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Drones: boosting yield and beating erosion

Farmers are continually required to do more with less: in other words, improve yield without boosting inputs. Optimising orchard health is therefore crucial, and it starts with the correct diagnosis. This is where drone technology is showing increasing promise, as it reveals what is invisible to the naked (and earthbound) eye.

An easy guide to choosing the right generator

Buying a generator might seem like a daunting and expensive undertaking, but given South Africa’s unpredictable electricity supply, they are becoming increasingly valuable tools for homes and businesses. Here, Husqvarna provides some tips for choosing the right generator for your needs.

John Deere at NAMPO 2022: Together, we move forward!

Hentie Breedt, marketing and communications manager for John Deere Africa and the Middle East, writes about the exciting John Deere products and machinery that will be on display at Nampo 2022.

Why some farmers are turning to pre-owned tractors

A range of problems, including weak commodity prices many years before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, has contributed to the worldwide dearth of new tractors on the market. As a result, some farmers have had little choice but to turn to second-hand machines for their operations.

Maximising crop yield and profitability

Thanks to Milesight’s Internet of Things solutions, introduced to the country via MiRO, South African farmers stand a better chance of overcoming challenges arising from climate change.

The smart-irrigation tech companies to watch in 2022

Investment in smart-irrigation companies has been on the increase over the past few years, and this trend shows no signs of abating. Janine Ryan and Glenneis Kriel look at some of the companies in the industry, both local and international, that are likely to make headlines in the near future.

Solutions for uneven load distribution and flat tyres

Two of the 16 silver medals awarded at Agritechnica 2022 went to Continental’s Agro ContiSeal and Krone’s ExactUnload, which make transport in the field safer and easier to manage.

John Deere’s flexible financing solutions

John Deere Financial’ s agricultural asset finance packages are created with each farmer’s unique situation and cash flow requirements in mind. This frees up producers to get on with their core business of farming.

Massey Ferguson launches new tractor for orchards

With interest in the production of orchard crops on the rise, Massey Ferguson has launched the MF 3300 narrow-width tractor series in SA.

Agricultural implements: why buying local is still the way to go

Given the advanced technological capabilities of agricultural equipment designed and produced overseas, South African farmers might be tempted to import their implements. However, with locally manufactured machinery and tools come a host of benefits, says Grethe Bestbier of Agrico.

A new mid-range specialist tractor from Fendt

The Fendt 200 VFPS Vario specialist tractor series recently launched in South Africa offers a wide range of configurations that allow farmers to tailor a tractor to suit their specific needs.

Farm tools that make life easier for farmers

Jenna Robinson, Go to Market Manager for Husqvarna, looks at seven reasons why battery-powered machinery is making waves in the farming industry.

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