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Israeli technologies could boost SA agriculture

The trade office of the Israeli embassy in South Africa, together with the Fresh Produce Marketing Association’s South Africa office, jointly hosted the Virtual Agritech Roadshow to South Africa 2020. This webinar showcased several new Israeli-developed agricultural technologies. Lloyd Phillips reports on three new systems designed to improve efficiency and cut food wastage.

Invitation for Expression of Interest In Milk Afric

The following document sets out the terms and conditions for those interested in becoming a strategic partner of Milk Afric, a start-up enterprise in Lobatse, Botswana.

Ensuring food safety in a family-run cheesery

South Africa’s deadly listeriosis outbreak in 2018 showed how a food brand could suffer devastating consequences from shortcomings in its food safety system. The Gourmet Greek, a dairy business in KwaZulu-Natal, is taking no chances in this regard.

Small-scale success with olives in Gauteng

Olive farming in South Africa tends to be concentrated in a few regions in the Western Cape and Northern Cape where conditions are ideal for this fruit. But in the early 2000s, Gauteng-based Hettie du Toit and her late husband, Frans, frustrated with the ongoing theft of their vegetables, decided to give olives a go on their plot.

Why a Cape winemaker bought a vineyard in Slovenia

Looking for an investment opportunity beyond the borders of South Africa? Slovenia might just be the answer. Pieter de Waal spoke to Glenneis Kriel about part-time wine production in this beautiful Central European country.

Helping livestock farmers control data on the farm

In order to lower production costs and become more efficient, farmers need to track and keep records of their animals. This is where the Farm4Trade app comes in.

Equipping women farmers for long-term success

Standard Bank and UN Women are actively working towards equipping women farmers to grow their businesses and become long-term successful producers.

How to grow healthy food vertically in a small space

An innovative vertical growing system makes it possible to grow fresh, healthy produce without owning a plot. James Dick, the inventor of the HiGro Tower Garden System, spoke to Jeandré van der Walt about his vertical-growing method.

SA’s top-performing fresh produce: ginger, red peppers, and more

Consumer interest in healthy eating is pushing up sales of fresh produce. But looking at the commodities that experienced the highest growth over the past few years, one thing is clear: information, marketing, packaging and branding hold the key to increasing demand and staying competitive. Lindi Botha spoke to industry experts Jaco Oosthuizen and Kandas Cloete.

Calling women entrepreneurs in agriculture!

Are you a South African woman entrepreneur in agriculture or related sub-sector?

How a single social media post launched a farmfresh meat business

When establishing a new business, investors often struggle with what to focus on first: the market or the product. Pork farmer Hannes Richards had little difficulty with this decision. A single advertisement on social media triggered such demand for his product that he had to expand his operation as rapidly as possible. Lindi Botha visited him on his farm in Limpopo.

Unlocking Africa’s agribusiness potential with platform thinking

Ecosystem and platform thinking are the latest trends coming out of international research This kind of thinking could help unlock Africa’s smallholder and agribusiness potential.

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