, and how to identify a few potential problems.
Mercedes-Benz X-Class double-cab

Mercedes-Benz X-Class double-cab review

Mercedes-Benz’s X-Class double cabs are perfect for city-based CEOs who dream of one day retiring to the family farm, or for those mega farmers who find themselves spending more time in the boardroom than on the farm. Denene Erasmus carefully test drove one.
GWM Steed 5 bakkie

GWM Steed 5: Affordable reliability and power

Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall Motors released a new version of its Steed 5 bakkie late last year. Pieter Dempsey put the vehicle through its paces on tar and dirt.
Buying a good second-hand bakkie

Tips for buying a good second-hand bakkie

After months of searching for a second-hand bakkie, you suddenly find yourself in someone’s yard looking at a potential buy. It’s gleaming in the sun, the price is tempting, and it seems a great buy, but is it? Jake Venter can help you decide.
How to service your bike

How to service your bike

A bike’s tyre pressure and condition are even more important than on a car. Jake Venter explains the different chain types and how to maintain them.
Car battery

How does a car battery work?

The battery has been around for 200 years, and has essentially changed little. Jake Venter explores this brilliant device that is integral to the motor industry.