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John Deere launches combine with ‘mammoth’ capacity

John Deere has just launched its X9 Series Combine, which it says is currently the largest grain-handling harvester in Africa.
PickLogger harvesting device

An innovative new harvesting tool

Enter the PickLogger, a new harvesting tool developed by Agri Technovation, that allows for more accurate yield management.

A bright future for drones on farms

Research conducted by Dr Lauren Meiring of Stellenbosch University on the collision-avoidance systems of unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones could help boost the use of these machines on farms.

The importance of a reliable water pump for fighting fires

A water pump can be the decider between saving a forest and losing it to fire, says Bruce Hart of SOS Contractors.

The power of PVC pipe

Most farmers already know the value of using PVC in their irrigation systems, but do they know which type is best for their operations? Here, Agrico helps explains the differences between PVC-M and PVC-U pipe.

Keep your tractor in tip-top condition with MF Connect

MF Connect teams up with your Massey Ferguson dealer to help you ensure that your tractor operates at peak performance.

Design your own Massey Ferguson tractor at the push of a button!

The AGCO ASK feature enables farmers to ‘design’ their tractors according to their own needs and requirements.

A plough to improve carbon storage

With farmers under increasing pressure to improve practices to offset global warming, LEMKEN has developed a plough that aims for better soil health and fertility.

Drones: boosting yield and beating erosion

Farmers are continually required to do more with less: in other words, improve yield without boosting inputs. Optimising orchard health is therefore crucial, and it starts with the correct diagnosis. This is where drone technology is showing increasing promise, as it reveals what is invisible to the naked (and earthbound) eye.

An easy guide to choosing the right generator

Buying a generator might seem like a daunting and expensive undertaking, but given South Africa’s unpredictable electricity supply, they are becoming increasingly valuable tools for homes and businesses. Here, Husqvarna provides some tips for choosing the right generator for your needs.

John Deere at NAMPO 2022: Together, we move forward!

Hentie Breedt, marketing and communications manager for John Deere Africa and the Middle East, writes about the exciting John Deere products and machinery that will be on display at Nampo 2022.

Why some farmers are turning to pre-owned tractors

A range of problems, including weak commodity prices many years before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, has contributed to the worldwide dearth of new tractors on the market. As a result, some farmers have had little choice but to turn to second-hand machines for their operations.

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