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The uphill battle of a communal sheep farmer

Zolani Tsheko, the second vice-chairperson of the National Wool Growers’ Association, is a wool producer in the communal area of Thornhill near Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. Mike Burgess recently visited him to gain a better understanding of the production challenges faced by communal farmers, who Tsheko is obligated to lead in terms of his mandate.

Why soya deserves a bigger place on people’s plates

In an ocean of pricey superfoods, soya stands out as being so cheap that its value is often downplayed. Used predominantly for animal feed, soya beans for human consumption faces a significant marketing problem, one which the Cloete family in Mpumalanga are tackling at every opportunity to elevate this humble bean to its deserved spot on our plates. Lindi Botha reports.

Financial solutions for agricultural business owners

We all know there are no short cuts to success and anything worthwhile requires a lot of effort, commitment and determination. That is why you take very good care with who you entrust with your hard-earned money.

The year that was for agriculture and what to expect in 2024

The year 2023 has, in many ways, been a year of consolidation and recovery, particularly for exports. And while there has been some easing of input costs, many challenges and elevated risk in the sector remain.

Rusks: A homemade success story

Almost two decades ago, Heather van Zyl began baking rusks in her kitchen for neighbours and friends. Today she sells 60t across five provinces. Mike Burgess visited her recently on the farm Van Zylsrust near Lady Grey in the Eastern Cape to better understand her secret to success.

Cheaper, crowdfunded solar energy for farmers

Sun Exchange uses crowdfunding to help schools, farms and other organisations switch to solar power. Abe Cambridge, the founder of Sun Exchange, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about this solution.
gerbera flowers

Growing gerberas in a volatile market

Florist Carol Sutherland spoke to Tania Henkel, who runs Imbali Cut Flowers in Gauteng, about the challenges of producing gerberas, also known as Barberton daisies.

The clear business case for sustainable agriculture

Sustainability is not only about humanity adapting to changes and finding ways to fulfil the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations; it also provides significant financial benefits to farmers.

A thriving empowerment agri project on the KZN South Coast

Started in 2008 to help ensure food security for a charity, the Siyavuna programme has expanded to focus on farming, training and growing its value chains.

Award-winning gin from Namibia’s dry interior

The innovative Naute Kristall Distillery is situated near Keetmanshoop in Namibia’s arid southern region. Established by Michael and Katrin Weder, it has become renowned for its outstanding, prize-winning gin.

Helping unemployed graduates to find work

Armed with a degree and youthful vigour, many a graduate has faced the stark reality of being unable to secure a job despite their qualifications. Lindi Botha spoke to Jenny More, director of RecruitAgri, about why this scenario keeps playing out, and how to solve it.

Nedbank empowers South Africa’s agricultural resilience

We’re stronger together – how collaborating with the right partners can help the agrisector thrive.