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Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest agribusiness news and updates from South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Rum brings rewards for KZN cane producer

Heart, soul and spirit: all of these can be found in spades on Seafield Farm, a family-run sugar cane concern in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. Owner Brad O’Neill spoke to Susan Marais about how innovation in the form of rum distillation is helping his business rise above the sugar cane crisis, while regenerative farming methods are keeping the farm’s already fertile, high-quality soil in peak condition.

Poultry sector in Africa set for growth

Thanks to the relative affordability of chicken meat, the poultry sector is likely to see immense growth in the future in Africa.

Wind farms boost farmers’ incomes

Red Cap Energy is playing a significant role in reducing South Africa's carbon dioxide emissions, and increasing farmers' revenue, too.

Botswana’s agri sector offers many opportunities for investors

Botswana’s agriculture and agro-processing sector is rife with opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs, according to the speakers at the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre’s webinar on 31 March, which was hosted by Farmer’s Weekly.

Balancing risk to build a table grape brand

When the Beukes brothers expanded their table grape farming operation from the Hex River Valley to Brandwacht near Worcester in the Western Cape, they had no idea of the challenges this would bring. Jacques Beukes shared some of the lessons they learnt with Wouter Kriel.

Ireland Driving Global Collaborations for Success

This St. Patrick’s Day, see where heritage meets innovation in Ireland’s Agritech industry.

Growing medical cannabis: A capital-intensive venture with big returns

Thinking of producing medical cannabis? Glenneis Kriel spoke to industry pioneers about the opportunities and pitfalls for growers of this crop.

Senwes reaffirms commitment to finance black farmers

Senwes is committed to financing black farmers to a value of at least R20 million for the 2022/23 season.

Are you geared towards these developing trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rate of digital integration and sped up advances crucial to the future success of many industries, including agriculture. Lindi Botha reports on the main trends that will influence farming this year.

Digital tools help when dry bean outlook is uncertain

The HelloChoice online platform allows farmers to easily find buyers for their commodities, bringing with it improved transparency and security.

What SA still needs to learn about exporting beef to China

The global beef market is highly competitive and difficult to break into. With South Africa’s beef export industry still in its infancy, Susan Marais explores the reasons why Chinese consumers might not be the most willing buyers of our product, and looks at what the local beef industry could learn from its top competitors’ strategies.

A better hive for easier beekeeping

Beekeeper Ryno Barnes recently replaced his wooden hives with hives made of polyvinyl chloride foam board, a unique lightweight, eco-friendly material. So impressed was he with the results that he launched a separate company to manufacture these hives for other beekeepers.

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