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Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest agribusiness news and updates from South Africa and the rest of Africa.


Tips and trends on the property market

In this article, WH Properties speaks to Janine Ryan about the trends currently being seen on the property market.

Terre Paisible: a harmonious blend of agriculture, sustainability and luxury

Wine connoisseur Cobus du Plessis finds a case study for sustainable agriculture at Terre Paisible, an estate producing fine wines, olive oil and lemons in the fertile Franschhoek Valley.

Brothers find niche with brewery and ecotourism

Having limited access to water in a traditional fruit and vineyard producing region did not stop Adrian Robinson and his brother, Phillip, from realising their farming dream. They spoke to Glenneis Kriel about how they broke out of the cost-price squeeze.

Sustaining existing trade partnerships and finding new markets is imperative for South African agriculture

South Africa is in the enviable position of being a net exporter of agriculture products. Aside from the obvious contribution this makes to the country’s gross domestic product and job creation, this, combined with excellent local production and two prior years of record exports, are the main reasons why South Africa has been able to ensure food security and curb food price inflation compared to the rest of the world.

Innovative funding solutions for producers

Agrico has partnered with Nedbank Commercial Banking to offer farmers enhanced financing options for their new centre-pivot irrigation systems.

A new strategy for maize marketing

Markus Monteiro, Bennie Grové and Nicolette Matthews of the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of the Free State provide an alternative hedging strategy for the South African maize market.

SA’s export fruit industry: Why market relationships are key to future success

A paper on the performance of South Africa’s fresh fruit exports has been released by Henley Business School Africa in collaboration with the Gordon Institute of Business Science and Stellenbosch University. It emphasises that maintaining strong exporter-importer relationships could be critical to keep the industry on top.

Fund aims to boost regenerative agriculture

Switching from conventional to regenerative agriculture may be necessary, but it’s costly. Nic van Schalkwyk, executive director of Restore Africa Funds, spoke to Glenneis Kriel, about his organisation’s solution to this.

Farming of the future

Regenerative agriculture is said to be the farming way of the future. It is believed that switching to regenerative agriculture methods minimises carbon emissions, promotes biodiversity, protects the soil, and ensures agricultural sustainability, writes Jyothi Laldas.

Why soya deserves a bigger place on people’s plates

In an ocean of pricey superfoods, soya stands out as being so cheap that its value is often downplayed. Used predominantly for animal feed, soya beans for human consumption faces a significant marketing problem, one which the Cloete family in Mpumalanga are tackling at every opportunity to elevate this humble bean to its deserved spot on our plates. Lindi Botha reports.

Financial solutions for agricultural business owners

We all know there are no short cuts to success and anything worthwhile requires a lot of effort, commitment and determination. That is why you take very good care with who you entrust with your hard-earned money.

The year that was for agriculture and what to expect in 2024

The year 2023 has, in many ways, been a year of consolidation and recovery, particularly for exports. And while there has been some easing of input costs, many challenges and elevated risk in the sector remain.