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How to prevent a family feud

Most volatile family agribusiness disputes have deep-rooted causes that stem from secrecy, distrust and avoidance. By confronting these issues early on, conflict can be avoided, says Trevor Dickinson.

Nature-based farming revives Limpopo fruit and grain operation

Reducing inputs costs and increasing yields are the foundation of a profitable enterprise. However, true sustainability comes from investing in practices that increase your farm’s ability to produce over time. Lindi Botha spoke to Leon Eksteen of Bufland Boerdery about choosing the right investments.

How to start farming with R1 million

Is it possible to start a farming operation in South Africa in 2021 for less than R1 million? A number of experts discussed the start-up potential of layers, broilers, pigs, vegetables and lucerne with Susan Marais.

Are national fresh produce markets coming to an end?

National fresh produce markets are vital to food security in South Africa, providing a robust, transparent pricing system and a crucial service to buyers and sellers across the country. While widely successful in these aspects, fundamental problems in these markets are threatening the future of the industry, and they need to be addressed.

The secret to turning your farming business into a lasting legacy

The most successful agribusiness families understand that their enterprises are not possessions; instead, they are legacies that they are obliged to take care of for future generations, writes Trevor Dickinson.

Ailing infrastructure: a threat to SA agriculture

Agriculture has been one of very few lights glowing in South Africa’s economic gloom: the sector has managed to grow where most others have declined. However, the grim reality of crumbling transport and water infrastructure is endangering its future.

Tourism and value-adding keeps family farm afloat

Heinrich Lategan is the fifth generation to farm on Tevrede, between Worcester and Wolseley in the Western Cape. Tevrede has traditionally been a grape farm, but the family has had to embrace an ethos of diversification in order to keep the business going. The past two years have proved to them just how important value-adding can be.

Farming profitably on leased land

Richard Mashinini runs a flourishing commercial farm in the Free State. He spoke to Annelie Coleman about his education and the people who helped him succeed, and the uncertainty of farming on rented land.

Green bonds: it pays to invest in nature

Agriculture has an important role to play in funding a greener future for the planet. Green bonds, which are fixed-income financial instruments that offer environmental and/or climate benefits, will give farmers the opportunity to lower their carbon footprints.

Standard Bank platform provides 4 million meals for the needy

OneFarm Share allows farmers to contribute their surplus fresh produce to needy families across the country.

Apple cider from the Cape takes the world by storm

Larry Whitfield, owner of Loxtonia, an apple, pear and plum farm, has successfully branched into cider production. Unusually, he uses fresh apples to produce his award-winning ciders. He spoke to Wouter Kriel.

The future of SA’s egg producers

The egg industry is one of the largest employers in South Africa’s agriculture sector and a key provider of affordable protein to millions of consumers. Pieter Dempsey spoke to Dr Abongile Balarane, general manager of the Egg Organisation at the South African Poultry Association, about the strategies that are being adopted to support egg producers and secure the future of the industry.

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