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Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest farming business and agricultural news updates.

A buzzing success in apiculture and agriculture

In this first part of a series on successful women farmers in agriculture, Cobus du Plessis speaks to Elizabeth Lamond, a beekeeper in the Marquard region, about her rise in the apiculture industry.

Will a biochar and volcanic rock blend reduce fertiliser needs?

Aquagel claims that the use of its micronised volcanic rock and organic biochar combination, called Regenr8, will significantly improve the carbon content of soil and reduce fertiliser requirements.

Irrigation system built in two weeks saves sugar beans planting

Faced with a tight deadline, Sampada-Agri and Agrico collaborated to install an irrigation system for sugar beans in just two weeks. This project showcased innovative problem-solving and effective teamwork, ensuring timely planting for Sampada-Agri's expansion into sugar beans.

Former seasonal worker wins top farming award

Vivian Jakobs of Crispy Farming recently won the Western Cape Agri Prestige Awards Competition of 2023. Glenneis Kriel went to find out more about this inspiring farm manager.

Farmworker’s son now a premium wine producer

In 2019, Paul Siguqa became one of the first black owners of a wine farm in the Franschhoek Valley and established himself as a producer of premium wine. He talked to Glenneis Kriel about his journey to success.

Visit Pannar at NAMPO and make them part of your success

Pannar’s journey with you doesn’t end at planting: they want to see you achieve the full profitability and performance potential benefits of their products.

TWK Agri CEO shares turnaround strategy

Chief Financial Officer of the Year finalist Eddie Fivaz has taken TWK Agri from the brink of collapse to expansion and success. He speaks to Lindi Botha about leadership charting a course in challenging times.

Agritourism kept farm afloat during drought

While tourism plays an important role in the Namibian economy, agritourism adds considerable value on a farm level in this arid country. Annelie Coleman visited the Mount D’Urban camping site near Helmeringhausen to find out more about tourism’s contribution to the business.

Award-winning farmer’s diversification strategy yields success

JJ de Nysschen, the 2023 Agri Limpopo and Toyota Young Farmer of the Year’s passion for agriculture shines through. JJ discusses how he combines innovation and sustainability to drive success in Limpopo's farming landscape.

How ClemenGold manages to stand out in a crowded market

In 2023, mandarin brand ClemenGold celebrated its 20th anniversary, quashing sceptics and proving that fruit branding does provide good returns. Lindi Botha spoke to Nico van Schalkwyk, marketing executive at Fruitalyst, the company behind the marketing of ClemenGold, about why this brand continues to be successful in a crowded citrus market.

How aquaponics is being used to feed communities

Green Arch Innovations founder Luvo Gugwana is a social entrepreneur whose goal is to spread affordable aquaponic solutions across rural areas in South Africa through his franchise model, writes Jyothi Laldas.

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